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The most beautiful bow on a box means little if there is nothing inside.

Bruce Jenner

By Robert Wood

Bruce Jenner has had a life that most would have envied but now in the twilight of his career the once handsome athletic man wants to be known as a beautiful woman. Sorry Bruce but I will never think of you as a woman. To do that would slam the great woman of the world.

You were a great athlete when you were younger but this new fad of dressing up is just plain idiotic. I have no qualms with cross dressers but when you try to make people believe that by putting on the cloths that it makes you a women I find that crazy. You can even change your name but you still are and always will be Bruce. I have no problem with people who are gay but you Bruce have never come out as gay. If you were gay then I would assume that is the underlining reason to appear feminine.

Sports Illustrated is coming out with a story about you. American Hero: "Jenner comfortable in her own skin." I'm a little curious Bruce, why are you a hero for dressing in women's clothes? When you were an athlete you were a hero to many young boys because you gave them hope. Are we to believe that you are to be looked at as a hero because you are able to walk across a red carpet wearing heels and an evening gown? I would like to think not.

Even though I am a Christian my opinion here is not reflective of that belief. I simply find it inconceivable that we as a society would hold this man up as a heroic figure simply for the fact that he has chosen to wear a dress and go by another name. If we are to honor Drag Queens then why isn't RuPaul heading the list? He is by far the most famous and recognizable Drag Queen of all time!

The big problem is we live in a world that thrives on fantasy. We watch reality shows constantly that are not real even though they are supposed to be reality. We are very easily deceived but that is just human nature. I have no answer for what we need to do. I only am pointing out what I see with the hope that others will notice. I hope one day all of this changes but given our past I see very little chance of that happening.

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