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Some tricks to understanding adjectives and adverbs
Adjectives vs. Adverbs

"Adverbs can lead to lazy writing."

"Adjectives help with description."

As writers, we've all heard these common phrases before, but how far does your knowledge of adjectives and adverbs really go? How do you utilize them to enhance your writing, not hinder it? Here, we will see what adjectives and adverbs are, how to distinguish them in a sentence, and how to use them properly.

Let’s start at the beginning…

*PenR*Adjectives- modifies a noun or pronoun

They answer one of the three questions

         Which one?

         I like his car.

         How many?

         I want no excuses.

         What kind?

         They chose a red carpet for the old house.

*PenR*Adverbs- modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb


         She smiled discreetly.


         She is quite discreet.


         She smiled very discreetly.


         Answers the questions


         She walked quickly.


         She walked yesterday.


         She walked here.

*PenR*Examples of adjectives and adverbs







Well (used for both)




*PenR*But how do we know which one to use and when?

Good vs. Well

Adj: She is a good student.

Adj: She feels good today. (She is good overall)

Adv: She feels well today. (This means she was sick yesterday)

Bad vs. Badly

Adj: I feel bad about saying that to him. (Is speaking about a state of mind)

Adv: I feel badly ever since I burned myself last summer. (Is speaking about the physical)

Real vs. Really

Adj: He ate at a restaurant with real class. (Means actually or true)

Adv: He ate at a really classy restaurant. (Means truly or very)

Sure vs. Surely

Adj: Tomorrow is a sure thing. (Means certain)

Adv: It is surely hot outside today. (Means certainly)

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