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<3 @ 1st sight :)
It was my first office fest, organised for Diwali party (usually happens a day before Diwali), the company I joined few months back after completing my rigorous college days … I finished all my planned tasks for the day in advance … and was excited to have some good food and snacks (as, I was tired of eating PG foods daily) … I was all dressed up, quite before the scheduled evening function at five and got ready to attend it with my office colleagues … better say my new friends … best thing about those new friends was, most of them had recently joined the company like me from different colleges and rest were a bit old in company but were of nearly same age group … … in spite of putting my continuous humble request for the early move to party … all the guys wanted to have some heroic entry to party … and therefore, decided to go a bit late or in the mid, although were all craving inside intensely … after wasting an hour of mine, our group finally decided to get into the fest with all heroic gestures and postures … as soon as we reached the third floor of office (where the party was organized), we found it all crowed with long queues at stall and the worst part was, no one even noticed, when we entered the hall … anyway, we all jumped into the food stalls and filled our plates over its capacity … … we guys had our plates in hand, eyes on crowd and discussing with each other about food quality, tastelessness and like every other dude does in party, we were also finding someone good to see (yes, I am talking about gals) … we were doing some simple stuffs … selecting a girl, giving her some rating out of ten and moving on to next and so on … till the time some of us saw her … … …

She was so impeccable, cold, stunning and bright like Moon ... that silky maroon attire, open curly long n dewy hair, glaring face carrying millions of emotions … like a princess walking along with her mates … made the surroundings so alive, radiant and colourful … it was an ice-cream cup in her hand while chatting up with her mates (I wished, if I could listen her) … …

being the center of attraction for people around including my friends, who were also getting insane and wild over her looks n appearance, I was no different … I wished to see her in every micro second without failing her any fraction of sight … she was looking immensely beautiful with her silent smiles and shining eyes … I was about to thank God for such a lovely moment for me … but, what was that, all in a sudden I lost my sight from her and she got disappeared! … (O, God why?) now, my eyes were searching her faster than google, bing n baidu all combined, moved around my neck right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Mumbai to Kolkata to see her in 360 degree, pushed my toes a bit harder on floor to lift up to sky to see her at distant … … despite putting all my efforts, I was unable to locate her … may be she had left the party with her friends … It seemed a race against time, which I failed badly while growing impatience inside me … now it was all black n white hall, black n white people, a plate half empty with food on my hand with no interest to eat it further … not at all things were looking good to me … in the mean while my colleagues finished up their ice-cream session too and started deciding to leave the party and also asked me to finish up food soon … somehow I calmed myself down with a ray of hope in heart to see her some time ahead in coming days in office … and yes I was happy too to find me and her in the same company with a challenge to find her in the company of almost two thousand people.
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