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This article is a concept of a future car that flies in the air.
This article is a concept of a future car that flies in the air. Fancy as it may sound, this could become a reality if physics and technology combine to create a car of the future. We call it Turbo, so we can associate a name with it. This car has no wheels as it flies through the air. It is powered by four propulsion engines to give it the thrust required to move upwards in the air. It has two propulsion engines in the back to give it a horizontal thrust. Hydrogen is the fuel used to drive the propulsion engines. The car requires to move forwards and backwards. This is done by adjusting the propulsion engines against each other. It can also execute a 360 degree u-turn as it moves through the air. This again is done with some brilliant manipulation of the propulsion engines. This car can reach higher speeds than present day cars as it is based on propulsion technology. It can automatically detect other cars while flying on the roads. It flies a feet above the ground. There is no limit to the vertical height it can reach as it depends on the strength of its engines. The advantages of a flying car are that there is no danger of a flat tyre. You can always move smoothly without any fear. Also, there is no difficulties of being stuck in traffic as it can fly above people's heads. It can also land in unsuspecting places such as fields, roadsides, and perch on top of small embankments.
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