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Rated: E · Outline · Romance/Love · #2100853
A blurb about what the first book in the "Ripples in the Water" trilogy.
This is not the New York you might know. Not even the world you are used to. Seventy-nine years have passed since humans have learned that vampires and witches are every bit as real as you and me. The Spirits, although not exactly a part of their world, still influence it deeply through witches and there are also the Sharur, hunters of the Supernaturals and keepers of peace, supernatural in nature as well.

You might picture a violent scenario accompanying the big reveal of the Supernaturals, but it is not how things went - at least not in most places around the world and definitely not in the States. Sure, there have been protests and some violent opposition and scattered such outbursts against such creatures being allowed the same rights and freedoms as humans, but those died out fairly quickly and humans, as always, adapted to the changes as best as possible.

Witches are divided into covens and their leaders are responsible for their members; the vampires have their High Council to guide and restrict them and the Sharur have their Elders and also form an independent branch of the police force in charge of the Supernaturals.

There is no peaceful co-existence, though. No, things are not as they should be, but the humans seem oblivious to this. Some say they're in denial. All is not well in paradise and the changes coming are not going to help at all.
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