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Draft instructions for an in-progress game.
This is the instructions for a game I've made. I'm struggling to make it sound good AND keep to the theme AND clearly explain how to play AND not be boring. Any tips, from general appraisal to layout suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.


Look at all the plants!

You are an alien tree farmer who has chanced upon a particularly fertile asteroid.

Use the arrow keys to pan get a better look at you plants, and use your alien farmer know-how to find ever more exotic species!

Select two plants to cross breed them, then a third plant to replace with their offspring.
Or, right click a plant to replace it with a native shrub.

The offspring of two parent plants will be a little like the first parent, a little like the second parent. There will also be small changes, or mutations, that can make the offspring entirely unique.
Hint: mutations arise at every cross. So to make plants really different, do lots of crosses!
Hint: You can see how likely a plant is to mutate by looking at the colour of its bobbles. If they are all different it is very volatile.

Discover all the species in the Almanac. Each species will have certain traits, like being of a particular height, or having the right pattern of branches. Some species are even defined by a colour! The names of species can be a hint to what they might look like.

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