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A poem that I wrote for a special person who's no longer with us in this life plus more.
Silent Poetry -

Dedicating this poem isn't as hard as it seems.
It's for a 16-year-old girl who lost all her dreams.

It's hard to comprehend or even try to understand
why the Lord would take a life that now just began.

I didn't even know her, and I probably never would,
but the story's always the same, no matter where you stood.

Just when you think humanity is back on its feet,
on a cold October night, a young girl dies in the street.

This senseless loss of life can't be replaced at any cost.
As time presses onward, the memory of her will be lost.

To create a precious life is such a difficult game.
Having it destroyed is such a horrible shame.

What has happened to today's society is really quite sad,
but there are still out there decent people that aren't all bad.

If everyone could just take the time and give someone a smile,
they could possibly make a lonely life just a little more worthwhile.

With love, people have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Eventually the world would be spared of hate and ease all of its pain.

The future looks so gloomy and doubtfully will ever change.
I'm just waiting so patiently for the end to come within range.

My Than Bauk poem entry for the Oriental Poetry Contest -

out side is hot
while I'm not but
a lot can change

My Than Bauk poem entry for Christmas time -

the star is bright
on this night and
the light is seen

My Three/Five/Seven written for the Oriental Poetry Contest -

Summer brings heat, with hot air
can never escape the heat, no matter what you do
humidity brings so much sticky wet sweat, I can hardly wait until Fall arrives

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