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Rated: E · Chapter · Death · #2106532
Things was good then
The Werecow Begins
Commencement of School of Hard Knocks
Lane - a non-supernatural Begins and keeps speaking:

Lane says people need vacations from EARTH who feel like they need to do stuff for others.

Cindy follows Lane. She She doesn't feel Tony is a threat. SHE thinks Ruthie O. ought to go. For her she thinks death will give Ruthie a vacation from Earth. Cindy just sees too much reality to think Ruthie ought to be getting on to people for thinking everyone can afford to and find the time to keep people from not living in torture.

Still, Lane feels a lot lot of vacations from Earth that aren't getting them. Kathleen's willing to send anyone to get closer to God if Lane thinks life on Earth is too much for them where they feel they need to find a way to run others' lives for them.


The End of The Werecow Begins

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