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My story brief but to the point
I've done to much to walk away
And to less for me go unnoticed
To blind sided to see and to distanced to stay focus
My future beholds my past so my present is what I await
Misunderstood of my decisions and judged by my mistakes
Frowned upon by everyone who haven't had a story to tell
Smiling when I'm hurt laughing when i fail
In my hands I hold my heart
For all you people to see
That i really do hurt inside
I too have pain in me
Give a rose with 12 petals
That's pure without any scent
To express in 12 ways of every scar i have
I've meant
Look deep into my eyes and tell me why are they so dark?
Everything that made me rejoice is now tearing me apart
I wear my heart on sleeve
I'm human,i bleed
I cry too
What is expected of me i just can't do
To everyone that looks down
Not taking the option to see
Iam what god made
This is simply me
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