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A story I had to write about a fake mermaid culture. Please give constructive criticism.
Many years ago, the skull ship was not just a legend. It hunted tsunami stoppers and destroyed sacred hunting grounds. When it nearly told the world about the tsunami stoppers, they had enough.

The grand Sealer, the most important mermaid in their government, decided to build a ship of their own. Luckily, it sunk. The grand Sealer tried to build a ship of his own 18 times before giving up. Then, one of his advisors suggested the idea to start a shark taming program to destroy the ship. The grand Sealer agreed, and the program was started.

It took 30 years for the sharks to be tamed and fully trained in the art of destroying ships. When the grand Sealer gave the signal to attack, the search was on.

A group of the 50 best trained sharks and 20 tsunami stopper warriors were sent out to find and destroy the skull ship. They searched for 8 months before finding the ship. The sharks destroyed it, and gathered as much useful stuff as possible from the wreck before leaving it to go back home.

When they went back to survey the wreck a week later (too soon for it to have decomposed) they couldn’t find the ship. They searched the surrounding area before finding the skull mast piece, but no ship. It is said that the ghost of the skull ship roams the waters of the tsunami stoppers, just without its mast piece.
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