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Adam's younger brother comes up with a devious scheme, that humiliates him-This is Part 1
"Well This sucks" Thought Adam,
as he looked out on the crowd of students circled around him laughing hysterically, taking pictures and pointing...laughing at the poor nerd as he found himself tied to the flagpole at the front of the school naked with no end in sight to his humiliation...

The night before Adam and his younger brother Kevin were in their room arguing, it ended when Kevin gave his older brother a jock lock wedgie and left him that way all night.

"I'm going go to take all of your pants except for the baggiest pair, all of your shirts except for the smallest one, your belt so your pants won't stay up, and your underwear, so when you go to school your pants will keep falling down, and everyone will notice your not wearing a belt and start pantsing you, then they'll get tired of it and take your clothes" Kevin said to his brother with an evil grin, before stripping his older brother of his shirt & pants leaving him in just his wedgied whitey tighties.

Adam wiggled and kicked and finally got free from his wedgie, put on some pajamas and went to bed, embarrassed and defeated by his younger brother...again.

He woke up the next day, and got out of bed, stretched, felt a breeze around his waist, then he noticed his curtains by his window was missing, he felt another breeze and looked down...he was naked!!!

He ran over to his dresser to get clothes, and found exactly one pair of pants, and a shirt, no belt, and no underwear, on top of the very small pile of clothes was a note that read

Enjoy your day dork, good luck not showing off that butt today loser --K

He thought briefly about calling his mom at work and saying he was sick, but the thought of having to do that for the 4th time this year wasn't appealing, so he put on the pants to see how well they would fit (he had a few different sizes, he had been going through growth spurts), put the shirt on, pulled his pants back up it seems Kevin found the biggest pair he could, Adam ate breakfast, lost his pants twice more before getting to the bus stop, now they go again, it seems no one saw.

Adam can hear the bus in the distance, he puts his hands in his pockets so he can discreetly hold them up, as the bus stops in front of him, he begins to nervously walk towards the door, up the stairs and to his seat.

"Whew!" he thought to himself as he made it to his seat without losing his pants "This is going to be a long day"

He made it to school, off the bus, and through his first 2 classes of the day, awkwardly walking everywhere with his hands in his pockets, never taking both hands out, with one small misstep his pants would drop and he would be showing a lot of a skin to a large amount of people, he did his best to sneak through halls around his bullies now would not be the day to get pantsed he thought to himself. As he turned the corner he saw the one person he didn't want to see right now Jackson Brickman his main bully, Jackson had pantsed Adam at least 10 times a year, every year since First Grade, not too mention the wedgies and swirlies... not wanting to be caught in his current state he turned around and stumbled as he tried to catch himself he made a grave mistake, he took his hands out of his pockets to catch himself, and once he did that his pants dropped.


"What a white butt!" "Who Pantsed him this time?" "Is he going commando?" he heard as he tried to pull his pants back up, everyone in the hallway was laughing, there had to be a hundred at least, Adam got his pants up and took off running, he looked back one more time and noticed that Jackson was nowhere to be seen "Where did he go?" He wondered as he kept running just wanting to get away from everyone.

He got to his locker and was happy to see there weren't too many people around, as he bent down to put his books down (one handed obviously) he heard a familiar female voice behind him, his second biggest tormentor Susan "Time for your daily wedgie" The red haired bully said, and reached into Adam's pants

"Well, well I wasn't expecting that" said Sally with a laugh, Adam tried to run, but the bully was too strong, "I guess I can't give you a wedgie, but that's ok I have another plan for you now"

To Be Continued

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