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A job interview interrupted by three little heads.
“This would be the perfect job for me, Ron. I can work from home. After school the kids can come here rather than go to a babysitter. We’ll save money that way.”

“I agree, Beth, but won’t it be boring for you?”

“You’ll have to wine and dine me on the weekends.”

“I can do that. Maybe we can even take in a movie or two.”

“On Saturday, I have a video interview for the job. They want to do it here and I want to look my best.”

“You always look your best.”

Beth spent the next two days planning what she would wear for the interview and where in the house she would have it. She decided on the great room because it had patio doors that opened onto the back yard. Flowers were in bloom right now so it would make a great backdrop.

Saturday morning arrived and Beth was ready to take the kids over to Grandma and Grandpa’s when the phone rang.

“Beth, this is Mom, I know you were counting on me to watch the kids but your sister Amy slipped in the house and did something to her ankle. She asked me to run her to emergency care, I’m so sorry.”

“Oh no!!! I hope she’s OK. It’s all right Mom, Ron should be home in a few hours, he had to finish up some things in the office. Tell Amy I’ll pop over to see her tomorrow.”

The morning flew by. It was less than an hour before the interview so Amy sat down with the three boys. “Listen, I have a video interview soon. I want you to find something to do when the camera crew comes. You can watch TV and I’ll leave some snacks in the kitchen. Most of all, I want you to be quiet and stay out of the backyard, can you do that for me?”

Three heads nodded in unison. “Sure Mom, but why can’t we go in the back yard?”

“Because the cameras will be shooting in that direction.”

Beth went into her bedroom and finished fixing her hair and makeup. She thought everything looked good. She was nervous but ready.

Once again the phone rang.

“Beth, this is Ron, I’m going to be a little late. Wouldn't you know I have a flat tire. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I'm really sorry hon.”

“It’s OK, dear. I’ve had a talk with the boys and they should be fine. The interview will be over by the time you make it home.”

Everything ready, Beth waited patiently for the camera crew to arrive. She smiled to herself, the boys were quietly playing in their rooms. Such good little boys, she thought.

Soon the doorbell rang and she led the crew into the great room. “I hope this will work for you?”

“Perfect,” smiled the cameraman.

Beth heard giggling. She turned to see that the boys were peeking into the great room. She walked to the door, put her finger to her lips, and whispered, “Go back to your rooms, this will be over very soon.”

Three little head nodded in agreement.

“OK, we’re ready for you Mrs. Bennet.”

Beth sat in the chair and the interview began. Suddenly the cameraman said, “Oops,” and pointed.

Beth turned to look out the patio door just in time to see the three boys and the dog streaking across the lawn.

“Sorry, give me a minute.” she said. She went to the door and called out to the boys. “What are you doing, I told you to stay out of the backyard.”

“I know Mom, but we let Benjie out and he ran over that way.”

“Well let Benjie back in the house then stay inside, please!”

Three little heads nodded in agreement.

The film started running again. Mrs. Bennet, why do you think you are qualified for this job?”

“I’ve had about 10 years of experience interviewing potential clients and I’ve been trained………..

The camera had once again stopped rolling. Beth turned to look out the patio door to find that a piece of paper with a big smiley face, attached to a clothespin, dangling from a long string, was swaying in the wind. “Oh my,” she said, her face a bright red. “I’m so sorry, those boys. I’ll be right back.”

Now looking perturbed, the cameraman just nodded his head.

Beth ran upstairs to find the boys were dangling paper out of an upstairs window. “Boys, what did I tell you, why are you doing this?”

Three blank stares looked at her.

“Please, shut the window, go back downstairs, and let me finish my interview. We will go for ice cream afterwards if you are good.”

Three little heads nodded in agreement.

“Forgive me, a rattled Beth said.

Mrs. Bennet, will you be able to dedicate the hours needed for the job, while working at home? Some people find that hard to do.”

“Absolutely,” Beth replied, “I am looking forward to working from home.”

“I noticed that you have children. Will they be at home when you are working?”

“Only after school a couple of hours. They will use that time to work on homework. I’m sure that won’t be a ……………………

“Mrs. Bennett, I’m not sure that this will work out. I will speak to our manager. Perhaps they will schedule an interview at a more appropriate time?”

Beth, fearfully turned toward the patio door again. Three little faces were plastered to the glass.

The cameraman was packing up his things when the door opened and Ron walked into the house.

“How did it go, Honey.” he said to Beth.

“Maybe you can show the cameraman out,” she replied, tearfully running up the steps.

Confused, Ron looked at the cameraman who merely nodded his head. “Three boys, that’s a big enough job for anyone,” he said. “Tell your wife I’m sorry it didn’t work out this time.”

No ice cream today for three little heads.

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