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I studied abroad in Oswego. A year after leaving, I realized how much I missed everythig.
I miss the smell my room had the very first night I stayed in Hart Hall.
I miss waking up and going to the dining hall for the first time with Sara.
I miss seeing the lake. I miss the lighting and warmth of an end of august sunset.
I miss walking to Bevs and getting a sugar high from slurpees.
I miss the Hart Hall decorations and everyone who did them.
I miss discovering new people and places. I miss the very first open mic night in the quad with bubbles and string lights.
I miss movie nights with Susanne, Karen and Cheng.
I miss the pre game parties in Nadia or Naomi's room.
I miss playing 21 and running to get the bus to go to Old City.
I miss getting drunk and coming back to Hart happy and loud.
I miss staying hours at the front desk laughing and talking with new friends.
I miss the leaves changing colors. I miss the Apple cider and going apple picking in Naomi's farm.
I miss being able to sit near the lake and listening to the waves crash and the wind blowing through the leaves.
I miss the long night talks with Tisaru. I miss going to open mic and old city or hurricane's every thursday night.
I miss all the holiday decorations. I don't miss being rejected, heartbroken, booty called or all the stupid fights but I miss dancing and singing at mug night.
I miss having butterflies and being too anxious to eat.
I miss waiting to be kissed.
I miss the parties in the Village and meeting new friends and playing beer pong.
I miss the night rides to get something to eat and drink.
I miss the night walks to Lakeside. I miss the ice cream.
I miss the basketball games.
I miss watching FRIENDS without a worry in the world.
I fucking miss Oswego and Every. Single. Person I met during the year.
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