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This article basically focuses on Britney Spears' Toxic music video.
Britney Spears is the epitome of fierceness and an icon who projects women's passion in life and in love. By and large, the pop star delivers it loud and clear, "Every woman struggles and not everything goes her way so she is betrayed, becomes unfaithful yet finds her way back on her feet and gives life another chance."

Once we hear the name Britney, half of the audience will apparently think of an erotic dance number along with a wild electronic music. But when we give it some thought, we'll find ourselves as simple, narrow-minded individuals.

It's definite that the award winning artist wears a controversial image. Even so, she portrays herself with confidence like any superstar would. Like what she did in Toxic's music video.

The lyrics basically talks about a woman's roller coaster ride in love. She meets a man that she deems as dangerous. And thus, she limits herself not wanting to get involve in an unsecure relationship. In other words, she does not want to devote herself to a perilous guy that may leave her without bothering to explain.

Yet, as the song goes on, we find out that the man being dangerous is not the problem instead it is the woman's obsession. At first, many of us have thought that the man intoxicates the woman but later on we learn that it is actually the other way around.

In the long run, this song is not only showing Britney's singing and acting talents but also represents the kind of woman who can suffocate the man he loves because of her unruly behavior.

But, why is Britney perfect for Toxic while there are a lot more artists who can probably perform it? Well, in my opinion, it is mainly because of the image that she built over the years, an attractive woman with guys all over her. And for the record, Britney's voice is perfect for this seductive type of song.

The pop icon is undeniably a performer who put her heart and mind into her works like she did for Toxic. And thus, fans can expect Britney to be at her best in her upcoming music projects.

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