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The Political Infighting Makes Good Legislation all but impossible.
Speaker Ryan pulled the plug on the Republican Bill designed to fix the ailing Affordable Healthcare Act.

This means the American People are stuck once more with Obamacare.

Obamacare was the Democrat's flagship legislation over the past eight years. It is becoming less and less affordable. Premiums are skyrocketing and middle class Americans are finding it harder and harder to get coverage.

Speaker Ryan was five votes short of getting phase I of his replacement bill passed. The Republicans, while they have a majority, were split and none of the Democrats wanted to have anything to do with it. They would have voted lockstep in opposition had it come to the floor.

As the Democrats gloat over the situation, they gather in the salon of the Titanic congratulating one another. All the while this flagship of the Liberal Left settles deeper and deeper into the water. The cries of frightened citizens can be heard from their lockdown in steerage.

The "Do Nothing" option means premiums will continue to escalate and more and more insurance companies will opt out of participating.

The Democrats are as incapable of legislating as they are of governing. They vote "Lockstep" at the direction of their party. This is the "Smoking Gun" of their incompetence. Regardless of the promises they make to their constituents their vote is a rubber stamp. They vote like they're told and that is the end of that. Even when what they are told to vote for is stupid, and they know it's stupid, they still vote for it. They are a herd of donkeys incapable of thinking for themselves. They don't want to make The United States of America great, but instead want to make the Democratic Party all powerful. You can see where it's gotten them the past three elections. From having it all, they lost the House, then the Senate and finally the Presidency.

The reason I say they're "Stupid" is that by allowing the vote to be withdrawn, the Democratic Logo remains on the worst piece of legislation in American political history.

"Oh! We didn't force the Republicans to pull their bill back, they decided to do it on their own." They're quick to point out. This is true as far as it goes, but what they still don't get is the ball is back, smack dab, in the middle of their court. This is the stupidity of what they've allowed to happen.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi should have seen the Republicans about to step into the quagmire and handed them a plank. She should have gone to Speaker Ryan and told him. "How many votes are you short and I'll provide them." That would've allowed ownership for healthcare to pass from the Democrats to the Republicans. This way the Democrats could have reclined back in the peanut gallery and criticized everything the Republicans are trying to do. That is the only game they're competent to play. Healthcare is so badly messed up the term "Disaster" is an understatement. Once the Republicans own it, they'll face a tsumani of bad press trying to make it right. In a sense they deserve it.

I say "Deserve" because they have sat back and waved the "Repeal" flag for almost eight years without any clear idea of how to replace it.

The republicans were split, to their credit, over a roadmap of how to proceed. Speaker Ryan wanted to do it in phases, fixing the most broken parts of Obamacare first. To use an automotive analogy, he wanted to fix the engine first, then the transmission and then breaks and rotors. Other Republicans wanted to fix everything at once... repeal Obamacare and repair everything at the same time. The problem was that Obamacare was like a Yugo... it was so bad, that incrementally fixing it, a part at a time was an exercise in futility, and if successful the result would still be a Yugo. The other Republicans wanted to rip out everything at once and strew parts all over the shop, without any clear understanding of how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

To their credit the Republicans are not a herd of Rhinos. They can actually think and reason and have a chance of ultimately getting to a solution. For the goose-stepping Democrats, however, such thinking is impossible... Everything for the Democrats is fixed in advance by the special interests they serve. Ever think about who wrote the Affordable Health Care Act? It was college professors and insurance company lobbyists. Their contempt for the people is a matter of record. Nancy Pelosi said. "We had to pass the bill to find out know what's in it." What ever happened to...reading it first?

Fortunately for the Republicans, the bill never reached the floor. Like I say some Republicans can still think for themselves and realized the dangers of orchestrated mob behavior.

So now the rose is back pinned squarely, on the nose of the Democrats. As the screws tighten and the Middle Class cries out in anguish... the Democrats still have to answer for their actions... The same ones who conceived this legislative abomination and crammed it down everybody's throat.
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