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There is a thin line between love and insanity
She was crying to herself in the dark closet, stroking her face with a gun, the barrel cold skin. Her eyes searching the dark for answers that weren't there, she placed the gun underneath her chin, wondering if she would grant her self instant death then placed in on the roof of her mouth, estimating the path the bullet would take in order to blast her brains out. not good enough. slowly, she pushed the barrel towards her temple as she remembered what put her in the situation she was in.

Two weeks ago, she had been a smiling, normal teenage girl with death the last thing on her mind. she had a boyfriend, who at the time, seemed like her prince charming. they were having fun, obviously they were, because they were the couple of the moment. He seemed to complete her and what he lacked, she made up with charisma. but like all things too good to be true, cracks appeared an the relationship took strain. rumours flew and she suspected him of cheating. the truth is, he was, but she did not want to believe it even if she knew it was true. then today, she had gotten out of bed, intent on confronting him. but as she turned to the corner, she found him embracing another girl. the way he would have embraced her. she stopped in her tracks and he turned around. He tried to say to say something but her slap stole the words.

she ran home, fresh tears stinging her eyes, the force of her slap still stabbing her palm and the pain in heart killing her slowly. she ran home, into her room and locked her door. tears streaming down her face, she tore her clothes off. stood in front of the mirror in her half top and butt shorts, asking her self what she didn't have that the girl she saw did. she took the gun from the top of her closets.... that's how she ended up in the closet. trying to kill herself because of a fool who had claimed to love her. now she is sweating, playing God with her life. should she live or should she die ? she cocked the gun, the bullet feel into the chamber. the gunshot echoed through the afternoon, shattering the silence and the simple lives of the people around. A tragedy had occurred ....... or had it?

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