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a friend and me roleplay being Jacob Frye's foot toys.
[aayla8978] 5:55 am: okay, lets set a
scene, how about jacob is out on a
mission, running across the rooftops,
getting off on assassinating his targets
with his two little toys in his boots, he
works extra hard all day, working up a
sweat, torturing us under his rank feet
before he takes us to his home for
playtime where he'll command us around
in that sexy british accent.
[Draygon] 5:55 am: haha so we'd start at
when he got home?
[aayla8978] 5:56 am: yup, you wanna
[Draygon] 5:57 am: eh could you start? O:
i normally go fo rmatching the other
person's rp style xD
[aayla8978] 5:57 am: okay sure
[Draygon] 5:58 am: haha thanks. :P hard
for me to judge to much/little xD
[aayla8978] 6:00 am: Jacob opens the
door a flops down onto his favourite chair
by the fire, panting and with sweat poring
down his face and body. he puts his left
leg on top of his right and pries his big,
brown boot off his sweaty socked foot,
you come tumbling out, drenched in
perspiration, none of it yours, you gasp
and breathe in great lungfuls of fresh air,
your whole body is starting to smell like
Jacob's vinigary feet.
[Draygon] 6:03 am: I gasp in lunfuls of air
as I tumble out, my eyes shut as bright
light pours through, after having spent so
long in Jacob's personal hell of a boot, I
was happy to see the light again. I sat
there, coughing as I tried to get my eyes
adjusted. -- Jacob then pulled off his other
boot and shook it upside down, having
you come tumbling out after me, he then
placed his two boots beside his chair, and
stripped off a sock, dropping it onto you to
watch you squirm, laughing at the sight.
[aayla8978] 6:05 am: I wriggle and writhe
under the sweat soaked sock, you can
feel your nose burning slightly from the
strong smell coming off it, so you feel
soory for me being up close, but not for
long as jacob peels of his other sock,
wiggles his long, moist bare toes and then
proceeds to shove to toe end of the damp
grey cotton in your face.
[Draygon] 6:09 am: I look over to you and
wince a bit, looking up just in time to see
his huge toes wigglng above me as his
sock stuffs itself directly into my face,
causing me to gag a bit as I try to run
away from it, the smell bringing me to my
hands and knees -- Jack brought down his
damp toes onto the sock you were under,
pinning you under it as he smirked,
playfully grinding you and the sock
together against the ground as he taunted
you, enjoying his playtime after a long day.
[aayla8978] 6:12 am: (mmmf that was
really good.) I gag at the stench and groan
at the pain, while he continues to twist his
long size 12 foot down on me, he pulls the
sock away from you and instead traps
your head between his long, slightly hairy,
smelly toes. Enjoying the sensation of
you struggling against his rank foot.
[Draygon] 6:15 am: ( haha my tastes are
pretty good i guess xD) I yelp as his foot
comes for me, getting trapped between
his toes as I try to push at them, getting
pulled closer toward him as he drags me
back with his toes, I try to punch at them
to make him let me go. -- He smirks
again, looking back toward you, smirking
to himself getting aroused as he thinks to
himself how he's completely dominating
two tiny guys underneath his feet and
they're helpless. He just wishes everyone
could be that way to him instead
[Draygon] 6:15 am: of him having to
struggle with human sized people , he
shrugs and picks up the sock from you
[Draygon] 6:16 am: he leans over and
looks down at you "how is it down there?"
[aayla8978] 6:17 am: I barely have the
strengh to respond: sweaty and smelly!"
thinking this would somehow tip Jacob off
about his strong smelling feet.
[Draygon] 6:19 am: Jacob snicked and
brought his foot down on you. 'you mean
like this?'
[aayla8978] 6:20 am: He laughs and
realises us both from his feet, then says
in a mocking voice 'Oh I'm terribly sorry, I
didn't realise they smelled that bad.' He
devoloped an evil grin 'Tell you what lads,
lets have a contest, whoever can smell
my feet the longest without gagging dosn't
spend tommorow in my sock."
[Draygon] 6:22 am: I winced. "Well what
are you going to do trap us beneath them
or put them in front of us or?" I asked,
shivering at the thought.
[aayla8978] 6:23 am: 'oh no lads, you'll be
doing this all yourselves.' he crossed his
feet out in front of him and looked at us
[Draygon] 6:23 am: "So... do we go up to
them or something?" I asked you quietly
[aayla8978] 6:26 am: 'I give a grim look to
the huge, dirty feet in front of us and
mumble an apology before I rush forward,
steel myself and take a deep whiff of
Jacob's sweaty sole. 'Uh-oh smalley' he
says to you, 'your friend here's in the lead.'

Unfortunately, I lost the rest of the chat :( hope to finish it someday soon...
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