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Chapter 1

The Story Begins

17 August 1995, City of SouthWestbourne, Southwestern England.
This, is where the story began. The moment that just an ordinary 4-year old girl, named "Jass" has sparked her future life. It was the moment she met, 'Erik'. I know, I know, you'd all be like 'hey author, why isn't his name spelled Eric?' It's to make things unique. Erik was better at school than other Eric's, making him UNIQUE.
Ok, back to the story. In that day, little Jass met Erik on a road dubbed Steve Ave. It was a special road, as time passes much slower on Steve Avenue, which science can't explain yet. They both fell in love with each other, but due to their young age, they don't know what love is, so, they became close friends. 10 years later, Erik had to move away because of business needs. Jass was shocked, not knowing what to do, Jass asked her parents if she could drop Erik of at his new home in Hastings. Jass and Erik, along with their parents, took a Southern train to Ore station, as Erik's house is near there. Jass threw in the towel. She doesn't think that she will meet Erik ever again.

Yet an another 10 years after that, Jass got into an accident, she had loss all memory of Erik. But a miracle happened in the wrongest time. Erik and Jass was in the same university, and the same room. Erik remembers Jass clearly, not the other way though. As time passes, memories come back and back. Now Jas remembers Erik, but still, she is not brave enough to ask 'the question'.

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