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Here's a different type of short story to challenge the reader to help complete. Good Luck
Once upon a time there was a _________________________. Everyday,_____________________________. One day,_________________________. Because of that,____________________________. Until finally,____________________________.

(Give it some thought, and here's are two simple examples - Once upon a time there was a little boy. Everyday, he would make a little wish. One day, his wish finally came true. Because of that, he made more wishes until late at night. Until finally, he fell fast asleep. And also Once upon a time there was a very silly teacher. Everyday, The teacher out of the blue started giving the class a ridiculous test. One day, a student who finally had enough stood up and said stop giving us all of these stupid test. Because of that, the teacher stopped giving the ridiculous test. Until finally, everything was back to normal. Now it's your turn to give it a try)

********** My extra little incentive will be that I will give everybody a merit badge who successfully accomplishes this simple task ***********

1st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a dreamer in mind. Everyday, was a colorful dream and he wondered where his imagination was created. One day, he saw himself as a insightful entrepreneur and he published children's books. Because of that, he became known as Dr.Seuss, giving girls and boys great books to read. Until finally, he went on to heaven and the Lord smiled on his name. By: Lifeaholic

2nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a leaf floating endlessly in a tunnel. A tunnel leading to a bank of light. Light leading to other doors. Doors opening to patches of sky and a beach in uproar. Everyday, I traveled to many places. I made friends. I tried jobs. I carved pieces of happiness. Some turned out to listen to what I said. Some didn't care and wanted to go suck on rainbows. Some loved me and i didn't want to understand what they felt. Some left before I even knew who they were to me...and I remember them as lightening in dark summer nights. One day, I found a strange truth lurking behind this patina. That life was a sun soaked cobweb. That people were scrapes on a tree standing in the middle of time. That there was no time but a ceaseless continuum - a glass without water but always full. That i was both outside and part of the illusion. That love was as formless as water. And as endless. Because of that, I kept running. I didn't stop. I was 17 then. I could be older or it could still be that night charged with electric ghosts and smiling voices at the bus station. I miss home. I miss what was a family. But I cannot turn the blue ribbon wound on the dust trail. It is 12 now. And the city is a hive of frayed lights and dying sounds. I think i see faces in the bed and on the walls where the lamp scratches forms. It could be you. It could be some other from another life come home to bless me. Until finally, leaving all these apprehensions I smile into the dark. By: sindbad - We Got This!

3rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a clock with no hands. Everyday,_was left unmarked by time. One day_he spied an hourglass on the shelf, not a grain of sand in sight.Because of that,_he gave his "seconds" thought. Until finally, he changed his face altogether...and found a smile. By: Marie Q

4th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a King, whose heir turned thirty, and needed to be told him the secret arrangements for his marriage. It had been a secret, but not that well-guarded a secret for everyone in the Kingdom had inklings of what was to unfold for Prince Vav. There was one major impediment. Prince Vav had to go get his bride almost single-handedly. He would travel into a far country, pass hostile territories, persuade the various peoples that he was a son of their federal head and leader, not a foreign conqueror. And that he was bound for Salem, to meet his bride. Father and son discussed this matter in detail. This would be the first time they would be apart; the King said it was a necessary rite of passage for the Prince to first go alone on this journey, and locate his bride's kingdom. He would develop skills and assert his authority for his future kingship as he traveled and met nation after nation. After meeting his bride and her people, the Prince would return in joy and triumph to his father, the King, Yud Hay.
         Our gallant Prince set out on the appointed day with great expectations and gifts, but with only one companion, Kodesh. He missed his father immensely, but felt committed to his future bride, so long ago approved of by his father. After years, Prince Vav and Kodesh reached their destination, the Kingdom of Salem.
         The people of Salem were expecting the Prince for years, and were delighted to see him. After taking care of protocol and preliminaries with the king and Council of Salem, the Prince met his future bride. Of course he told her she was always his delight, and the most beautiful person ever! Everyday, Prince Vav would meet people of the Kingdom of Salem and tell them of his country far away. One day, he was ready to take his bride home to his father, King Yud Hay. Because of that, some of the people of Salem Kingdom turned against the Prince. "What's so bad with our Kingdom? Remain here with your bride," they urged."Are we not good enough for you?" Prince Vav said he needed to return home, and the marriage had to be done in his father's sight. One day he would rule in the place of his father. But the people of Salem became openly hostile, accusing Prince Vav of intending to take over their Kingdom. Both the Prince and his bride-to-be were patient and full of love for the people, and day by day talked with people about their need to go to King Yud Hay for his blessings. Until finally, Prince Vav experienced a violent attack by the leaders of Salem, including a few of Princess Hannah's relatives. Kodesh urged Vav to return to his father immediately. The return trip would take almost 50 days. But no one could tell when the King would allow the marriage to be completed. Or whether he might send his legions into Salem.
         Prince Vav and Princess Hannah were so sad to speak of separation. Vav assured Hannah her future home was the best Kingdom and most peaceful anywhere, ever! He promised her his word was sacred, and it could be counted on to complete fulfillment. Hannah let her Prince leave with much weeping and a breaking heart. She knew Prince Vav and his father would discuss when to send the legions to Salem. She wondered how many of her people would rise up in defiance, and die that day. Did the Prince keep his covenanted promise? Has he come for his bride? Or is she still waiting? The Princess of Salem, Hannah, is still waiting for her Prince Vav. Who would prove the most patient? By:SOOKDEO

5th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Jack Ass named Woody. Everyday, Woody pulled a plow for the farmer to plow the fields. One day, Woody up and disappeared. Because of that, the farmer had to borrow his neighbor's tractor. He enjoyed using the tractor because he didn't have to walk behind Woody and work that unpleasant plow. Until finally, the farmer turned woody out to pasture. Bought him a tractor and they both lived happily ever after. Moral of the story: Don't work your ass off, or there's nothing wrong with sitting on your ass. By:Dartagnan

6th Entry -
Once upon a time there was an arrogant young lad who believed that he knew the answer to everything. Everyday, he would strut up and down the town square, boasting of the immense wealth of knowledge he had. One day, an old hermit decided to teach the proud fellow a lesson. He put forth a strange riddle to the young man, and declared that if the riddle wasn't solved in three days, he would be turned into a scarecrow. Because of that, the young chap went without food or drink as he thought long and hard about the answer. Until finally, he realised his folly and begged the hermit to spare him. The old man agreed on one condition -- the youth must never be caught bragging about himself again. By:the Wordy Jay

7th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a there was a dark cave snuggled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Everyday, people known by the local's the mountain men moved in and out of it. You see this was were they keep them the people that disappeared ever year from the streets of almost every major city on the east coast. What they do with them is largely unknown. One day, this cave will be found. Who knows really, what happens here. Or even were here is. Death, yes death or maybe Life as well. Death is the end for all. Because of that, What does it matter. Is their a cave, or even a cat, or even the missing. Since if you can't see them that might as well not exist the people were forgotten about so very long ago did they even exist, and to them did the world outside the cave even exist. Someone knows the mountain men know. Until finally, we as a people take more care of each other. Caring about the hell these people were left to, and accepted that we as a people need to care more for the lost longer then the short time it takes for the media to move on all the lost in the world might as well be keep in a Dark cave, run by the hill folk because who can say if it real or not just like a cat in a box. By: Bryan J Smith

8th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a boy, who had a very sad life. Everyday, he looked for reasons to be happy but he found very few, if any. His mother was often sad. It seemed that nothing he did could make her feel better. He often spent many hours at night talking with her about her problems. This overflowed into the life of the boy, who began to have many problems of his own. One day, he was given the idea to write a poem about one of his strong sadnesses. This simple act of writing poetry helped him greatly. Because of that, he became a lifelong poet, who shared great joy with the world. His heart grew lighter with every poem he wrote and his outlook on life improved. Until finally, he walked into one of his poems and lived happily ever after. By:Jay O'Toole

9th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a town called Hahaheehee. Everyday, the citizens of Hahaheehee woke up happy. The children were happy, the grown-ups were happy, the animals were happy, the plants were happy and all the breakfast dishes and clocks and towels and bicycles were happy. The postboxes were happy, too. So were the lamp-shades and the pencils. One day, the Waydown of Swanee River decided to come and live in the town of Hahaheehee. The Waydown was rich, but he had been feeling way down lately and wanted to wake up happy. "If they can wake up happy, so can I," the Waydown said, determinedly, and built a big mansion right in the middle of Hahaheehee. Because of that, the birds didn't know where to nest. The Waydown had cut way too many trees down while building the mansion. The pencils became unhappy. Way too many of them had been left pointless while drawing up the plans for the mansion. The clocks couldn't see the sun any more and couldn't tell the time properly, the mansion went way up in the sky and blocked the sunlight. Until finally, the citizens united. They asked the Waydown, quite politely, to pull the mansion down. The Waydown understood and he did. He planted the trees back, too. Everyone was happy again. By:Thankful Sonali - WDC POWER!

10th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a 12 year old boy. Everyday, he prayed to God to save his father. One day, his father died. Because of that, the boy became an atheist. Until finally, he died too. By:beny

11th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lonely girl. Everyday, she tried to make friends to overcome the loneliness. One day, she met someone just like her. Because of that, they set out on a lifetime of adventure together. Until finally, they were never lonely again. By:G

12th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a purple lilac water Lily. Every day it reflected on what does beauty look like. One day it looked beyond the surface into the depths of mysterious darkness, because of that the water Lily was able to see something it had never heard, seen or touched before. Until finally it plunged into the depths of imagination and came face to face with bubble gum Jones. Life for Bubble gum Jones and the water Lily could never be the same, because the water Lily and bubble gum Jones were in a relationship seeking in the vehicle of a short story yet to be created "Fill in the Blanks". By:drifter

13th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a scared woman. Everyday, this woman would go through the motions of life, flinching at her own shadow. One day, she realized she was living in an abusive relationship. Because of that, she conjured enough strength to reach out for help from family and friends. Until finally, she was able to take herself out of the situation and smile as herself again. By:Ailure Trouvaille

14th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a man with a mission. Everyday, he picked up a magazine from a store, a doctor’s office, an old friend’s house, a neighbor – it mattered not. He saw it, had to have it, and left with it. But only one. No more. One day, he “acquired” one from the local drug store. We are assured it was quite by accident. Must have been an accident. Because of that, he was arrested. Telling the story to the judge was a tortuous descent into humility. Thankfully, judges took recesses before sentencing and the man could sit, chewing on his fingernails, waiting for the judge to return. Bathrooms were wonderful places to sit and mull things over. He preferred the cold tiles and the soft scents of body odor that were assaulting his sense to facing the judge again. But you can only hide so long before the lawyer finds you and demands your return to the courtroom for sentencing. He barely listened to the judge drone on an on, sending his thoughts to the outer rings of Saturn and contemplations of space dust dancing all around him as he floated in a vast vacuum of space. Until finally, the gavel hit the block bringing him back to reality. Watching the lawyers gather papers and the judge beat a hasty retreat to chambers, he still had no idea what just happened or what his fate would be. By:Cheri Annemos

15th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl who couldn't find will to get out of her bed. Everyday was the battle like no other for her. Sometimes she spent hours crying and trying to convince herself that there's a beautiful world waiting for her outside her mind and room but nothing helped, not even opened window above her bed that brought for her fresh breeze and little birds' chirping every morning. One day, when she was soaking her feathered pillow with the salty river of her tears, she saw yellow butterfly on the white curtains. He was just standing there without moving his fragile wings. A girl thought he might be scared or just lost so she got up slowly and spread her hand to reach for him and help him to find the way out through the open window and as she made the first slow move, butterfly spread his wings and landed on her hand. She admired the colors of his life even though knowing he lives for no longer than a few days. It made her sad at first but then she realized that she can only feel admiration for this little being who was born to be beautiful even for one day. She opened the window widely and let him fly away and watched after his last trip to the next flower. Because of that single thought she found herself that day and decided to give the life what life asked from her; kindness of her heart. The next day she made the first move; getting up and dressing up. Another day she decided to finally comb her hair and as the days passed by she was finally able to see the small glimpse of a girl who was once full of life. Her face got its natural blush back and the smile that she thought died in her forever appeared for the first time in years. She was like a butterfly, beautiful and fragile at the same time, but she knew it was everything she needed to be. With arms wide open she welcomed the day enter her room, hugging the morning dust in the air and loving life with fresh new lungs. Until finally life loved her back. By:~Minja- lost~

16th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a childhood that had always played a part in the creative power of digressions, regressions, indiscretions, and conversations that went everywhere and nowhere but nonetheless satisfied, made whole, the heart and mind of being--these being Bruce, Matt, and Ted, friends, sons of single mothers, children of sin. Every day after school they would walk together, though in different third-grade classes, to their babysitters' house, along streets lined with poplar and elm. Every day, they would pass time with Gene and Mildred, the elderly couple supplementing their retirement pensions and spreading the word of Christ anyway they could. Bruce, Matt, and Ted would play in the back yard, digging holes, building forts in the bushes, catching daddy-long-legs, playing tag and freeze tag, and scratching games of Tic-Tac-Toe into the side of the concrete back steps. When the sun went down, they'd be inside, playing dominoes, taking piano lessons, saying prayers, or watching pro wrestling on TV. One day, one of the boys broke a window, having thrown a rock at another boy. The sound was heard, the shattered glass and the rock were found, but no one would say who'd done it. Because of that, Gene took down the wooden paddle from its hook above the pantry. The three boys were sat down in the kitchen, and each asked in turn who'd thrown the rock that had broke the window. Gene clapped the paddle against his palm to make them fear. Still, no one would say who'd done it. Until finally, Mildred bent each boy firmly across her knee, and Gene whack, whack, whacked each boy until he screamed out in pain. Yet, none would say who'd done it. Frustrated, sweating, and even swearing, Gene gave in, Mildred relented, and each boy went home with his mother, red faced, moist eyed, lips sealed tighter with anger and resentment. TV's were watched, dinners eaten, beds slept in, school attended, days passing into weeks, into months, into years. Years passed, childhood passed, friends parted. Bruce, Matt, and Ted never met again once their own families had started. And still no one would say who'd done it, but all remembered, and in remembering felt whole, in the heart and mind of being By:Dis-Ease

17th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a was a little who cared to much about everyone. Everyday, he gave his heart and soul. One day he was fed up being abused. Because of that, he refused to be the nice guy. Until finally, he met a lady who stole his heart and he opened up freely to love her. By:Michael Spencer

18th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a secret. Everyday, the man would take it out and look at it, trying to decipher what it was. One day, the secret whispered the truth to him. Because of that, he tucked the secret away and never spoke again. Until finally, on his death-bed, he gave the secret to his son. By:LilyMaidofAstolat

19th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a boy who loved to read and pretend he was somebody else. Everyday he’d become King Arthur or an astronaut, or submarine captain! It allowed him to escape himself with flare and aplomb. One day, he realized he was too old to pretend and let go of his imagination. Because of that he traveled and lived the life of lost causes and forgotten loves, not knowing who he was or what he would become. Until finally, he looked in the mirror and the ages stared back, he realized he had become what his imagination played with so long ago. He became the kind of man he dreamed to become. By:von Wahrenberger

20th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a dragon who wished he was a dog. Everyday, the dragon would try to bark but just burst out fire. One day, an ultimate wizard was saved from death by this dragon. Because of that, the wizard was able to produce a spell that made the dragon a dog. Until finally, the dragon was fed up with fleas and scratched himself so badly. He tried to find another wizard to restore his former dragon self but was unable to do so. By:Moe

21st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a town where money began growing on the trees. Every day people rushed to pick the money and they fought with their friends and relatives. It got so bad that they hollered, shoved, and call one another names. One day a tornado hit the town. Because of that all the trees were destroyed. But the people began cleaning up their town. Even with all the damage they were happy. No one was injured and there were lots of hugs. They only feared one thing, planting more trees. Until finally they vowed to change their hearts, plant trees, and harvest love. By:Linda

22nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a loud bang that sounded off everyday, until finally one day the bang sounded no more. Because of that all the people slept silently until finally a big bang awoke them once more. By:Stephen Scorer

23rd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a little white goose crying out loud, “Please don`t eat me,” she said to the Fox, who had cornered her up against the garden fence. “If you let me go, I`m sure I’d be able to help you one day.”
“Maybe you’re right,” said the sly-red-fox. “But if I catch you again I won’t let you go.”
“Thank you,” sighed the goose, ruffling her feathers. “I’ll never forget the kindness you’ve shown me,” And off she ran as fast as she could.
Every day the little white goose would go back to the pond for her early morning swim, but always on the lookout for the sly-red-fox.
One day when she was swimming in the pond at the edge of the garden, she heard the sound of the hunting dogs barking. Above their noise, she could hear the shrieks and cries of the sly-red-fox: “Help me, somebody, before they catch me!”
“Over here!” shouted the little white goose. “Jump into the pond before they see you, and hide among the bushes and trees on the other side.”
So the sly-red-fox ran into the garden, but instead of jumping into the pond, he sprang up into the branches of a large willow tree that hung out over the water in the pond. And there he sat shivering so all the leaves shook.
“Jump,” called the goose. “They are not far behind.”
“I can`t swim,” cried the fox. “If I jump I’ll drown.”
“If you jump,” said the goose, “I’ll help you to the other side.”
So the sly-red-fox closed his eyes and leaped from the tree, landing head first in the water with only his bushy tail sticking out. Because of that brave jump, the little white goose could take hold of the bushy red tail in her beak and dragged the fox backward to the safety of the far bank.
Together they huddled in the thick green bush while the hunting dogs tried to pick up his scent. They barked and barked beneath the tree. Until finally they grew tired, and off they ran to the call of their master’s horn.
“Thank you, goose, for saving my life,” said the sly-red-fox. “Never again will I come into your garden, unless you invite me in for a drink from your cool garden pond.” By:kzn

24th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a black labrador named Alfie. Everyday, he tugged at his lead, leaping and prancing, sniffing yucky smells along the way. One day, he yanked his lead so hard, he came loose, breaking free. Turning to look at his mum with a smile on his face, he woofed and ran off into the woods. Because of that, his mum had to run after him. Her face grew red, and she huffed and puffed. Until finally, she found him, quivering; pressing himself against a tree. When she looked to see what had caused such fear, a small, brown mouse sat in a patch of ferns; head cocked, watching the dog. Alfie stretched his neck, for his mum to replace the lead, and stuck close to her legs for the rest of his walk. By:Choco ~ busy, busy, busy!

25th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a magician, who was very wicked. He was well known all across the world because of his unique magic tricks. Behind the scene he used to harm other at a great extent. Everyday, he used to carry a coin with him. His lucky charm. It was this coin for which he gained so name and fame. One day, while doing a trick of changing dimension, his son got stuck in between two different time line. He tried so much and begged for returning his son. Alas! on the next performance, his son fell from the sky, DEAD. At this the magician was very angry. Because of that, he threw the coin away. His world comes crashing in around him and he loses everything including his fame for he can no longer perform any of his tricks. He lost everything. Until finally, he cursed his own luck and died a miserable dead. By:rentaro

26th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a storyteller. Everyday he would write a new story on the Internet. One day he found this really interesting site and filled in all of the blanks by himself. Because of that he got a really cool looking merit badge. Until finally he felt fulfilled and very happy. By:Neknorg

27th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a backwards clock. It ran counter, ah, clockwise and all the numbers were reversed. Every day, when people looked at it, they were confused because their brains insisted upon reading it exactly opposite from how they needed to read it. One day, oh, some ten years in, the people who lived with the clock, realized that they didn’t seem to be growing older. The husband realized that the battery hadn’t died in all that time either. When their daughter came to visit, she was so happy that her parents looked much younger than the eighty-some-odd years they’d each attained. Because of that, she finally quit worrying about the day when her mom would no longer be there for her, and truly began to live her life. Her job took her all over the world and she became very successful. Until finally, the day came and the battery died. The hands on the clock ticked to a stop. The man couldn’t replace the battery because it had corroded over the years and was stuck in place. As far as he could tell, the battery shouldn’t have worked for a very long time. Their lives continued, only now joints pained them some, and she seemed to need new glasses more often. They were both fine, only now, they were feeling their age. They decided that they shouldn’t tell their daughter that the battery had died. And that Christmas, they got one for their daughter, hoping against hope, it might have the same results with her and her newborn daughter. By:Fyn: downside up-outside in

28th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a poet who lived in a tree trunk with a squirrel and a mouse. Everyday, he asked the leaves for new definitions for the word love. One day, the moon wept enough shooting stars to fill every wishing well. Because of that, men learned to spurn sadness and to rarely express their emotions. Until finally, they fall in love and their companions die because wishes are extinct. Then, they understand the moon's tears of loneliness. By:alfred booth, wanbli ska

29th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a bullfrog. Everyday, he would search the pond for a golden ball in the hopes that he would be able to return it to a beautiful princess, who would then fall in love with him. One day, he found a golden ball, but it didn't belong to a beautiful princess. It belonged to a fat ugly girl with acne. Because of that, she sat around playing ball all day by herself because nobody invited her to parties. Until finally, the bullfrog felt sorry for her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Magically, the ugly girl was changed into a beautiful bullfrog, and the two lived happily ever after. By:Weirdone-Back in the games

30th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a family of Terythian Trolls from the Tembryth clan. Everyday they played the part of human in order to mix with the locals. And every night they supped beneath the branches of the Old Mother who lay dead center of the Old Folk Apple Orchard. They would practice the old magiks and talk about the Old Days, before mankind had come and made a mess of the world. Many others did once and then they didn't. This family had always done. Because of that, they were powerful, more so than their kith and kin who left the Old Ways in the west. There came a time when humans turned on their Troll neighbors and a great conflict shook the wood and surrounding communities. Until finally they to called upon the Old Mother who used her magik, supplemented by the power of the Troll Collective and forged a space for her people, hidden from the eyes and hearts of humans, protected by glamour and a great gate. All fear and old folk of many different species found their way there and continue to do so today. By:Naturerose

31st Entry -
Once upon a time there I was walking through a dark corridor to the master bedroom, everyday it's the same thing... I wake up to deliver the food to the king, because of that I rarely see anything outside the castle of thorns until finally I run away. By:Darklight

32nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was an old oak tree found growing high above the rest in the middle of a forest. Everyday the same family of birds would land in the tree, stay a while, then leave at night. One day, the family of birds never came back, much to the forests surprise. No one quite knew what the birds did in that tree, or why they never stayed long, but now they were gone. Because of that, the tree soon started to wilt and rot, as if the vacancy of the birds was making it sadder. Until finally, the tree became so rotted inside, it fell and crashed to the ground. By:A. Rust

33rd Entry -
Once upon a time there were People. Everyday, they would cross the street, go to the market and sometimes to the park or the library, sliding past inhumane beasts. One day, some beasts "woken" by, they said civilization I say coincidence, noticed that they were gone. Because of that, the beasts were left with only common sense and despair, as art, science and many virtues left with the People. Until finally, their "slumber" was disrupted with children tugging and at last, opening the windows, letting light in. By:falselyyours

34th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a world where seven kingdoms existed together, peacefully. The kingdoms included the Elven race, the Sorcerers, Dragons, Phoenixes, Shapeshifters, Goblins, and the Angels. They had divided the universe into parts that could be accessed easily and belonged to each of the seven kingdoms. There was no enmity between them. Each kingdom had their own set of rules, principles and foreign policy that maintained cordial relation with each kingdom. Everyday, thousands of elves travelled to the Sorcerers' Planet and thousands of Phoenixes to the Goblins' Planet. Similarly, each kingdom's members got jobs in different kingdoms and played an important part in that particular kingdom's development. One day, one of the goblins, who was known for his selfishness and pride, hit a Dragon's child. The mother was outraged and so was the father. It would have been a trivial matter that could have been ignored but the child who was hit was the future king of the Dragon world. Who would respect a dragon king who had been slapped by a goblin? No one! Because of that, the kingdoms were forced to select either of the Dragons or the Goblins to support and that divided them all into two factions, the Warriors and the Defenders of Honor. They were on the verge of war with each other. Everyone wanted to resolve the issue without bloodshed and yet no one was taking any step to solve it. Until finally, a young phoenix, Stella, had been born amongst the Phoenixes who had the power to remove the memories of others. Stella was a generous phoenix who wanted nothing but to resolve this without fighting. However, with the great ability to remove the memories came a heavy price. The creature would turn to dust and never remembered. Stella was an orphan. She wanted to help her people so without telling anyone, she went up high into the sky, opening her bright wings that under the sunlight shone as bright as the stars and burst into flame. The flame later turned a shade of blue and then the rain started pouring down. Every person in all the kingdoms received that rain and as it fell on them, their memory of the event was completely erased. All were back to normal again. The tragedy was that no one would ever remember little Stella. By:~ Aqua ~ Busy Bee!

35th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a purple fairy. Everyday, she went out in search of her purple wand, which she lost a few summers ago. One day, she happened upon a green gnome, muttering angrily to himself.She stopped and asked him if he was okay. Because of that, he told her of his problems and worries about his baby gnome son - Gospel. He talked and talked and talked.The purple fairy wanted to leave but she didn't want to seem rude by bolting when the gnome was confiding in her. So she kept listening and tried her best to stay awake. Until finally,the exhaustion became too much and the purple fairy fell to the ground with a Splat! and fell fast asleep. If you, really listened, you could even hear her snore. By:bubblebear

36th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a horse. Everyday he galloped across the plains. One day a filly ran toward him. Because of that he became excited. Until finally he married her. By:Chris Breva

37th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little pig that lived outside of a candy coated city. Everyday, the little pig would wonder into the candy coated city, only to be shooed away by the fearful candy coated people. One day, the little pig was visited by a beautiful candy genie who would grant him one wish. Because of that, the little pig wished he would smell like chocolate mint so he could visit the candy coated city and meet its people. Until finally, he was kissed on the forehead and realized he smelt like a delicious treat too tempting to not eat. By:KassCatS

38th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a cliff on the seaside where an old man lived. Everyday, the old man would climb down and enter a cave at the bottom of the cliff. One day, the man wasn't able to make the trip. Because of that, he knew he need a successor, he searched for many weeks. Until finally, he found someone who he could trust. He brought her to the cliff and watched as she made the climb. When she came back up there was nothing except a pair of footprints facing out at the wide grey sea. By:Marcellus

39th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young man who felt bereft by a system not designed to make him succeed. Every day, he sought for a way to make himself heard; educating himself and making sure he made up for a society determined to diminish his self-worth. One day, he and a good friend decided to form a political party; a party which would address the issues affecting his community with the hopes that much-needed changes could be made. Because of that, his views and dreams took flight with one of the most influential yet controversial organizations in American history, where the spotlight was shed on some of the country’s unaddressed topics of racism, segregation, and poverty. Until finally, change came despite the unnecessary loss of lives throughout the process; where his once-marginalized people could now have a voice in the state of their affairs. By:iKïyå§ama-TY, Angels!

40th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a wicked witch. Everyday, she would curse the public so they would stay away. One day, a young man refused to run away. Because of that, they started discussing things and she forgot to curse people. Until finally, her reputation changed and she began to be accepted into society. By:Joto-Kai

41st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a dreamer whose dream was to one day have something published. He always loved to read, but he also enjoyed writing, and he’d always been a voracious reader since he was in the 1st grade. Which is what started his dream; if these other people could write books, why couldn’t he? Even his teachers told him he had talent. So by the time he was a teenager, he started writing stories. Everyday the Dreamer would write something about something, but he really didn’t know what he was doing, so he eventually gave it up. One day a friend of the Dreamer gave him a book by Stephen King called Salem’s Lot. He hadn’t been writing or reading for years, so he opened it up and began reading. That was the proverbial light bulb popping on over his head! He had found his niche’! Because of that, the Dreamer began writing again, only this time he knew what he wanted to write about: horror! He was once again writing every day, only they were just short stories. But they were still pretty good, and after a few rejections from publishers, he finally managed to get a few pieces published! But just seeing his name online in e-zines and magazines and paperback anthologies wasn’t satisfying enough. He wanted to be in hardcover. So it was for the Dreamer that he continued banging away on his keyboard, day after day, week after week, year after year. Until finally a friend who was on the same writing site that the Dreamer was on asked him if he had anything he’d like to see in the writing site’s anthology! Of course he did, and what’s more was that it would be coming out in hardcover! He promptly submitted three different stories, and lo and behold, his piece "Alias 'Colt' Dawson" was accepted for The 2016 Writing.Com Anthology! The Dreamer’s dream had come true, but he still persists at his craft. His newest dream is to actually write an entire novel, and with some hard work and a ‘never say never’ attitude, hopefully he’ll live long enough to see this latest dream come true! By:Angus

42nd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a cat. Everday, his owner would feed him at a certain time. One day, the cat went to his food dish and found it was empty. Because of that, the cat went hungry. Until finally, the cat's owner put food in his dish and the cat walked away happy. By:Epiehl

43rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a normal kind of guy who washed dishes for a living. Everyday, he went to work and did his duty. One day, a customer told him he could be so much more. Because of that, he quit his job and ended up panhandling for change. Until finally, somebody he didn't even know called a producer and told him that the guy had a lot of talent, so he got prospected by the producer and became a big star. By:textual

44th Entry -
Once upon a time , there was a blessed land. On this land, the Divine creation of nature was beholden and cherished. Everyday it's people lived life proudly, and in liberty pursued their happiness. One day a tyrannical king arrived from another land with an army of people who were compelled to obey his every command. The king looking to his army armed with powerful weapons , contemplated the simple farmers of this new land and quickly decided to devour his new trophy. Standing on a far hill top with his army at his sides, he declared to the people that he was now the new ruler of this land and demanded all of the people to abide by his rules and jurisdiction. Do not be afraid, the king said " I know what is best for you. You are working too hard on these farms, all on your own. Life is to be enjoyed, I have some candy for you. My army will take care of your farms and you may rest and have the candy that I will provide". Some of the farmers scratched their heads, others squinted and rubbed their chins. We are working too hard ? The king with his army will give us some candy ? Life is to be enjoyed ? Up until now life had taught us to work hard and be proud of the fruits we cultivate. Now we are to sit and eat candy. Because of that the farmers formed their own groups, one group that liked the free candy named themselves Dunderheads , and the other group that wanted to keep their farms named themselves Handshakers. One farm at a time the king took hold and handed out more candy. Soon there were so many Dunderheads taking more and more free candy. The Handshakers could no longer manage their farms as the king handed out so much free candy no one would work anymore. Suddenly, the king started running out of candy. The Dunderheads wanted more. The Handshakers were afraid to make themselves known as the Dunderheads blamed them for the lack of candy in the land. Until finally, the Trumpeteers arrived , sounding a declaration to stop the madness throughout the land. The Trumpeteers attacked the king and burned all the toxic candy, the Dunderheads shouted hysterically , the Handshakers counted whatever heads of corn they had left. And after the sugar overdose had dissipated, and the Trumpeteers restored the farms back to the people of the land, a nation was born. A nation founded for its people to live proudly, indivisibly, respectfully with integrity. A nation governed by its own people with principle duty to protect its borders from foreign kings. A nation that allows its people to own their property. A nation which imposes common sense laws that are simple and equal for all. A nation whose government is not a financial institution which enforces taxes. A nation whose government does not facilitate the formation of monopolies for its own financial gain. A nation that respects the inalienable right to freedom for all citizens to live Life in Liberty and to pursue happiness. Not only in words, in actual principles. I pray that once again we may collectively attain this dream the framers died for, not too long ago. Ultimately it is up to each one of us to practice our expectations, respect is earned first, then received. So give it all you got, and pursue the gift you have in your heart. By:Mac1

45th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young man shipwrecked onto an uninhabited island. He was the only one to survive the drowned ship. Everyday, he prayed to God that he be rescued and help should come. No ship or human passed_nearby so he built himself a temporary tent. He continued to pray to God daily for help to arrive so he could return to his home and family. One day, he prayed the hardest , crying to God most pleadingly and then fell asleep under a tree. He woke up to find that his tent had caught fire and his few belongings too all went up in smoke. Because of that, he was angry at God and ranted loudly that instead of answering his prayers things got even worse. He complained loudly to God in angry tones. Until finally, just a few minutes later he saw men with helicopters descending down._Greatly relieved and happy to see that help had come, he asked the rescuers how they managed to spot and find him. They instantly replied," we were patrolling the skies and saw the smoke signal. Didn't you light that for help?" The young man then was overwhelmed and looking at the burning tent turned to heaven and thanked God profusely. God had used the burning tent that he had been ranting about minutes earlier, to actually be his helpline.
MORAL. When you pray to God trust Him that He will help you, even in unexpected ways, don't ever rant at Him for you can't grasp His ways. By:S.z.kamoonpuri

46th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a baby red squirrel. Everyday his task was to find new food. One day, he tried to climb the bird feeder pole because he often watched the fox squirrel climb up it into the feeder. Because of that the climb looked easy, until finally he realized he wasn't big enough for the job. So, he slid backwards down the pole and climbed a tree instead. By:Apondia

47th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a wood nymph that used to live in the forest. Every day, the wood nymph played with insects, sang with the birds, and talked with the trees. One day, she spotted a small dog hopping and dashing through the bushes at the edge of the forest. Because of that, she became curious and followed it around. Her wings were fast as a humming bird’s and she was small enough to cling to it unbeknownst to the galloping creature. Carefully, she crawled on the dog’s back and stopped right by its ear. Despite her magical skills to speak with all woodland creatures she could not get its attention. Suddenly, the wood nymph remembered her duties to the forest and convinced herself it was time to let go. Until finally, the dog stopped running it was abruptly lifted in the air. They were taken by a man to a quaint yellow house. The wood nymph was set on a new adventure. By:A. Cooper

48th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a fox. Everyday, he used to steal a chicken from a chicken farm and ate his fill. One day, he watched the news on TV that the chicken had bird flu. Because of that, he stopped eating chicken. Until finally, he came to know that the chickens were vaccinated. By:Mina

49th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a princess who loved to read. Everyday, she would spend hours with her nose stuck in a book. One day, to her horror all the books vanished.She frantically searched through the castle.There was no sign of her books. Because of that,she actually took the time to look around the castle. Until finally,she made her way to the garden. It was then that she realized how much she had missed by being inside all the time reading. By:Writergirl74

50th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a song in her heart. Everyday, she awoke to a melody humming within her. The song changed moods: sometimes it was light and joyous, sometimes it was small and quiet so that she could barely hear its notes. Then One day, the little girl noticed the song changed from joyous to melancholy on the days when she neglected to greet the morning with a thankful song of praise. The song she loved most was "This is the Day." When she sang out "This is the day," her heart's melody echoed back "this is the day." Next the girl sang, "That the Lord has made," and back came the reply, "that the Lord has made," The little girl's smile grew broad as she warbled, "I will rejoice," followed by "I will rejoice"... "and be glad in it," ... "and be glad in it!" Because of that, the girl vowed to never forget to be thankful for this good day. Until finally, everyone the little girl came in contact with sang with her the joyous chorus, "This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made, we will rejoice, we will rejoice and be glad in it!" Phil 4:4. By: iluvhorses

51st Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young princess named Elisha. Every day, she would wake and tend to Ymra, her secret. As the last of the royal house, she was the only woman eligible to become dragon-keeper. It had come as quite a shock to her parents when the mark had appeared on her neck, the brand of the guardian. For as long as anyone could remember, famine had ravaged the land. Many farmers complained that their livestock had died out due to disease, or had been carried off by a rogue dragon into the hinterlands where the large creatures resided. One day, the farmers had turned on the dragons. They had ignored the legends of old, that the creatures were once keepers of the ancient magic that held their beloved land intact. Most of the dragons were cruelly slain, their bodies consumed for their meat and their hides turned into armor. Because of this, the balance of the world fell to ruin. But no one told those stories anymore. There was none left to recall the old days, when war ravaged the land and the only ones who could wrest peace from the races were the dragons. Until finally, many centuries later, Elisha discovered their final hope. By:Cosine213

52nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a country of impossible description, of which not even a boy of limitless imagination could conceive; for this land was filled smokes and smogs, and stone and metal towers rising hundreds of feet into the air, and busy with the scuttlings and racings of a vast people who felt nonetheless alone--each of them--in their hard, claustrophobic world. Everyday, this vast, impossible mass of humanity tuned one another out as they sat together on speeding trains, and cramped, smelly buses; hid their eyes and hearts from one another during meals; ignored each other during conversations, having forsaken the skill of listening to the opportunity to talk--for there is nothing that makes one feel less alone than one's own voice...even when talking to someone who hears nary a word. One day, a man came among them and told them they were not alone at all, that in fact they were all one, and each was a part of the other; that each must speak to and listen to and love the other; that their history of willful ignorance and refusal to accept the grace of their neighbors would soon bring about such ruin as they could not possibly imagine. Because of that, this sea of humanity DID draw together, and held the man aloft, and carried him away to a holy gallows where they mocked him, and beat him, and assured him that he was cherished among them--for they had found the target for which they had collectively been searching for over two thousand years. Until finally, their lust for aimless vengeance was sated, and they grew bored with the abuse of the Man; whereupon they strung Him in the noose and charged Him with the crime of forgiveness, of which no one can repent, and He watched them all with dying eyes and whispered with His final breath: "You still know not what you do…" Therefore let us rejoice that such a land cannot exist as in this horrible mockery of a story, and that each of us DOES take time to love and hear and hold one another--because WE have learned; and we now know EXACTLY what we do…don't we? By:Jeff Meyer

53rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a great herd of unicorns roaming lands across the earth. Every day, hunters would come and kill as many of the unicorns as they could because their golden horns were quite valued among men. One day, the various rulers of all the lands, recognizing that unicorns were becoming scarce, agreed it would be a great shame if all the unicorns vanished from the earth, and so they put the remaining unicorns under their protection and forbade anyone to kill a unicorn henceforth. Because of that, the price of unicorn horns skyrocketed, making it worth much more than gold on the black market. Poachers were willing to risk imprisonment or even death to secure the few remaining prized unicorn horns. These poachers continued to slaughter what few unicorns they could still find. Wealthy men paid exorbitant prices to possess the ever-more-precious unicorn-horn powder. Until finally, it came to pass that not a single unicorn survived. All that remained of this noble beast was the memory of how magnificent it had been. The poachers now had to turn their attention to finding a replacement for their black market trade. They settled upon the rhinoceros, the elephant, and the tiger. Now these species also are becoming far too scarce. Will Mankind repeat the mistake made with the unicorn, or will the lesson of the unicorn be remembered? By:Harry

54th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a frog, but not just any old frog; this frog was made out of candle wax: bulging eyes, greenish body, and a brain. Yes, a brain. His creator, a young boy with dirty hands, had put in a tiny thinking organ inside the slimy head and a wick on top of it. Every day, the frog thought, "What's my fury? I am a very special frog. I have a brain. For that reason just 'Gribbit!' won't cut it. Maybe I can't feel for my spawn, or mate, or the flash of water over my skin, but I have to have a fury since all important beings have a fury." One day, as he sat on the windowsill and thought about against what he should come up with a fury, his bulging eyes caught a rabbit hopping along in the backyard, and since this frog's ability to think and adapt made it impermeable to doubt, he said, "That's it! From now on, I am furious at rabbits." Because of that, he now had a plan with its own logic of fury, and each time, the rabbit passed by, he opened his mouth and said, "Gribbit!" although he thought he said, "I hate you!" but since he was of wax, he didn't emit any invisible waves of sound. He didn't know this, of course, as what he had was only a frog's fake brain regulating his thoughts, if not his movements. Thus, it surprised and annoyed the frog that the rabbit never heard him or paid any attention to him. Until finally, his creator's mother approached him holding a match on one late afternoon, but the frog hadn't seen her at all. Inside his brain, he was busy yelling "I hate you!" at the rabbit who, by chance, had paused his hopping under the window, and the rabbit, suddenly seeing a flash, raised its head and spotted, in the windowsill, a frog melting in his fury, brain and all. "What a pity," the clueless rabbit thought. "Such a nice frog it was, too, but some cosmic law must have caught up with him." By:Joy

55th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a horse named Joey, who lived on a Thoroughbred farm. Everyday, Joey grew sadder and sadder as he watched the Thoroughbreds racing on their track. He was just a pleasure riding horse, he thought, no one even notices me here. One day, his owner threw a birthday party for their daughter and her friends, and Joey was the life of the party. He rode the kids around, played games with them, and made them laugh and smile. They loved him and threw their arms around his neck. "We love you, Joey," They said. "The other horses never let us ride them, or play with us. They're stuck up, and you're so much fun to have around!" Because of that, Joey no longer felt sad. He would take his riders past the snooty Thoroughbreds, with his head held high. Until finally, his owner saw that Joey was actually faster than his Thoroughbreds, and offered Joey the chance to race, but Joey realized being a pleasure horse was a pleasure after all. By:Djokolot

56th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a patch of air with no form floating aimlessly throughout a small town. Every day, the air longed for form. It would brush past tires rolling slowly down Main Street and sigh. It would hang around children playing soccer hoping the ball would go flat and it could get pumped inside and be part of the game. It smiled and waved at the air inside balloons, happy for the bright color each bit of air could wear and hoped, one day, to have its own form. One day, it drifted in front of a boy with no front teeth walking along chewing something. A bit of wind pushed the patch of air right into the boy's face just as he inhaled and suddenly, the air was in a warm, dark, wet place. It had no time to understand where it was before it was forced out into a big pink balloon. The air was thrilled! It was now inside a bright pink balloon. This was short-lived, however. The balloon burst and the air swirled out. There was too little time for it to be carried away on the breeze while the boy peeled the sticky balloon off his face. The air had never thought of balloons as sticky and was curious. While it was trying to understand, the boy started chewing and suddenly the air was in the dark, moist warm place but only until it was forced once more into a balloon only to have it pop again. This cycle continued until almost dark when the boy's mother told him to throw the bubblegum away and eat his supper. The air liked the word "bubblegum" and watched as the ever popping balloon was stuck under the edge of the table. After the boy finished, he fished the bubblegum from under the table and put it back in his mouth. The air followed him around continuing the cycle of inhale, exhale into the bubble and then POP until the boy's bedtime. The air was getting tired. It hung around and watched the boy put the bubblegum on the bedpost, brush his teeth, wash his face and hands and get into bed. Until finally it was dark and the boy was falling asleep. The air hung around the boy as he started to breathe deeply, in and out. As there was no bubblegum, the air thought this no fun at all. Finally, the patch of air drifted into a high corner in the room and rested until daylight. He watched the boy awaken, dress and leave the room. The bubblegum was still stuck to the bedpost where the boy had forgotten it. Because of this, the patch of air decided today was a good day to stay home. The air noticed a fish tank and decided to explore the life of the fish. Because of that, he forgot about the boy and the bubblegum and became entranced with letting the water give it form as a small pump took it in and pushed it out into the water where it bubbled to the surface. The air had never been so happy! By:Louise Wiggins is Elizabeth

57th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Day in Shining Armor named Ex-Sir Douglas Fern. Days were Knights that, for one reason or another, had dishonored their peerage. The King extended a two month grace period to all Days to redeem themselves with some sort of honorable act. This usually involved undergoing some loathsome quest that no one else wanted to do. Everyday Ex-sir Douglas scoured the forests and countryside seeking out damsels in distress and any good deeds that might help win back his favor with the king. One day whilst on such a quest he found himself lost in the midst of a dark foreboding forest. Exhausted, he dismounted the horse and found refuge in what looked to be a disused cave in the side of a mountain. He retrieved a burning touch from one of the walls and wandered down a long narrow passageway until he came to a large chamber. At the end of this chamber he was startled to see a mighty Green Dragon shackled to the far wall of a metal cage. “Please help me!” cried the dragon. “Sir Humphry Tealeaves has captured me and he will be back soon to slay me. “I am Rough the Magic Dragon” and if you help free I will make sure you are no longer a Day.” “Sir Humphry Tealeaves, that pompous buffoon!” thought Ex-sir Douglas. “Why should he get such glory? Magic be dammed! I shall slay it myself and bring it back to the kingdom. Then the king will surely reinstate my knighthood.” Ex-sir Douglas drew his sword but was deeply moved to see tears rolling down the now scared dragons face. He knew deep down his conscience would never allow him to slay such a defenseless beast. Because of that he decided to help the dragon escape. After much trial and error he discovered a lever which unopened the cage’s door. “Fear not my friend for I am here to save you.” affirmed Ex-sir Douglas “For I am a noble and kind hearted man who will not kill someone unable to defend himself.” “You are indeed a noble gentleman,” said Rough. Seconds after Ex-Sir Douglas had unfastened the last shackle, Rough roared into life and whacked the Day hard with his large tail knocking him to the stone floor. “What do you think you are doing!” protested the stunned Day “Ha-ha-ha I fooled you, you stupid Day!” retorted Rough, whom had already raced out of the cage and was pulling down the lever. The door slammed shut and Ex-sir Douglas was trapped. “I saved your life!” protested Ex-sir Douglas “You promised to reward me” “And so I shall. I promised you would never be a Day again! So be it!” And with a large puff of smoke ex-sir Douglas was turned into a dragon and Rough was turned into a Day. Cackling evilly Rough made his way outside. Unfortunately having never been a human before it had no idea how to ride a horse. He tried again and again without success until finally, he ended had to walk back to the kingdom. His lack of experience with knightly duties wore out the king’s patience, and so Rough spent the rest of his life as a village idiot collecting dung for very low wages. Ex-sir Douglas however fared better. Sir Humphry Tealeaves’ wife Dame Amy Dee was a very fond of animals and talked her husband into sparing the dragon’s life. He was taken back to the king’s castle as a royal pet. They treated him well and he was always the guest of honor at all the official barbecues and official bonfire type celebrations. The best chiefs and cooks would seek his fire skills from kingdom to kingdom and there he stayed and lived happily ever after. By:lezismore-author

58th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a god. Everyday, he would do something good for his creatures. One day, he slept the whole day. When he woke up the next day, he felt immense relief that a catastrophe hadn't occurred. Because of that, he took a vacation thinking they could manage without him. When he returned, he found things had improved. He took longer and longer vacations and things got better and better. Until finally, his creatures forgot that he had even existed. He felt so sad and lonely that he faded away. By:Kotaro

59th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a lonely little girl. Every day, she walked out to the woods behind her house and sat on a tree stump with pen and paper in hand. One day, she heard a whimper coming from deep inside the woods. Because of that, she decided to see if she could find the animal that must be hurt. She searched and searched until finally, she came across a little brown furry something. It was something she'd never seen before and it was stuck in a net. She wasn't afraid and so began to unwind the net from its two back feet. She expected the animal to run away as soon as it was free, but instead, it turned around, kissed her on the cheek and said, "Thank you." Then it turned and ran off. Today she would have something exciting to write about in her journal. By:~QPdoll~

60th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a little fairy named Princess Butterfly, she was best buddies with a raccoon. Everyday the two best friends would play chase through the forest. One day a huge snake got after the raccoon it chased him down the hill, as he screamed for Princess Butterfly, who had magical powers in her wings and when she used her glorious voice. Because of that, he called for her, hoping she would be able to use her magic against the snake. She began singing and fluttering around the snake Until finally the snake became spooked and slithered away. Leaving the two friends happily ever after. By:~Lisa Noe~kittylove~

61st Entry -
Once upon a time there was an 83 year old woman named Evelyn. Everyday she sat in her lonely little house in the woods thinking about all of the evil that was taking over the world. One day, she came up with a plan, and started searching for people who could help her to find the evil being hiding in the forest. Because of that plan she was able to find many friends along her journy. Until finally Evelyn had enough friends and followers to help aid her in her first battle against the evil warlock Samuel Hagan. By:Deedee9119

62nd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a mouse named Geronimo. Everyday he polished his prized collection of acorns. One day, one of the acorns rolled away down the hill. Geronimo chased the acorn until he reached a stream, where it was lost forever in the rippling current. He began visiting the river daily until finally, he befriended a salamander living there named Otto, and the two went on adventures together. By:Stephanie Ascough

63rd Entry -

Once upon a time, there was a goat named Hogan. Everyday Hogan would eat shirts off the clothesline. Hogan's owner would tie him to a fence by the barn. Hogan chewed on the ropes and got free and still ate shirts drying on the line. One day, the railroad track was in use again and it was right next to the farm Hogan lived on. Hogan never heard a train before and he ate the shirt on the line again. Hogan had just ate another shirt on the line. Here come the train. Hogan was so scared when he heard it, that he spit up the shirt all in one piece! Because of that, Hogan stayed away from the clothes and just ate grass, oats and tin cans. Until finally, Hogan's owner bought a dryer and she should have done that in the first place! Hogan still runs to his stall in the barn when he hears the train coming! By:Princess Megan Rose

64th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a beautiful send off for a much loved son. Everyday leading up to the service, his father went to the funeral home to touch the hair of his boy lying in the casket. The father had never seen a deceased person and accepted this was how they looked. One day, weeks after the funeral, the father got a phone call. It was from a friend who told the father his son was alive. He did not believe it. It was impossible. It must be a mistake. Finally when the County Sheriff’s office intervened, they admitted there had been a mistake. The coroner, in identifying the body, had made a big one. By:Jack Henry

65th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a rift in the relations of man with man. Strides made by past forward thinkers were under attack from a new regime, one proud of ignorance and hate, brought to power on a wave of populism. Everyday lives of people were threatened with the loss of future, independence, life. In an office once revered by the populace, the master of the new regime, the Great Orange One, or GOO, ruled with pomposity and 140 character directives and missives. His court of fools blindly followed the insanity of the GOO, telling the people that stripping away what they had known before was good for their future. One day, awake and aware people determined the future should not be dictated by a mouth breather unable to function as a normal person, needing constant bolstering from the populace, throwing tantrums like a misbehaved child to get his way. Factions opposing the GOO resisted his efforts to turn back time and social progress, uniting the people. Because of that, GOO lashed out with a plethora of 140 character diatribes aimed at his people, losers all. Until finally his spewing of hatred and ignorance elevated to a point where the GOO lost all sense of how he rose to power, even those that had supported him now sought his demise. Eventually the GOO tired of his place of power, and went golfing. And the World rejoiced. By:Jeff

66th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Newbie at Writing.Com called Celtic Sea Wolffe. Everyday, since joining (and it hasn't been that long to be honest), he tries to read several new pieces and rate and review them as he is eager to become a contributing member of the Writing.Com community and meet new writing friends. One day, he made the acquaintance of a chap called Bubblegum Jones when Jones left a wonderful review on one of his works. Because of that, Celtic Sea Wolffe dropped by Jone's port and began exploring. Until finally, he came across this neat little interactive assignment and took part in the activity. He was mightily impressed by this neat little activity and it helped to get his creative gears turning whilst recovering from eating too much at lunch. Impressive, Bubblegum Jones, impressive. Thank you! By:Celtic Sea Wolfe

67th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a princess. Everyday, she did chores. One day, she ran away. Because of that, she got lost. Until finally, she found her way back home. By:butterflygirl

68th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young boy. Everyday, he played a role-playing game he loved on his new computer. One day, his computer malfunctioned and the young boy lost all of his progress. Because of that, he cried and cried, feeling that his time role-playing had been wasted. Until finally, the young boy's friend reminded him that time enjoyed is not time wasted. By:D Ryan

69th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a joyful little boy. Every day he made his parents smile with his antics, merrily playing with friends, toys and his puppy. One day, it was raining and he had to play inside. All of his friends were busy too; so he played alone. But that was okay because sometimes his toys came alive and played with him. Because of that, he had fun despite the rain. While his mommy and daddy were busy doing grown-up things --- paying the bills, working, cooking and cleaning, he played. Until finally, his mommy called him for lunch. After that, the rain stopped and the sun came out again. So he went outside and played on his swing-set with Tommy from next door until the sun went down. By Maria Mize

70th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young, Argonian girl. Her pale, near-colorless skin made her the subject of ire from her weather-worn mother who hissed and spat her name, Parch-skin. Every day, before the sun came up, Parch would arise and go to the Imperial City to sell goods on the streets of the market district. She slaved away the night before and baked ten apple pies, each carefully made and made with the hopes that she could get someone to smile at her. One day, not a single person smiled and some even knocked her over on her tail, sending the pies to the ground. She tried not to cry or fret but sometimes the day wore on too long and she began to sob. On a sunny summer day, she came to the gate of the Imperial City, holding her pies and waiting for the guard to come out to let her in. When the guard came she looked up at him, her eyes bloodshot and the wrinkles of sleeplessness creasing her face. "Hail, young Argonian.Aren't you the one who sells the delicious apple pies at the corner, by the Smash n' Slash?" The guard, an Imperial by the look of him, asked, his eyes lighting up. The Argonian nodded slightly. "Oh good, Talos be praised. I'd like to buy all of them if you'd please," he exclaimed, handing her a purse of gold. She counted the gold, her eyes wide with shock. "But this is surely too many!" she stammered. "Keep it, any price is too little for such a delicious morsel. Don't spend it all in one place. Ha ha!" Because of that, this act of utter generosity when there was no need, Parch-skin's pies grew to be popular among the guards of the Imperial city, so much so that they hired her on as a chef until finally Parch-skin or Meena as her Imperial husband called her retired and moved out to a small house scenic isle where Meena had several children and died a happy and loved Argonian. By:Neo

71st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a deep blue ocean. In this vast expanse of water was a speck of green surrounded by a ring of yellow sand. Upon this sand was a single figure, stooped under the weight of branches on his back. His hair was long and straggled, his clothes ragged and torn, and his skin weathered and burned. Everyday, he woke and climbed out of the aircraft tail, checked the horizon, then prepared yet another breakfast of fish. Then, like a worker ant, he would shuffle into the woods and return with more wood on his back. Dropping it heavily on the ever increasing pile, he would then turn and scan the wide blue horizon. Motionless for a moment. Then, not seeing what he was searching for, he would turn and begin again. One day, while he was resting under the aluminum tail, he observed a strange cloud in the distance. Very low in the sky, it appeared to be moving. Slowly, like a white whale, it glided across the horizon. The man jumped up. Ran to the beach and stared intently. The shape became clearer, more angular, more human. Because of that, he ran to his pile of branches and twigs, lifted out his last match, and stuck it. The flame burst into life with a flash and the man protected it like it was his life. Gently moving the delicate dancing light towards the kindling he noticed his hand was shaking. The flame dropped. The kindle smoldered. Then, slowly and inevitably, like the rising of the sun, the wood burned and thick smoke rose into the sky. Until finally, after what seemed like an age, the long white ship started turning. He stood on the beach, heart attempting to escape from his chest, fists clenched, willing the ship closer. And it came closer. Until it stopped and ejected a smaller white boat. A faster white boat. Within a few minutes his months of isolation was over and, once again, he was among the living. By:SammyJankis

72nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lazy little girl who, Everyday made everyone in her family do her chores. One day, it was decided that no one would do this little girl's chores, and no one would eat until she had finished. Because of that, the little girl cried and cried accusing everyone in town that they were the ones not doing their job and she did her job everyday. Until finally, two days later, weak with hunger the little girl started to fold the sheets, but she did not fold them properly, instead she rolled them up in a ball and said they were folded. The little girl's mother, starving gave her daughter a pass and feed her a heaping bowl full of stew, but when the Queen's servant came to pick up the sheets, she was shocked and ordered the little girl to refold the sheets. The little girl cried to her mother, calling the servant mean and cruel, and that she wasn't the little girl's boss and the she sheets were just fine. With no other power the servant went to her queen, and explained with a shaking voice, becoming more terrified as the queen's face became red. The Queen stood and walked out of her castle and to the little girl's home walking right into the house. Chocolate covered the little girls face and when Queen ordered the girl to refold the sheets, the little girl responded, "You fold them." The Queen and her servants left the house a few moments later, the little girl tied and dragged along behind them. By:Jill H. O'Bones

73rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was this pig named Snorty, Every day, when Farmer Bill walked by the pig pen, Snorty would raise his head and give Bill three snorts, which made farmer Bill laugh hysterically. One day Farmer Bill was on his way to the barn to milk the cows and as usual passed by the pig pen but Snorty wouldn't even look at Bill. He just buried his snout in the hot mud like all of the other pigs, so Farmer Bill called for Laura the vet to check him out, thinking Snorty might be ill. "He looks fine to me" said Laura. "You said he's still eating and going to the bathroom so I'm not sure why his behavior has changed? I'll give him a shot of B vitamins and see if that perks him up." A week went by without a snort from Snorty. Because of that, Farmer Bill took Snorty out to the shed to shoot his brains out, but Bill just couldn't kill that pig who had given him so much joy by snorting at him for the last three years. He would raise the shotgun up and point it at Snorty's face, then lower it and tear up a little then raise it up again, until finally, the third time Bill raised the gun, Snorty reared up his head and gave Bill three powerful snorts causing the farmer to drop the gun and laugh hysterically once again. So every day without fail for the next six years, farmer Bill got his three snorts which never failed to bring him laughter until one day when Bill found Snorty who had passed away from old age. Bills eyes teared up as he went to scoop the pigs body into the wagon. Right after he pulled the wagon from the pen, he heard a little commotion so he turned around. It was a little black piglet that raised his head up, looked at Bill and gave him (you guessed it), three little snorts. Bill couldn't believe it and started laughing so hard he bent over and ripped the seat out of his overalls. In all of his years of raising pigs, he would get one or two snorts from some of the pigs but never three, except for Snorty and now Snorty Junior who never failed to give Bill his three snorts a day. By:Whitemorn

74th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young devout man. Everyday, he prayed. One day, he knew how to enter paradise. Because of that, he strapped on a belt. Until finally, in Manchester, he blew up twenty-two other youngsters. By:willy

75th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a president who was not a politician. Everyday, he tweeted damaging tweets mostly about women who spoke negatively about him. One day, he went too far, saying a well-known TV journalist was bleeding from plastic surgery, as well as other negative comments. Because of that, both Republicans and Democrats formed an alliance against the president. Until finally he quit the presidency and moved to Russia. By:celticsea

76th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a poet. Everyday, she would write a poem about a mythical creature or two. One day,she wrote a poem about a dragon and a unicorn, which caught the eye of an editor of children's books. Because of that, she was offered a contract to write a series of novels about the dragon and the unicorn. Until finally, she could not think of any more plots of the novels, so she retired to a South Pacific Island. There she begins writing stories about the effects of Global Warming on the oceans of the world. By:Prosperous Snow (Neva)

77th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a movie goer who was excited about a new summer blockbuster debuting next weekend. Everyday, he longed for the actual day the movie would come out so he could watch and have a great time, drinking plenty of cold soft drink and chewing on lots of popcorn. One day, just prior to the movie's first showing, he came across some negative reviews of the film, saying how poorly written, directed, and acted it was - in fact, most folks rated it one star and thumbs down, and called it the worst film of the year! Because of that, the gentleman no longer wanted to see the movie in theaters; instead, he chose to wait for its showing on cable or subscription TV. Until finally, he saw the film many weeks later at his home and thought how dumb it was, and what a huge disappointment it deserved to be at the box office, which it had been. He was so thrilled that he didn't see it on the big screen that he forever paid close attention to the slate of reviews before each new film, before deciding to go watch it at a theater. By:Tim Chiu

78th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a pirate queen who sailed through space with her merry crew, exploring the deep dark parts of the Milky Way, pillaging merchant ships and the ships of those who could afford to be pillaged at least once in their lifetime. She was fierce and proud, loyal only to the men and women of her ship, and loving only her her vessel Bathsheba that bore her through the cold void of space, and her first mate, the beautiful and deadly android Lilith. Everyday, the queen would lead the crew in a rousing shanty as Lilith navigated the ship while in warp drive, and every night, the queen would toast the crew through song, congratulating them on another successful day of pillaging and adventure. One day, the queen's mother popped her head in the room and told her that it was time for dinner and she needed to clear her toys away. Because of that, little Penelope had to hang up her pirate queen hat, put her space ship carefully away on its shelf and leave the room. Until finally, dinner was finished, and she was free to sail the seas of space once again! By:C. Foley

79th Entry -
Once upon a time there was an old guy, a single at the age of 50. Everyday, he wrote children's books, made a ton of money because they were good. One day, he saw a beautiful young girl (age ~25) looking for a job at his company, came for an interview. Because of that, he had to employ her. Until finally, he had a kid with her who was an enough badass to write this story about hi *the narration ends abruptly* By:clementime23

80th Entry -
Once upon a time there was an old woman who lived by the sea. Everyday, she would wake up as the sun did, before it really did, when the sky was just faded stars and pale tendrils of pink reaching from the other side, and she would walk along the beach, sand on her toes, fresh air in her nose, and an ache, deep in her bones, almost like sugar on a cavity. One day not particularly unlike any other, the old librarian with the quiet voice and the soft eyes met her at the gate. Because of that, she felt compelled to walk with her that day, and then, when the same thing happened again, the next day. Until finally, it wasn't quite the trying social task it started out as. By:Jackie Snax

81st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a woman who had lost everything - her job, her love, her self-esteem, her confidence, and her self-respect. Everyday, she wondered where she went wrong in life. She used to cry at nights and ask God, "How many more tests do I have to give?". Seven years passed and she only found herself falling further into the depths of darkness. One day, she could not take it any longer! How bad is it going to get than this?! That's it! Things can only move up from here on! Because of that one thought, she embarked on a painful journey of change, until finally, she managed to turn things around for herself. She secured a job which brought her face to face with her fears. This boosted her confidence and self-esteem. She started recognizing her core values and promised herself that she will not compromise on her self-respect. She stopped chasing love and started focusing on herself. Suddenly, her life became very busy. Work occupied most of her time. Little did she know that true love was waiting to enter her life... By:BBK

82nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a new kid in school. Her name was Misty. She was 15 and in the 9th grade. This was her fourth school in as many years. Her father was enlisted in the military. He always requested a transfer six months into his new position because he didn't like the community he was in for his family. Her mother didn't work. She mainly took care of Misty and things that involved the apartment. Misty and her mother was tired of moving. She knew her mother wanted to get involved in the community to pitch in and keep busy while her husband worked and Misty was at school. They just signed a six-month lease. Misty was a smart kid. She didn’t have any friends, but she always kept her ears open when she got to a new school to recognize who was who. She knew who the jocks were, the bullies, the nerds, the cheerleaders, the cool kids, and the jerks. Every day, she was sit in the back of the classroom and observe. The jocks and cheerleaders flirted with each other throughout class. The cool kids and the jerks would argue from time to time, but they always come back the next day like nothing happened. The nerds bonded together to fight off the villains with their lightning bolts and fireballs. The bullies…the bullies basically ran the school. Verbally, they would tease most of the social circles but they always got physical with the nerds. One day, Misty came across some of her father’s combat training videos. She never knew what he did in the military so she asked him. He didn’t give her a straight answer so she assumed it was combat related. It wasn’t, unknown to Misty, her father was a secretary. Anyway, Misty studied the videos, listened to the instructions, and watched as her father was being tossed around. She would practice some of the moves on objects smaller than her to get the gist. Then, she moved onto heavier objects. She wasn’t satisfied because the objects didn’t have limbs and didn’t pose a threat. She didn’t have any friends and didn’t feel right asking a stranger, so she decided to try out her moves on one of the bullies. After shoe shopping with her mom at the mall, she came across one of the bullies in the food court. He was threatening some of the cool kids because they didn’t want to buy him a slice of pizza. She knew the cool kids wouldn’t fight back because they didn’t like getting dirty. So, while her mom was in line at Chick Fil A, she walked up to the bully, turned him around, and tried one of the moves from the video. Embarrassing!!! The cool kids laughed at him and while walking away, one of them poured soda on the crotch of his pants. Because of that, Misty had the confidence and the courage to take on the rest of the bullies. She also earned the cool kids respect and was invited to a party, but she declined. Every day when Misty found a bully teasing another student she would snap back. What began as a verbal confrontation, became physical in about a week or so. What began one versus one, became one versus all. She never faced multiple bullies at once when the fights broke out. She would always use the divide and conquer technique. Every week, she was going to the principal’s office and every week, her mother would be at the school. The good news was, she made tremendous progress. The number of bullies were down by 90%. After Misty convinced them to stop bulling other students, they decided to join some of the other social circles. The bad news was she got detention on multiple occasions, suspended a handful of times, and was threatened of being expelled. Until finally, her father decided that this wasn’t the community for his family. Misty was shocked. The least wasn’t up at the apartment for another 2 months; which they sign another six-month lease and prepare to move to the new location. It happened many times before, so she knew the drill. All her hard work was going to be for nothing if they moved. She was devastated. Misty’s father was planning to put in his transfer papers at the end of the week. She decided that there was one more bully that she needed to face. What did she have to lose? Her family was going to move again, and she was likely going to be expelled anyway. So, after eating her breakfast one morning, she took her father’s briefcase and sat on it. Her father, about to leave for work, saw this and asked what she was doing. Misty asked him, have he been paying attention to his family. He started to respond, but she cut him off and asked him to look harder. He was shocked to have his daughter speaking to him in this manner. She began to explain to him what she was doing in school. From watching his videos to taking on the bullies. She also pointed out that mom was bored being home alone while he was working. Her mom didn’t want to get involved in the community because she knew she was going to leave. He had a puzzling look on his face when Misty walked out the door for school. That day proved to be very productive for Misty. She faced her final set of bullies at school but didn’t get expelled for it. The teacher that broke up the confrontation didn’t send her to the principal’s office because of the impact she had on the other students. When Misty got home, her father and mother sat her down to have a family meeting. It turns out that her father came home from work early and they decided if Misty would stop getting in trouble at school, they would consider staying there. Misty looked at her mom. She seen the hope in her eyes while she gave Misty a nervous smirk. Misty agreed to not get in trouble at school anymore, and that smirk turned into a great, big smile. Everything was well. They even decided to go out for a family outing that evening…but Misty declined. By:B.Knyce

83rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a profound moment when the world realized that they'd gone too far with Mother Nature's gifts but by then it was too late to prevent the wrath that she unleashed on the world for defiling her sanctuary. Everyday since time began Mother Nature had expended her efforts creating vast and picturesque panoramas of beauty with each etched with minute details of colour, variety, and life but to no avail or respect from humanity. One day, although she'd sent countless warnings and tumultuous events in the guise of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and weather disturbances that left debris and death behind them, nobody heeded her hidden plea; stop this madness before it's too late. Because of that, Mother Nature, after countless centuries, despaired that humanity would never listen, would never stop their hell-bent desire to destroy her creations. Until one day, after witnessing the extinction of yet another animal because it's habitat had been bulldozed to make room for yet another concrete and steel monstrosity, Mother Nature gave up on her greatest creation and used her breath to cover the earth with a fog so dense that the life-giving sun could not break through and darkness lay heavy on the ground. And then the madness truly began as humanity destroyed each other in fear and despair when the earth shook and the storms raged unchecked for a year and a day. Finally, Nature's Wrath expended itself and the fog dissipated so that the land became visible again. The land and its wild inhabitants, untouched by her wrath rose to greet her in all their glory. The edifices of concrete and steel gone, rubble, swallowed by the earth. Humbled, humanity, those who remained, realized the gift of life and began anew. By: dragonline

84th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a bored cubicle dweller. Everyday, he stole time, pursuing his passion. One day, fortune smiled, the Great Creator was pleased. Because of that, he traded in his ergonomically correct, rolling chair for an Adirondack on the beach. Until finally, the world heard his voice. By:D-Dubs

85th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a muse-fairy whose name is Samberine. Everyday she wishes that she will be real not just only a muse so that she will share her thoughts and writings. One day she find a girl whose name is Joanna, because of that she tried to enter in her mind, until they blend and she became Joanna's alter ego, finally they found writing dot com and now here is it she's already sharing her thoughts through Joanna's writings By:Samberine Everose

86th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a stray dog with no name. It would roam the streets of central Ector County. This canine appeared healthy yet undoubtedly apprehensive. A mixed bred with colors of black and gray. Tan colored fur socks on each unmanicured paw. One a hot summer day, the pooch scratched on the garage door of a residence where a six foot picket fence encircled a gentleman tending to his garden. The lady of the house was a woman who had many years declared herself as a cat person. “Dogs stink! They have blood sucking bugs on them! They are needy. Cats are independent, clean and besides every witch deserves her cat.”Every day this stray mutt would stop by to say hello to this fair skinned gentleman. She would plop down belly side up, expose her swollen bosom and propose that this sweet spirited gentleman caress her stretched out tummy. These kindred souls found friendship in each other. One day, this gentleman and his cat lady witnessed a neighbor swinging a broomstick at his new found friend. Because of that, witch lady marched over to the neighbor’s house requesting an explanation. The boozed up near-by resident proclaimed “An acquaintance left this mutt behind and moved out of this neighborhood. I’ve called the pound and they can’t catch her!” He staggered backwards and blushed with frustration “I can’t afford to feed her. You keep her! The disgusted cat lady looked down at this deprived and broken soul. Her heart wept for the injured spirit of this creature. Until finally, she instructed her sweet gentle man “Scoop that baby up and bring her home!" The gentleman let out a sigh of relief and lifted this fifty pound critter into his strong arms. That day, Bella got a name and a home. A family was born. By:Beauty4Ashes77

87th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a tower guarded by a fiercesome dragon. Everyday, knights would come to try to slay the dragon but all of the knights perished in fiery dragon breath. One day, a knight in shining armor came to rescue the fair princess and he succeeded in slaying the dragon. Because of that, he took her away from her tower and brought her to his home far, far away where they spent hours talking by the gardens and riding their beautiful horses by the waterfalls all around his kingdom. Until finally, their wedding day came and she became queen of the land, and he became king, and they lived happily ever after. By:Krysha ~ fighting for Greyjoy!

88th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was the small central republic of Alyrria. It had no great natural resources, but it was strategically situated between two inland seas. The majority of its domain was a diagonal fertile valley bordered north and south by steep mountains. These were blanketed by snow year-round. The political borders extended into these mountains and across to both the seas. Though its land area was small, the influence of water and tides played an oversized role in its history. Everyday, there were reminders of the value of this republic. It had suffered two invasions and a civil war in the last fifty years. The monuments to the millions of men lost in the first war were barely placed when the second invasion occurred. The second wave came from the south, from their perceived ally. Playing the tune of genetic ties, it rolled across the border just months after an economic summit offering cooperative hope. It was only with the involvement of a greater power that the invaders were rolled back. But this assistance came with its own separate price; much of the northern plateau was ceded as payment for the salvation of the residual republic. One day, the aging general cum-President was surprised with a coup--generated from the ranks of men he had trained himself. With the general abroad, the younger officers tried to seize the capital. They arrived at the Parliament with tanks and armored cars. What repelled them was not greater force, but the spirited defiance of the President's younger wife, She met them on the capital steps, a vanguard of women behind her. Meekly watching from the windows, male congressmen phoned their families and moved their assets beyond reach. Even a few minutes delay would preserve a lifetime of scheming effort. The tactics of the first lady worked. The next morning, hundreds of thousands of women rallied in the National Plaza. They came throughout the night, armed only with photos of brothers, sons and fathers lost in the "campaigns of freedom". They stood against another prospective military government and its attendant ambitions. The coup collapsed, and the general returned. But the shift in real power was immediate. Now, he acted on her orders. Because of that, he expelled the rebel officers. On her orders, the armed forces were completely disbanded. All military personnel were purged from government roles. The only remaining armed authority in the republic were the police and the tiny coast guard. Negotiated arms deals were cancelled. The defense budget shrank below three percent of GDP. The aged general died without ceremony. The role of the military, indeed of all men in Alyrria, declined rapidly until finally they lost the right to own business or property. The compensation for their losses? Without the burden of futile defense, the economy boomed. Sons were not required to serve. Immigrant males clamored for temporary work permits. Women ascended. Foreign investment soared, but with it came the schemes of foreign minds. Would the maternal spirit of pacificism survive? By:Prosody

89th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a stupid idiot loser girl name veronica who everybody called ronnie angel. Everyday, she visited her online pals due to her stupid idiot sickness which made her afraid of real life people. One day, the real life people finally caught her walking to the store to get her dad a soda. Because of that, ronnie could never go outside again. Until finally, she died. By:Ronnie Angel

90th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a boy. Everyday, he wished that this girl he likes would be his. One day, he had enough courage to go up to the girl and talk to her. Because of that, they became good friends. Until finally, he asked her if she likes him and she said yes. I’ve been waiting for you to ask me to the dance. So the boy asked the girl to the dance, and soon enough he asked her out and her answer was still yes. By:Autumn

91st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a rather peculiar young lady. Everyday, she would do her best to put smiles on the faces of everyone that she knew and even those that she didn't. One day, some came along and asked her why she never smiled herself, even after putting smiles on millions of faces. Because of that she got upset and decided that he was wrong and she stopped making others smile. It no longer made sense to do it because she now realized that no one made her smile.Until finally, a small child came up to her and asked why she wasn't smiling. She explained, but he didn't understand so he told her a funny story to make her smile. From that day on, she realized not every CAN make you smile, but her purpose was to make them smile. By:QueeneBeau

92nd Entry -
Once Upon A Time There Was A girl named Penny who seemed real friendly. Liked a boy named Henry. Everyday, they made an entry leaving on lookers in envy. As they drive by in his red Chevy. One day, Henry drove into a shed. Woke up in bed and said, "I'm surprised I'm not dead." Because Of That, all he could do was soak. He could no longer party. Henry felt so sorry. He wish it was all a joke. Until, Penny sent him a text saying. "Boy you a mess, but I wish you the best." Finally, back on the road. Nothing too trendy. Just a new white Bentley. By:Brownchild

93rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a powerful black stallion, tall and handsome. Everyday, this stallion would lead his herd to the river to get something to drink. One day, they arrived at the river to find a hungry mountain lion. The mountain lion decided that it wanted to eat a foal for lunch. Because of that, the stallion had to fight off the mountain lion. Until finally, the strong stallion beat the mountain lion and it ran off, never to challenge the horse again. By:Christianna

94th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a complex animal. One made of dust, rocks, and trillions of little "creatures". Everyday, all these ingredients worked together directing the flow of energy throughout. One day, the energy was blocked. Because of that, there was a chaotic domino effect of poor function and flow. Until finally, the parts all became aware of the disturbance, and once that happened, the animal was able to flow freely as it had once before. By:Craig Henders

95th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a man who had no reflection in the mirror. He has not appeared in any photos he took of himself. Yet everyone else could see him. So he's not invisible? Everyday, he greeted the cashier at the store. He smiled at random people on the street. He went to work. The bank. The pub. Everyone could see him. One day, he woke up. Got out of bed and went towards the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and saw someone. He saw someone in the mirror. But he didn't know it was his own reflection. Because of that, he took his camera and he took the photo of himself. He was on the photo. He rushed towards the bedroom and dug out old photos he took. He was on every single photo. Walking around the house, confused and scared, he noticed the paper underneath his front door. He's not used to seeing himself in any form, in the mirror or camera. Or anywhere, or anything. He took the paper that was underneath his door. It was a message. No one signed it. He started reading it. Now, even more, confused and scared, he dropped the paper. He was lost in his thoughts. Until finally, he realized. He is not alive anymore. By:Kac

96th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a country divided amongst its self. Every day, the people poked at old wounds and delighted in their newly gained dark desires and branded those who opposed them. One day, the good people tried to restore morality to the land, but they had waited too long. Because of that, sexism, drugs, corruption, greed and self-pleasures fueled the train of self-destruction. Until finally, the armies of the world walked upon the shores without raising a sword. By:Circuit Rider

97th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a man who had Parkinson, amongst other things. Everyday,he would take numerous tablets so he could behave more or less normally. He would write poems and stories to let all the people know how awful this disease was and how much a cure was needed. One day,lots of people read his poems and wondered at so much suffering inthe world that they didn't realise existed. One person in 500 is affected. Because of that,people gave money to help research the disease and find a cure. Until finally,a cure was found but it couldn't undo the damage. However, it did mean no one else would suffer their brain being slowly destroyed. The Beginning. By:SoldierBoy Talking Dragon

98th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a clockwork dog, Lord Camden was its designation. Everyday, it waddled with its Dachshund shape across the gate to the grand harbor of Camden, Nova Caesarea, colony of High Gaul . One day, as the sun rose from the Atlantic, Lord Camden stopped its pacings to turn its windup head south. A noise, provocative in its pitch, caused an uproar. A longboat powered by the new steam boiler, fit for carrying men and material, exploded on the oldest pier, Dock V. Hired hands scattered. Native firefighters ran toward the excitement, copper pails of water in every hand. Women screamed. The waves of the Mochijirikhiken River frothed. Bomb? Enemy. Lord Camden computed in simpler terms, but they sufficed. Because of that, the month’s shipment of Essence, critical to maintaining clockwork parts and steam boilers, would enact a strict rationing by the Burgomeister of the colony. Children might starve. Fledgling airships performing the King’s duties in the short mountains to the west would be grounded. Who would stave off the Spanish advance? Lord Camden, tiny but fearless, marched through the gate. It would act. It would do something. Programming depended on it. The colony needed it. The Lord would not fail. It entered Dock V as others departed on foot or on cots carried by men exhaling smoke from their lungs. No one noticed the little watchdog, as usual. It was a toy, a piece of small talk for passersby, but it knew its job to be of the utmost seriousness. The steam longboat was ruined. Built from Viking craftsmanship, graced with a modern propulsion, she burned bright embers. But the cargo! Lord Camden scanned the choppy, brown water. Telescopic eyes worked wonders. Negative. Negative. There! Rusted black welded corner, thirty meters away at a twelve degree angle. One container. Enough to lessen the inevitable ration. Now, how to get it? Lord Camden needed not to process its meager strength against the tonnage of an iron shipping container. What it lacked in power, the Lord made up for in resourcefulness. Firefighters pulled up two water wagons, pumped them manually to release water from their giant storage bags. Pump one spewed its liquid onto the scalding flames, turning black smoke pale gray, sizzling the pier. Pump two, like many of the latest contraptions, leaked. Men scrambled to seal the leak with buckets of tree sap, but the amount of water coming out made the deed impossible until it emptied out. When it did, rapidly, Lord Camden waddled under the wagon’s frame. It concluded the sap had sealed and, the men having run off to handle pump one, it crawled up the lever, and stood at it center. Then, Lord Camden hopped, from one end of the lever to the next, well timed acrobatics for its iron feet padded by cotton soles. Up. Down. A tedious pace, but an empty pump holds air. Air filled the sack. The sack bloated, a body in the sun, until full. Satisfied, Lord Camden hopped off of the wagon, and easily, kicked out the single wooden block keeping the wagon parked. She rolled right off the edge, flipped upside down within a meter of the barely surfaced container. Now, for the muscle. Lord Camden’s calculations spot on, it opened its mouth all the way, and let loose the hollow, scratchy recording of a dog’s bark. Firefighters too notice. “There! The watchdog is pointing!” Indeed it was, extending its stuttering head three centimeters outward, one fore paw also, to pinpoint the alarm “Is it the wagon?” “No. It was no good anyway.” “Wait! Look! One container! If we can ie it to the sack while it floats, it should hold until we get a pulley out here to lift it!” Men ran like mad dogs, half of their number to the pulley system inside of the storage warehouse, the rest forming a human chain into the river. T=Five men tied hemp cords about the container, diving and rising, gasping for air and laboring. But they did the work. Lord Camden observed. Lord Camden saved the day. Disaster, most of it, diverted for another day. Until finally, calm restored to the city of wood and stone and red brick, Konrad Altman, Zuerst Versandoffizier (First Shipping Officer), called Otto Fisch and his clockwork artisans to the great City Hall. There, before the entire colonial government, Altman welded the Iron Cross to the body of one Lord Camden. It stood at attention as the crowd cheered. Essence would be smaller in portions, but the day was one of hope. Without a sound, Lord Camden looked at the crowd, Altman, his brilliant designers, and waddled back to its post. By:William J. Jackson

99th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Magician of what might be called exceptional talent. He used the stage name of "Manfred the Magnificent". Everyday, he practiced his craft. His expertise was in the power of levitation. Regardless of whether or not he had an audience or not, he always thought to challenge his skill. One day, after weeks and weeks of graduating his skills on increasingly difficult objects...from a blacksmiths anvil, a grand piano, a train car to finally a 20 foot boom crane. He found that he could actually do more than just levitate the objects; he could send them soaring through the air as if they were all self-propelled.Because of that, he felt that he should expand his venues accordingly. He began having his stage agent book larger auditoriums and then graduated to open air coliseums and stadiums for his extraordinary shows. You see, Manfred's abilities were truly more than sleight of hand and wires or extravagant contraptions. His own mind was the device of his incredible abilities. Until finally, Manfred performed one of his most astonishing feats. He scheduled a performance at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Here he propelled a rocket ship into outer space without the aid of the rocket engines. This performance was witnessed by many high ranking government officials who were dismayed with the prospect of detecting flying objects without propulsion. Soon after this event, Manfred was approached by the Department of Home Land Security. They proposed that Manfred consider becoming a direct employee of the government and abandon his entertainment career to serve the needs of his country. Manfred was of the mind that he had no desire to squash his proficient career and declined the offer profusely. Sadly, during his next performance, before he could send a number of heavy objects skyward, the audience witnessed Manfred meet his end through mushrooming explosion of his head by the provenance of a snipers bullet. If a moral might be derived by this story you might consider…Rejoice in, develop and expand your god given talents but, guard the extent and full capacity of those talents lest you become deemed a threat to some entity. By:Glenn Card

100th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a teenage Viking girl who dreamed to lead raids in her own drakkar just like her father did and pillage foreign lands. Everyday, Aslaug would steal his sword, no matter how well-hidden it was, and train, alone, in the village’s surrounding fields. One day, her father, the Vikings’ leader, deemed Aslaug wise and strong enough despite the prejudices of the villagers against women participating in raids. Because of that, he offered her a sword – one he had found on the corpse of a worthy enemy. Until finally, her dream was handed down to her in the form of her father’s drakkar and Aslaug led the warriors into her very first battle and a life of unprecedented glory under Odin’s kind eye. By:Cat Carroll

101st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a firefly. He was very small, smaller then most fireflies. But his light was exceptionally bright. In fact, his little butt was the talk of the town. Everybody called him “Small Fry. “Every day Small Fry dreamed of being just like everyone else. Normal to him seemed just a dream away. It was daytime when he slept and when he slept he dreamed of being like everyone else. When nighttime came he was trapped with the whispers and pointing because he was different. One day while he was trying to sleep he heard a soft gentle cry from behind a leaf in the same tree he was in. Small Fry flew over to investigate and saw a lady firefly, crying into her wing, trying not to be heard. Small Fry ask her if she was OK. She replied that last night she had taken her baby firefly out for her first solo fight. They had separated right where the mother firefly still sat. She was afraid to go anywhere for fear that her baby would find her way back to her there. Because of that, Small Fry landed beside her and stayed with her till nighttime came. After dark Small Fry, using his brightly lit behind he searched and searched. Checking in every now and then to see if the baby firefly had returned. As dawn started to creep into the sky Small Fry became discouraged. Small Fry landed on a blade of grass at the foot of the tree where the mother firefly waited. Not wanting to admit defeat he bowed is head in sorrow. In one last effort he looked around him. Until finally, he saw a faint blink, blink not far from where he sat. He quickly flew over and there she was. Dehydrated and weak. With all of his might he could not lift her. So he pulled her over to the closest plant. Small Fry positioned her close enough to a large leaf. Tilting her head just right, he tugged gently on the leaf to allow the dew to drop into her mouth slowly. Soon she was awake and refreshed. Small Fry told her that her mother was above them and that she had been waiting there all this time. He told her to follow him. She followed him straight to her mother. Her Mother embraced her as she turned to thank Small Fry who was already flying away. He never felt too small again. The mother spread the news to anyone who would listen about her hero...Small Fry! By:Maci

102nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a giant, bulbous toad who sat somewhat precariously on a rather disgusting looking red and white mushroom. Everyday, he would croak one barbed insult after another to whatever unlucky traveler that would happen to pass by him. One day, a beautiful princess made her way down the road on her horse and the repulsive little amphibian began his usual tirade. Purposefully and gracefully, the princess dismounted her steed and approached the toad. "My dear Sir," she began. "It is quite a disgraceful display of foul behavior that you have wrought upon me." Taking out a magical wand, she promptly thumped it atop his brow. The princess continued, "Because of that, you will shrink in stature for every insult that proceeds from your crooked little mouth, from this day forward." For the few days that followed, the toad learned to curb his slimy, sticky old tongue. It wasn't long, however, until his old habits began to reappear. Just as the princess had warned, the toad began to shrink. Each day he went to sleep just a bit shorter than when had awoken, Until finally, the old toad "blipped" unceremoniously out of existance. No more were weary travellers assaulted by his insults and disparaging comments. All, instead, were just left to ponder the existance of a lonely, hideous mushroom at the side of the path. By:TroyIsWriting

103rd Entry -

Once upon a time there was a boy who could talk to wolves. Everyday, he would sit in the wolves' den, talking to them - learning from them. One day, Ashti, the alpha wolf, told him, "Listen, boy. You cannot stay. You have to leave - go find your way in the world." Because of that, the boy, finally realizing he was a wolf, wandered aimlessly through the forest. Until finally, he met his own she-wolf and they had a pack of their own. By:Mrs.B.Ray - House of Targaryen

104th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a world that only existed in word. Not even a single one of everyone had ever seen this world, they only smelt its beauty in word. Everyday stories about were told and they never missed any ear of everyone. One day what was in word became a real world, many things in it were created by word until finally even man was created. By:MJOEL

105th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a boy who was born in the exact same Baltimore hospital that the great poet Edgar Allan Poe died in. Everyday interesting things happened to him like standing over the edge at the Grand Canyon, and standing only an arm's length away from a wild Buffalo in Yellowstone. One day while standing up he tripped over a sea lion on a rocky San Diego beach in sunny Southern California. Because of that he decided it was due time to start living more with the wild side, and I don't mean with Bat Man's girlfriend. Until finally his special day came again for the second time, and he walked up those steep old wooden stairs through a very thick misty fog to a tightly closed thick old weathered wooden door. By:Beary the Bear

106th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a spirited fairy who was curious about the human world even though it was against the law of the fairies to show themselves to humans. Everyday, she would explore all that she could in the life of the humans. Learning about humans made her very happy and she had a hard time believing that it was against the fairy law to show themselves to humans, after all, what harm would it do? One day,she saw a little boy outside playing in a sandbox and she wanted to play too. She made herself visible to the little boy and said to him "Hi, there. Can I play too? Because of that,The fairy made a new friend. She couldn't believe how nice the little boy was. Not only did he let her play with him, it turned out that he needed a friend and what better friend is there then a fairy? They remained friends for years until finally, the little boy grew up and had forgot about the fairy. It was like she just no longer existed to the boy. The fairy was sad and went home. She asked her mother why the little boy couldn't see her any more? Here mother simply replied, "Sometimes humans lose their childhood wonder and the magic world starts to disappear from them as they get older. It's a very normal part of human life and one reason we forbid any of us being friends with humans. The fairy wasn't discourage. Despite the law, she went out and made friends with another young child who also needed a friend. The fairy encourage all her fellow fairies to do the same. The law was changed and many lonely children where blessed with tiny friends who would eventually disappear from their lives as human friends started to fill it. The fairies saved many children's lives just by being a friend. After all friendship can save the lives of thousands who feel all alone in life. By:A.J. Hayes

107th Entry -
Once upon a time I would have never thought that I would be writing anything other than a check.
Everyday, seemed like the same ole same ole. One day I stepped out of my comfort zone. Because of that, my life has never been the same. Until finally, I decided to live my life for others instead of just myself. I was then, I began to live with a passion instead of just existing. By:I Wonder

108th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a leaf hanging on a tremendous,rising oak tree. The leaf was vibrant green with strong, hardy, visible veins. Everyday, the leaf would brag to the leaves around him,"I am the biggest and best leaf upon the tree. No other leaf can match my beauty." One day. the leaf noticed his color was turning from green to orange. The leaf said in his foliage voice,"It matters not,because now I am golden. Everyone will admire me,for sure." Because of that, leaf started to look around. He tried hard to find his leaf friends but there were very few around. Leaf became very worried. He was puzzled as to where all of his friends had gone. Leaf spoke to himself in a reassuring voice,"I am sure they left because they are all jealous of me." The days passed, with the fall sun beating down upon the beautiful, stark,and balding oak tree. Leaf tried desperately to convince himself that his orange was still as bold as ever. He tried to ignore the brown, crinkling of his veins. Until finally, leaf's day had come. He fell to the ground with wind blowing him away from his tree. Leaf landed in a garden mulched and winterized.He wasn't scared anymore for leaf had found his resting place. Leaf knew that he would be renewed and beautiful, hanging on a mighty oak by spring. By:L.A. Grawitch

109th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a boy jailed. Everyday he cooked. One day,he made Hawaiian Food for the guards' dinner. Because of that, he remained their cook. Until finally, a food truck hired him to make their Hawaiian Food when he was released. By:Nada

110th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a beautiful sanctuary where three Soldiers battled to save their souls and ensure safety for their little soldier child from being torn and abused by wickedness, along with a particular congregation of much assistance. Everyday they prayed and utilized their armor as they built strength to survive through the tormented roads that were taken for order to replenish and redeem the soldier sanctuary's with courage and belief. One day, the chosen congregation geared up and made their way through and conformed with the main soldiers sanctuary. Messages were shared as the journey began to maintain medical at all costs,Opening gateways with faith as healing and shaking thy lands began that be stilled the congregation and uplifted the Sanctuary Soldier(s) home. Because of that, the congregation leader blessed with a mission and come about for world change and boundries to uphold his presence for the greatness of the resurected Soldier,the main leader for their destination and ordained prevailance who stands strong. Until finally the long sought prepared way lifted all hard trials so grace could move swift of this time. Retrieval of this magnificant kingdom showed glorious ways as rites were said, an over-flowing sanctification came true,the treaded and truged roads brought rest and peace, as we prepare for battles ahead, just in knowing-for it was said, we will defeat and rejoice in our changed world. By:Sanctified Soldier

111th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a corpse named Steve. Everyday, something new was gobbling Steve's decaying innards. One day, a young hiker happened upon Steve, and his surprised eyes locked onto the hollow and bloody sockets where Steve's had been. Because of that, Steve was finally put underground where he belonged, and posthumously given the recognition of being the first hunter in Ocowalla County to kill and be killed by his prey: a nine-hundred-pound grizzly bear. Until finally, some years later, a rich Dutchman met the same fate, and ousted Steve from the limelight. By:Jerorfigan

112th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a secular symposium held at a mountain retreat where three clergymen, a Baptist minister, a Catholic priest, and a Rabbi had befriended each other. Everyday they met for a cordial lunch and spirited conversation while exchanging their theological views, traditions, and daily practices. One day, a rather interesting discussion ensued regarding their respective methods used for converting pagans, debating which approach was deemed best at increasing their flocks. Because of that, they became perplexed with no clear revelation or meaningful advantage one had over the other, until finally, the Baptist preacher declared a stalemate.
“Let’s face it, gentlemen,” he said, “preaching to people is hardly considered a challenge for us, let alone decisive. Do you agree?”
“I suppose one could argue that point,” the priest conceded, “as we all have considerable pulpit experience. But what do you suggest we do if to distinguish one tactic apart from the others?”
“Well, we could each set out tomorrow and ply our respective skills by converting, ah… let’s say some sort of critter. Then reconvene here the next day to see who’s most successful.”
“Oy ve,” the Rabbi smirked, dubious about the merits gained by converting some placid barnyard creature. “Vhat are we to learn from cajoling a cutesy little lamb, a feathered fowl, or a fluffy little bunny?”
“The Rabbi’s right,” said the priest. “What we need is a real challenge, a true test of our own style. How about a more fierce prospect… like a mean-tempered badger or brown bear?”
“Ok, a bear it is,” declared the Reverend. “I hear there’s plenty of them in these hills.”
And so the game was afoot, each taking to the forest in different directions at first light, determined to make their best pitch to the first bear they find. The following day, the Baptist Vicar and Priest met for lunch as usual, but were too excited to refrain from relating their successful efforts while waiting for the Rabbi.
“So how did you fare, Reverend? Any luck?” the priest asked.
“I should say so, and though it was a bit testy mind you, but I managed just fine. Why, I stumbled across a big bear catching fish in a steam; and a fierce one he was at that… sure to make me the winner. So I just walked up to him, took away his fish, tossed it back, and began preaching a whirlwind of fire and brimstone from the good book. Well, he smacked me around some, but I simply wrestled him down and baptized his butt right then and there. Converted he was! So, how’d you do?”
“Well, I think I can beat that,” Father Gomez smiled with an air of confidence. “I stumbled upon my bear deep in the brush. We were only feet apart when he stood and snarled great displeasure for disturbing his breakfast of blueberries. But before he could set upon me, I whipped out my big silver cross and placed it against his snout. He was so mesmerized by my shiny crucifix that he just sat down on his haunches as I doused him with holy water. It was a snap… in a few minutes he was blessed and listened to me say the rosary.”
Just as the priest finished his story, a waiter came by asking to take their order. The pair declined, saying they would wait for the Rabbi.
“Oh, you mean Rabbi Horowitz? I don’t think he’ll be joining you today, gents. He was brought in by Park Rangers yesterday afternoon… all tore up. He’s recovering at the resort infirmary.”
The two clergy immediately left the table and went to see about their Rabbi friend. Upon entering his room, they found the Rabbi wrapped in bandages head to toe, one arm splinted in traction, and his body wired to a heart monitor. A nurse cautioned that they could only have a few minutes with him.
“What in blue blazes happened to you, Rabbi?” the Reverend asked.
“Vell, I think I made a mistake,” he replied weakly. “You see, I came across this bear leaning against a tree, enjoying a good back scratch. V’ell, I didn’t v’want to spoil his moment of bliss, so I just reached out and grabbed him by his shvantz, and... oy ve, it v’was then I realized it v’was not a good idea to start with circumcision.” By:DRSmith

113th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a cruel and vain magician who ruled over a poor town. Everyday he would go into the town circle and asks the elders give him his daily bag of gold for letting him take over. He would take a decent chunk of the town's funds while the citizens struggle. The townspeople were so desperate, most sent their younger children away to live with other family members until something would be changed. One day, the magician returned to the town where he walked by an adolescent girl and her younger brother sitting in a corner covered in rags. For some reason, they didn't look as happy or vibrant when he first came to the town a few years ago. In fact, this whole town wasn't in good spirits.... The magician remembered coming to this town because it was a place of subtle wealth and had a homely, simple kind of lavishness that made him attracted to the place. Because of that, it made him feel stupid for destroying the very thing he liked. It was his greed. Until finally, he found it in his heart and restored the town's wealth again. By:Marsy

114th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lonely Queen of the Night. Beloved by her people, feared by the others. Cold, beautiful and distant she was. Everyday, she would stand by the window, staring off into the distance, looking into the borders of the woods, almost as if she was waiting and waiting for someone. There was a story that the Queen of the Night loved a man she was never supposed to, who was warm unlike her, who had a beating heart unlike her and who was one with nature. One day, that man, who was commonly known as the Wolf Man, was forced to leave the Queen against his will, leaving her to soak her eyes with tears blood, begging him to stay. Because of that, the Queen didn't love anyone else for decades and stood in the same spot whenever she had the time, to wait for him in desperate hope that she will at least see him. Until finally, after fifty years of brooding, she saw a familiar man few minutes before the sun rose, standing right before the edge of the woods, looking back at the same woman he was ready to die for. The two looked at each other silently and there was a smile shared between them, as if an unspoken promise was created. The man turned into a wolf, let out a howl of farewell and ran back inside the woods, while the Queen's longing has finally ended. By:P. K. Arianne

115th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a girl. Everyday, she used to dream of love. One day, she fell in love with a guy. Because of that, she started feeling like her life couldn't be more perfect. Until finally, she woke up and realized, it was just a dream. By:Just me

116th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Russian scientist slowly slipping into the realms of insanity. Everyday his experiments became more and more outrageous, each one putting his fellow men and women in further dangerous. One day the villagers who lived nearby his castle had enough. United they grabbed pitchforks and torches; they were determined to cast him out. Because of the threat he faced the scientist grabbed one of his servants and chained them to his latest creation. He was strapped down and a helmet was lowered onto his head, nearby there started the low hum of an electrical generator. He threatened to transform the man into the greatest menace in the world, unless the villagers left. They utterly refused camping outside the castle walls until finally driven over the edge the scientists started shocking the man, over riding his pain sensors and destroying his train of thought. Driven by hatred the once man tore from the machine and killed the scientists before turning to the villagers. He roams through the ruin of his empty village to this day. By:D4rthFull3r

117th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Tonia. Everyday she would try to overcome her shyness at school and in her neighborhood. One day she met an older lady who changed her life. She took time to talk with her and asked her how she was doing. Tonia told her that she was lonely at home because no one listened to her and she was made to do all the work. Because of that encounter, she began, slowly at first, to open up with children at school and around the neighborhoods. Her fears of being rejected began to slowly go away until finally, she became a more open and friendly girl. Her life changed dramatically because she became more interested in school, in being in a play and singing. It goes to show what can happen when you meet someone who cares and listens. By:Morningstar

118th Entry -
Once upon a time there were the Frog People that lived in small villages high in the mountains around the world. The communities below the small villages did not talk much or interact with the Frog People because they looked different. The Frog People were short, squatty, and their faces looked like frog's faces. So, that is how they got their name. The Frog People did strange sorcery that created animals, plants, and other creatures they had never seen before. Some of the animals were harmless, but some would eat their people. Every day, the Frog People would send someone to walk through and observe the other communities, then go to their hut in their community and have one person at a time come inside the hut. The Frog People asked questions while community members had to open their mouths and the Frog People would look inside, check their eyes, their bodies, and then let them leave for another to come in. The communities were not sure why they did this, but they did not want to challenge the Frog People's sorcery. One day, the Frog People found out a rule had been broken and many of them came off the mountains to see what had happened. Someone had broken into one of their huts and used one of the tools that wrought destruction. Because of that, the Frog People had to leave. They told the communities they would return in the future. Much time had passed and many communities believed the Frog People were not going to return until finally they saw the stars falling to the earth. Everyone knew immediately the Frog People had returned. Within days the Frog People spread throughout the communities with teachers. Each community picked a person to record the history of the Frog People as well as their own history. The communities were taught everything they needed to know to live on without the Frog People for you see, the Frog People had carried out what they had set out to do. The Frog People loved life and loved creating lots of living things. They told the communities that one day they would return and to this day every eye is to the sky waiting for them. By:HWinB.C.

119th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young boy named Johnny O. Rather than concentrate of his homework and chores Johnny O would dream! Everyday, Johnny O dreamt of a new adventure and cast himself in the role of a King for a traveling circus where children of all ages would come first! One day, Johnny O was all grown up and had to set aside his dreams and find a job to cover the expenses in life. It happened to be Johnny O's eighteenth birthday but rather than the family wishing him a happy birthday, Johnny O was greeted with silence. Well Johnny was concerned but he had to keep his word and find a job to pay his step Dad and Mother $500 rent per month in order to have a home to live in. So Johnny O spent the day walking around and applying to various jobs dropping off his resume. Later that afternoon, Johnny O came home to find all of his meager belongings strewn all over the front lawn. Johnny O was alarmed and hurt by this deeply and tried his key in the door. Sadly it would not work. Just then, Johnny O noticed a small note taped to the door stating that he was not welcome on their property any longer except by invitation. Furthermore, the rest of the family went on a vacation and were not around. Johnny O was abandoned by his family. Happy Birthday! Homelessness was my gift! Well I died inside that day. Johnny O was no longer the same person. I tried in desperation the lock on the garage, thankfully it worked! I had shelter for a little while longer but I knew that I could not sustain myself in this situation. Johnny O went into crisis mode, kept what possessions he simply needed such as clothing and gave away everything else. To celebrate the occasion properly, Johnny O took a coffee can from the garage and stuffed most of his writing in it and had a fire to represent a funeral for his past self. This was the first time Johnny O was homeless but it would not be the last. Skipping ahead, Johnny O never dwelt upon his issues but went into crisis mode slept at friends places or in the garage on the cement for a time until finally someone helped him out with a home. Johnny O was determined to make something of his life and found a job as a professional fundraiser in Winnipeg where he worked for over twenty years. One day, While Johnny O was working a promotional opportunity was awarded to him for his efforts! Johnny O was given a job on the companies promotional team, coordinating events. Through the efforts of years, Johnny finally was promoted to GM. Johnny O was in charge of it all! He found himself surrounded by like minded individuals with caring heart's and realized that dreams do come true! One of the events Johnny O was in charge of was the Eastern Canadian Shrine Circus Tour for children! This went on for years, until finally, due to failing mental health back in 2010, Johnny O simply didn't have his contract renewed. Retirement was on the horizon and his reality was to return home to confront his past searching for another dream. Johnny O's story continues to this day! By:Johnny O

120th Entry -
ONCE UPON A TIME there was a teddy bear ,named Linn. He had a light brown colored fur and Big black eyes. He was handsome. EVERYDAY, he used to sit by the sea, thinking about how Great his life can be. Some days he would dream about the fun he would have if he became a rock star. Other days he would think about the world in the great blue ocean. Some dreams were better than the others. ONE DAY on his 13th birthday he ate, tummy full of fruits and slowly drifted into the land of dreams ,but this time he saw himself as a very old man with white fur, and a walking stick. The light in his eyes had faded and he was on his deathbed regretting that he had spent his life just dreaming and doing nothing. His eyes were filled with tears of sorrow and pain. He had done nothing his whole life ,except for sitting in that old chair by the sea and dreaming. And then with a sudden breath he passed away. Linn woke up sweating from head to toe and with a deep fear in his heart of dying with regret. BECAUSE of that fear, he stood up and turned his back towards the sunset and went away from the comfort of his life to work hard, UNTIL FINALLY he gave a rocking concert on the pacific ocean in a big bad and the smoothest floating ship named "no regret". By:little red pen

121st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lady that been through a lot of very rough times. She had been through so many bad experiences that she slowly stopped trusting people. She decided to move out of the city and buy a farm. She bought sheep and rabbits. One day she decided to buy some baby chickens and raise laying hens so that she would have fresh eggs. Every day she went outside to take care of all her animals. She loved her solitude and spent her days talking and singing to her animals. The lady didn’t miss people. She had all the companionship she needed. One day she noticed a little boy at the farm next to hers. He looked like he was about two and he was playing in the sand all alone. She noticed him again the next day. She began to see him almost every day playing by himself. She felt sad that he had no one to play with. This went on for months and then one day he noticed her. She smiled and waved at him and he would smile and wave back. About a year had passed with them exc
hanging smiles and waves when one day he was waiting for her at the fence. In his pudgy little hand he held a tiny, wilted wildflower. “It for you,” he said with a smile. It was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. The next day she was waiting for him at the fence and she gave him a little toy dog that had been her son’s when he was little. Than began to talk almost every day at the fence. They became good friends over the years. Because of that little boy she finally began to make a few new friends. Until finally her life was full of dear, close friends, but the young man that the little boy had grown into would always be the most special of them all. By: LJLeighton

122nd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was only happiness in our large family of 8 children. Every day, there was someone to hug and kiss, play with, share with, teach, or learn from, and our parents were in love. One day, after 30 years of marriage, and working hard, my father became a wealthy and famous man. Because of that, he decided he didn’t need my mother or his children anymore, and he married a selfish, jealous and venomous younger woman to whom he gave the only key that would allow us children to come hear him, and she would not part with it for a minute. Until finally, he reached age 90 and died, without having a single child to mourn him, and nobody to comfort his grieving wife. By:Noni Bird

123rd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a turtle. Every day, the turtle swam around and tried to befriend the other turtles. One day, he gave up and became friends with a fish. Because of that, the other turtles laughed at him. But he didn't mind. Until finally, they got on his nerves so badly he swore off fish for the rest of his life and conformed with turtle social politics. The fish was devastated and never became friends with a turtle again. The turtle, also unhappy, ended up wasting away and died prematurely. The end. (A little tale about how racism in society hurts us, using a turtle and a fish as an example) By:birdie

124th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a mouse, who's name was Mouse House. Everyday, she was taking rotten teeth from children. In exchange for rotten teeth, she left a present under the children's pillow. One day, she get a toothache by herself. So she was unable to take children's teeth and give them a present under the pillow. Because of that, children were really unhappy and sad. Also their parents. They were asking them self where is Mouse House? Children suddenly didn't get presents. Her toothache lasted three days. Children were crying all over the world for three days. Until finally, her toothache was suddenly gone and she was able to take rotten teeth from children. And all the children all over the world were happy, again. By:sasharaven

125th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a bright green eyed girl with locks of fiery red hair. She lived on the seashore near the mountains of Santa Lucia Range. It was a beautiful day. The waves crashing upon the shore. It was so rhythmic they were putting her to sleep. Every day she would curl up in her hammock and listen to the waves singing to her. Dreaming of adventures far away with the love of her life. One day, as she was lying there. Something caught her off guard, a noise. It wasn't the normal sounds of the waves or the seagulls. There it was again. She tried getting out of her hammock. But her foot was wrapped up in the cord, she fell out of it face first. She was trying to scramble to her feet. When she realized she wasn't alone. She peered up into the bluest eyes, she had ever seen. He leaned down to see if she needed any help and reached out for her hand. In an instant because of that, small gesture. She was hooked for life. Beyond her wildest dreams she thought that it would never happen. Until finally, destiny had arrived. She asked him what was all that racket? He politely said, I'm a little embarrassed to say that, I ran over your garbage cans. By:Girl with a Heartbeat

126th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a leaf. Everyday, her friends would fall from the tree. One day, she realized that she was the last leaf on the tree. Because of that, she was worshiped by the other leaves as their Goddess of Endurance and Queen of Grace. Until finally, she fell from her twig and dwelt with her people at last. By:Keith Danielson

127th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lonely little lad. Everyday, he would run into the forest searching for blueberries. One day, the boy ran into a lonely little fox who had been stuck in a trap. The lonely little lad felt sad for the lonely little fox and helped him escape the trap. Because of that,the lonely little lad and the lonely little fox became best friends frolicking through the forest. Until finally, one day the lonely little fox turned into a beautiful princess. The lad and the princess married and lived happily ever after. By:BigOosh

128th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a very quiet little girl with a vivid imagination. Everyday, this little girl talked to herself and encouraged herself throughout her day at home with her four sisters; at school where she absolutely spoke to everybody; and after school on her walk home. This little girl had a reputation of going about day-to-day activities seemingly oblivious to all around her. She was very happy in the world she created in her own little mind and could not figure out why people wanted to know who she was talking to and why she was so happy! One day, this happy and quiet little girl was painting with her fellow classmates on the hall walls creating a mural of all sorts of subject matters and her favorite teacher approached her to review her colorful handiwork. Mr. Arthur was delighted with her colorful rainbows, flowers, and children playing in the fields and invited her to join his art club exclusively for children with artistic abilities. He congratulated the happy and very artistic little girl on a job well done for qualifying to be a member of this exclusive art club, particularly since she was only in the 6th Grade and the club was for the upper class of 7th and 8th Graders. Because of that special in-person invitation, the whole 6th Grade knew this quiet little girl was somebody special since Mr. Arthur never invites new members to the exclusive art club verbally. He always does so with a special written invitation sent to your home. The school went totally nutty with the news and after the 7th and 8th graders heard about it, they knew this quiet little girl WAS SOMEBODY SPECIAL. After se received the invitation in the mail, this quiet little girl attended the first club meeting. Mr. Arthur welcomed all the new recruits. The little girl was so excited, but she kept as quiet as possible. Until finally, Mr. Arthur began to advise the group of the upcoming school project for the whole club to participate in creating. The club was asked to create a mural for the children's ward of the local hospital. The mural will encompass every hallway of the entire children's ward, including the main community room where the children play. The theme would be colorful rainbows, fields of flowers, butterflies, birds and little animal creatures and children frolicking about among the field of flowers. The little girl was no longer quiet, but was bubbling over with excitement. It was no wonder Mr. Arthur asked her to join the exclusive art club. Rainbows, fields of flowers and children were her specialty! But more importantly, painting a mural in a children's ward of a hospital was very special. This would help the children to heal. How delightful! This little happy little girl became a very excited and bubbly little girl for all to see! She now had a purpose to share her gift with many! What a delight! By:DanaMarie

129th Entry -
Once upon time, there was a poor woman. Everyday she lived in endless poverty while a creative clock of a mind ticked. One day, she took the leap and made a book, and no matter how many times she was ridiculed, she held on to her dream. Because of that, it sold to a small publisher and started picking up traction, until finally, She became the most successful children's author of all time. By:Brad Sonneberg

130th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a man named Robin. Every day he helped people laugh. One day he got really depressed and took his own life. Because of that many people were perplexed and saddened. Until finally, they found out that we accepted him in heaven. (Psalm 130) By:williamisles

131st Entry -
ONCE UPON A TIME there was a mermaid who thought she was a human. She would make many trips
to the shore of the beaches off of Costa Rica. The waters here were warm and blue and felt
most like her home down in the depths of the ocean blue. Her father and friends believed her
to be silly. So she would always swim alone to the shore. The young mermaid would sit and
ponder for hours wishing she was a human. Watching how humans ate and behaved. EVERYDAY
the mermaid who's name was Lavender learned more and more about being human. She even tried
to walk on the surface as a human but she couldn't get her mermaids tail to do as those who
had real legs would. Lavendar made a wish on a falling star to be granted the chance to live
as a human just once. Maybe find love and a new life without completely giving up her beautiful
ocean blue. ONE DAY Lavendar was sitting upon a rocky cliff as the water swirled beneath her
and the sun shone brightly upon her lovely face. There was a voice. A deep voice. "Hello may
I sit with you?" At first Lavendar was going to flee to the safety of the water below and
hide deep within it's loving warmth that had kept her safe for so long. But then she thought
if I am wanting to be human, I must act like a human and not a scared little star fish. "Yes,
you may." "Thank you. The water is so blue, so beautiful isn't it?" "Yes, it is." "Do you
come here often?" "I do. I love the ocean very much. It's a place of unseen wonders and mysteries."
The man looks at Lavendar. "I've never heard the ocean described quite that way unless it were
from a fisherman telling sea tales. I wonder what mysteries she holds." "I think you'd be
very surprised. I've loved the sea for as long as I remember." "Really?" "I love the water
myself. Sometimes I wish I were a merman just so I can be in the water all the day. Carefree
and happy. No stress of a human life or no hate and lies. Only beauty as far as the eye can
see." This warmed Lavender's own heart to hear someone tell such a loving story about her own
home. A home no human to her knowledge had ever seen. Now, Lavender didn't know if she wanted
to be human after all or maybe she could invite this human into her world. BECAUSE OF THAT
Lavender decided that she still wanted her wish but she was going to amend it. Lavender wanted
to have this human as her human companion and teach him about the ocean if he would teach her
how to be human. "I have an idea if you are willing to do it." Lavender put her trust in this
stranger completely. "Okay. What is your idea?" "Will you teach me more about your world and
I'll teach you about mine?" The man was smiling at her thinking she was so beautiful. Love at
first sight kind of thing. That was....UNTIL Lavender said her world. This confused him. "What
do you mean your world?" Blushing Lavender lifts her tail out of the water. "Because I want
to be human. I want to live as a human. Enjoy all the things that humans do. Just for once.
I want to know that there is more to this life than just being a mer...." The man was shocked
and frightened. He thought maybe he had lost his mind. Studdering the man couldn't leave fast
enough. This hurt Lavender like nothing she'd ever known. She had no idea what she'd said or
done to make the man so scared to leave like that. Lavender didn't even know his name. Bowing
her head to cry. Hours later Lavendar was still there. She was so sad. FINALLY she believed
she'd have a human friend and could learn to be a human too. Only her wish didn't come true.
She was still just a mermaid. Lavender was about to leave when she heard the man's voice again.
"I..I'm sorry. I shouldn't have reacted that way. I finally had my wish and ran like a scared
rabbit. I...If you still want to be human or learn to live like a human and it won't risk your
life because I know you need water too, I'll teach you. Will you still teach me to swim under
the water and live as you do? Live as a merman?" Lavender was so happy she forgot her sorrow.
Forgot her fear and shock. Lavender had a friend. A human friend. "Yes! Yes I will." "Thank
you. My name is Paul by the way. Paul Masters." "It's nice to meet you." Paul and Lavender
got their wishes and gained a loving friend out of their dreams....The End. By:Michelle Weber

132nd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Border Collie, named Willie. He considered himself to be the Alpha male. Every day, he waited until the cats got up for their breakfast then he would bark and growl and chase the cats away One day Sir Trevor, River's feline companion, stood his ground and when Willie came to chase him away Sir Trevor hissed loudly, narrowed his eyes, flattened his ears and struck Willie across the nose. Sir Trevor's claws were fully extended and Willie has a scar to this day. Because of that, Willie learned a hard lesson and left the cats alone. Until finally, he and the cats began to get along better. It was obvious to Willie that Sir Trevor was the Alpha male. By:River

133rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a furry white rabbit, named Jolene. Everyday, she brushed and cleaned her fur, meticulously, even trimming the hairs between her toes, on her delicate paws. One day, she entered a bunny beauty pageant and had to practice a dance routine. She used a baton with fire lite on both ends, which she thought would dazzle the judges. She was not very good at the baton. Because of that, she had to practice all the time, cutting into her grooming schedule. She worked on twirls and leaps. She learned to throw the baton very high. She even managed to only singe her fur just a tiny bit, with the fire on her baton. Until finally, she was very good. She started making new friends, as the neighborhood rabbits would watch her practice. They did not even mind when her fur was slightly out of place..There was try outs for her school marching band, the same time as the beauty pageant. At the last minute, she decided to try out for the baton position, in the band. She had decided that there was more to her life then being beautiful, that participating in the band would bring others more joy than just looking at her and she rather liked having friends. By:common child trusts in God

134th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a writer of dreams. Everyday, in every way, words would turn to cream. One day along the Milky Way gilded scrolls appear with names of poets, scribes and hers, the one lone page lop-eared. Because of that caveat, our author honed her craft. Until finally, with lots of work, not magically, appeared her book's first draft. By:Tinker1111

135th Entry -
Once upon a time there an underpaid, unvalued man fired from his job of eight years. Finally free, he sought after his inspiration. He Googled and found a writing community. He created an account and started writing. Not long after, people he didn't even know were suddenly there with encouragement, praising his writing. Everyday, his inspiration grew. He felt he found a home. He wondered if God had directed him to this website to find himself and realize his true ideal of traditional publication. He penned verses of glowing words for adoring reviewers, who kept heaping praises. He blossomed, envisioned his words of love for these kind people. One day, someone gifted him an upgraded account. He was hooked, trying to write for contests, support auctions, played games and chatted in scroll where he met many new writers. A mentor helped him become a Rising Star. He was on his way. But now other writers needed help, needed him to read and give feedback to what they wrote. He did his best to be honest and helpful. He reviewed with earnest -- joined a reviewing group. They had contests to further spur him on. Because of that, he became one of the site's top credited reviewers. The more he reviewed, the better his ability to process words, making him a better writer. He began to realize he could earn gift points to pay for his membership. He started to get lazy, sat in scroll and picked off those games for gift points like there was no tomorrow. Someone got mad at him. One of the first people to praise him. He didn't know about etiquette in this writing community. It made him sad when his items were seldom reviewed and the praises diminished. Until finally, he was estranged from many cheery, supportive people. Rising Stars and the Circle of Sisters still supported and urged him on through a dark period. He wrote about rejection, the longing for acceptance, about being misunderstood, about being among people who referred to themselves as angels, but did not administer forgiveness. He changed his name. After years of life experiences and reflection, and love of family, the dark cloud lifted. God filled him with joy, a container from which he could share love. He chose a higher love, without expectation. Negativity did not unnerve him. It strengthened his belief in sharing a message of love. He would show them in poem's like "Efflorescence Song." He was a simple man who loved to commune in and write about nature. He would be a beacon to new writers, as long as the writing community would have him. His writing still reaches for higher plateaus, seeking eternal peace within. By:Brian Is Better

136th Entry -
Once upon a time, a baseball umpire was calling a game behind the plate. Every day, it was balls and strikes, balls and strikes. He loved it! Some days, he'd work the bases, and occasionally there were days off. The players and the coaches thought Ernie the Umpire was fair, competent, and very knowledgeable of the game, and grudgingly liked him. One day, at the end of the season, the league polled the players and the coaches to rank the abilities of the umpires. Ernie finished in the top 5 in every category polled, and 1st in 3 categories. Because of that Ernie was very happy, and the league was very happy with Ernie. All the good umpires got pay raises. Ernie was cheered wherever he went, until finally, he chose not to retire like he was planning. By:Dad

137th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to die. Every day, she would get up early in the morning and walk to the top of the cliffs behind her house. She would stand there, watching the sun rise above the waters, and pray for courage. Some days, it would be for courage to live through the day and overcome her challenges and face her fears. And some days, it would be for courage to jump. One day, it was dark and stormy. She went to the cliff anyway, because she liked to watch the water while it was wild. But at the top of the cliff, as she looked out across the sea, she saw a little boat. It was being tossed cruelly by the waves, and looked close to capsizing. She could see two figures running back and forth across the deck, and fear for their safety made her heartbeat quicken. As she watched in mute horror, a huge wave crested and began to crash toward the boat. She cried out, but the fierce wind whipped her words away. The wave hit the boat and it crashed apart, the ocean swallowing its pieces. She heard the cracking of timber and a swift, shrill cry, and then there was nothing. Tears streamed down her face. A steady rain began to fall. She felt numb after the brief deluge of intense emotions. The raging water beneath her, which had already swallowed two bodies, seemed to be roaring in hunger. She leaned forward, not brave enough to throw herself off the cliff. For a panicked second, her feet slipped on the wet grass and she teetered on the very edge. And then she was falling, her stomach dropping with the vertigo, her heart in her throat. Adrenaline flew through her. And she hit the water. Her suicide had been unplanned, so she hadn't left a suicide note. Because of this, no one found her body. People close to her searched for years and years, thinking she had run away. Until finally, they stopped caring and she disappeared from memory. By:M. J. Austins

138th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was but a tiny tot, but she was smarter then anyone could ever give her credit. She thought adult thoughts, but had no way of expressing them. She had lots of energy. The world was hers to explore. There was so much she wanted to see. There was so much she wanted to do. There had to be much more to life then this little room that she stayed in. Everyday, she would wake up whining. She hated waking up, she liked sleep, but she also hated going to sleep. This idea of sleep was still so perplexing to her. She would then toddle down the hall, from the room that she stayed. There the lady was. That lady she loved so much laying in the big huge bed. She would always climb the bed with her tiny little legs and arms and go lay down by that lady. Mommy. She would never want to get up away from mommy. Mommy, she loved so dearly, she always felt like there was never enough time with mommy. She would play with mommy all day, and want to be next to mommy when she went to sleep. She did not understand why mommy would put her in her "big-girl-bed" there was already so much room in mommy's bed. She accepted it, but she did not like it. This thing called "sleep" perplexed her. One day, mommy, had left before she could come in the room next to her. This terrified her. She loved that man over there, daddy. She loved him a lot. She played with daddy every day, but she missed mommy. She cried all day. She hated when mommy left too early. She hated when mommy left period. She would try with all of her tiny might in her tiny body, to be a good little girl for daddy, but sometimes she just wanted mommy. Because of that, she suddenly did not like any other women, but mommy and her Nana. She, herself, did not know what it was about Nana. She knew she was not mommy. But she also knew she kind of looked like mommy. She gave the most special hugs like mommy. But she knew she was not mommy, and was okay at with that. However, at the nursery in Sunday school she would cry. She would even throw a fit. She never used to not like other women, this is new to her too. She just knew she wanted mommy. Until finally, mommy came home. By:Velicity Phoenix

139th Entry -
Once upon a time there was an imaginative writer who went by the curious name of "Bubblegum Jones." Everyday, he wrote with passion, wanting to spread joy and humor. One day, he asked a strange, serious fellow to fill in the blanks of a story he was working on. Because of that, the strange and serous fellow thought he would give it a go but, he wasn't sure what to write. Until finally, he thought he would just pay tribute to the writer's energy and accomplishments. And so Moomin offered his deepest respects to the writer and filled in the blanks. As he wrote, he thought, "What a novel idea, I will have to do something like this." By:Moomintroll

140th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a flute. Everyday, that flute would lay down on the top of a bed-side table, ever-pondering on when it would next be picked up and a sweet, melodic tune played through its hollow wooden tube. One day, the flute awoke, laying on the bed-side table - to discover its owner was gone. In fact, it wasn't the owner that was gone - it was the flute. Sleepily, it awoke in a shop next to a few of its popular foes: a guitar, violin and saxophone. Outside, the rain streamed heavily down on the concrete outside the shop. Because of that, that flute would never have the sweet sound that once echoed through it; it would never have another owner that would play such a kind tune through it. This was, until finally, that flute was sold. Not sold to another owner, nor a musician. That poor, small flute was bought by a wooden sculptor - and never would it be called a flute again. By:Skibbs

141st Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a wee young faerie. Everyday she walked along the stream collecting mushrooms and medicinal plants for her ma who was a healer. She also collected pretty rocks for herself. One day, she met a tiny frog sitting on a rock she wanted.
“Excuse me, may I have that rock?”
“Why? asked the frog.
“Because I collect pretty rocks,” she replied.
“I see. You can have it if you take me home with you.”
“Why would I do that? Asked the wee princess.
“I have magical powers and I can do nice for you, and because of that we shall become fast friends.”
“I don’t need more friends.”
“Everyone needs more friends. I used to live with the king until one day he tired of me and tossed me out. I hopped and hopped until finally I got so tired I couldn’t hop any farther. I’ve been resting here for a very long time, waiting, waiting for you I think. And now you’re here and I think we shall become fast friends. By:Caerlynn Nash

142nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a monolithic stone castle on the edge of a cliff overlooking a sea shore. It was called Titan’s Stronghold and it was home to the most powerful king in the realm. Every day he ruled the kingdoms with an iron fist. One day he fell sick to a foul illness. All his wizards and physicians could not heal him. His illness struck him with a fever, hives and an intense pain in his gullet. He never took a wife or fathered an heir to his throne. Because of that the tyrannical king had no one to sustain the crown when he died. Until finally his time came and he passed away. And with this cane the demise of the power that held all the people in submission. All kingdoms were free and the realm grew to be a paradise of benevolence and peace. By:brom21

143rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a guy and his dog who moved in with his mum and her dogs. Mum worked and the guy did as well to help with the bills and with the extra food it took to feed him and his dog. Everyday, he fed his dog a peppermint to reward it for getting along so well in their new home. One day, the dog did not come out to greet the guy anymore for a peppermint. Because of that, the dog survived because peppermint will kill a dog. Until finally, the guy's mum bought a big Nyla-Bone for the dogs to share and it lasted forever. By:Glenda

144th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a small garden hidden deep inside the Misty Forest. It looked small and insignificant BUT the insides were beyond imagination! There was a wide range of flowers shimmering beautifully on the ground and there were tiny fairies flying around the flowers. A huge lake, filled of different colours, was located in the middle of the flower field and that was where all the wishes of the living beings were gathered. At night, the wishes would glow in the lake, as bright as the stars in the sky. Every day, at an appointed time, all kind of creatures would gather inside the garden to enjoy some entertainments. There were many types of parties: Crazy Hat’s tea party, Moon Spells party, Giant Feast event, Musical concert, Snow festival and many more. What made the parties at the garden extraordinary was that the scenery of the garden would transform based on the theme of the parties. Although despite its majestic and unique power, the small garden did not have a name of its own. It was nameless. One day, in the early morning, a young man was running in the forest. What a wonder for a person to train himself early in the morning…. or maybe not!! Instead, he was being chased by a group of dark shadows that did not belong to the Misty Forest. The spirit of the garden heard his silent cries and pleas…. Because of that, the small garden used its magical light (only visible to the young man) to lure him in. He was shocked and scared at the same time. Silently, the spirit spoke to him saying, “Don’t be scared! I’m a friend and I’m here to help you!” So, the spirit led him into the garden and the young man gasped at the once-in-a-lifetime beauty of the garden. The garden spirit invited him to play hide-and-seek with it and the other creatures. So, he joined them with enthusiasm and as they were enjoying themselves, the time was ticking away……… Until finally, when everything was peaceful and the pursuers had given up on chasing the human, the young man decided to leave the garden in order to return to his home. The spirit of the garden was silently sad. The young man sensed it and thus, as a gift of gratitude, he gave a special name to the small garden. A name called “Meldiriel Mellon”, meaning “Secret Friend”. This name symbolized the eternal friendship between the young man and the garden spirit. By:Valkyr

145th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young lady that loved to read and write. Every day, she wrote about things close to her heart. One day, it seems she lost her muse and therefore, her light. Because of that, part of her world began to fall apart. Until finally, her muse came back and made everything right. By:Celeb

146th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a spider named Gary. Everyday, that spider would weave a wondrous web, so beautiful and so magical that it would create a portal between worlds - always new and beautiful, always empty. One day, the portal opened to a world that was neither beautiful nor empty. Because of that, ugly little gremlins came through, expanding everywhere, though they made great castles and clever zeppelins. Until finally, the spiders were moved to do the same, creating portal to a new and empty world that they made beautiful with their webs, and guarded jealously. By:BlackAdder

147th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a shy teenage girl who wished to overcome her shyness. She wasn't sure how to overcome this, so she took to writing. Every day, she would write in her journal of a character she created, a fearless and adventurous woman who tracked down rare forbidden books. One day, she was so absorbed in creating this character's latest adventure that she didn't notice her parents quietly slip up behind her where she sat scribbling away at her desk. They had been observing her work on this project for quite some time. Because of that, they sat down with her and encouraged her to write her stories for publication. They got her a typewriter and all the tools necessary for the writer's craft. And, emboldened by their support, she went at it with even more determination. Until finally, one of her stories won her a scholarship and was published in a prominent fiction magazine. But even more wonderful was the fact that she was no longer shy. By:Tanith

148th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little boy who enjoyed having his father read him books at naptime right after lunch that started with ‘Once upon a time’. They were most always nice little fairy tales that ended with ‘happily ever after’, but not all of them, much like this one probably won’t. Everyday, except for the days when he worked (which was Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturdays), his father would make the little boy a peanut butter and jalapeno pepper sandwich (he didn’t literally make the boy into said sandwich, but rather he made it for him), and then they went to the living room where his father would select a book from his private library to read to the little boy while he hungrily and greedily devoured the meal, much like one of those trolls you hear about that jump out from the under the bridge and eat the children for crossing it without paying the toll. One day, though, the father ran out of books to read to his son—he’d already read them all to him—so he found another one he thought the little boy would like called IT, by the master of horror, Stephen King. IT was about a clown by the name of Pennywise who appeared every 27 years and terrorized and murdered children while at the same time haunting them by becoming their worst nightmares. IT left a very disturbing impression on the little boy, who himself was haunted by his own nightmares after listening to his father read this horrible masterpiece. Every night the little boy would wake up screaming, and every night his father would run to his son’s side, asking him what was wrong. Until finally, on a night when the little boy was screaming louder than usual, the father ran into the bedroom, only to find that the little boy had pulled the sheets all the way over his head, as if he was hiding from something. He could still hear his son’s sobs, so being the good father that he knew he was, he carefully pulled the sheets back so could administer some comfort to the child. But as soon as he did, he was startled to see not his little boy, but Pennywise the Clown baring a mouthful of fearsome sharp fangs and blood running down his cheek. Suffice it to say, they did NOT live happily ever after. Or even LIVE, for that matter! THE END? By:Angus-Happy Birthday, WdC!

149th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a crooked old man with gnarled fingers and old bony legs. Everyday he walked with his large brown dog, one mile down the steep hill from his house to the little store on the highway. He would buy groceries for supper and breakfast lunch the next day.

One day
when he was half way down the hill it began to snow. By the time he reached the store his dog, Wolfen, began to whimper. The old man leaned over and scratched behind the dog's left ear. It was its favorite place to be scratched. He stopped whimpering.

When they reached the store the old man started to tie his dog outside to the newspaper rack.

"No need for that, Mo. There is no reason that he can't come inside with you."

In just a few minutes everything was covered with a thickening layer of snow.

Because of that,the old man was unsure just what to do. Until finally it became plain that walking up the hill would be an impossible feat for the old man. Falling
down would likely break his brittle bones.

Mathew, the proprietor and postmaster of the small post office attached to the store, said. "Mo sit down by the stove and stay warm while I get ready to close up before the snow gets so deep that even my jeep won't make it up to your house."

In a short time Matt had everything ready to close. The thick clouds overhead made it darker than normal for this time of year.

"I'll pull around front to pick up you and Wolfen." Matt went out the back door locking it with a loud snap as the bolt secured the door.

Mo stood by the door with his arms full of groceries. He had bought much more than usual because he knew it might be some time before he could come again.

"Are you sure you have enough to last several days, MO?"

"Yes" said Mo, knowing that the few coins in his pocket was all he had left until his social security check came next week.

Matt loaded the two bags of groceries into the back of the jeep Waggoneer.

"Mo," he said. "I know your check wont come till next week. I wouldn't feel right about you running out of supplies. Let's get you more groceries and a bag of dry and a few cans of food for Wolfen. I'll put you on the cuff till you get your check"

Mo stood with the cold wind hitting his face, his eyes filled with tears.
"I don't have any idea how to thank you," choking on the words.

Matt went inside and came out with two bags filled to the top with supplies.

"No thanks necessary, good neighbors take care of each other."

They got into the jeep. Wolfen had his head resting on Mo's knee.

"If the county hasn't plowed your road I'll have Jack Mueller plow it when he plows around the store."

They went up the very steep hill to the old log cabin that Mo lived in.

When they reached it Mo opened the door and both men carried groceries into the small kitchen.

"I'll put another log on the fire. Would you like a drink of home made whiskey? I make about three gallons a quarter. That way I stay legal and the Feds leave me alone."

Mo poured a generous shot into a jelly glass. "This is the fiftieth year I've been making my own liquor. Got it perfected now." He laughed.

"I thought you ate a lot of sugar," laughed Matt.

"I just make enough for my own use, and if a friend drops by I can give him a drink."

Matt raised the glass cautiously to his lips taking a small sip of the slightly amber liquid. "Wow, this is mild and very smooth."

"Mo chuckled, not too fast Matt, this is 180 proof, my grandfather's recipe."

They sat and talked for awhile. Finally Matt said, "Since you do not have a phone, I'll come by and check on you. Do you have enough wood?"

"Check out my woodpile beside the house. I work on building a good supply, a little at a time since I can't chop wood all day like I used to," Mo laughed.

"Really piling up fast, Mo. I need to get home and check on my wife and grand daughters."

Mo extended his gnarled hand, it was completely engulfed by big Matt's hand.

"Stay warm" they both said at once.

Wolfen followed Matt to the door but would not venture outside.

Soon the jeep left Mo's driveway. "Matt is a real friend," said Mo as he rubbed the dog's left ear.

The dog gave a little bark of agreement. Winter and silence descended on the ancient log cabin on the top of the hill. By:Moarzjasac

150th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a mole, his name was Nevus. He liked to hang out with his friends everyday. They became known as the Terrible Nevi. Some were big, some were small, some short, and some a little tall, some old, and some brand-new. Everyday, they would try to snag things passing by; like fine material, chains, and jewelry, just to be spiteful. If they were not careful though, this could mean their demise. One day, this particularly l-a-r-g-e mole decided to change his appearance. He dyed his skin a very dark brown and gained a lot of weight making him look irregular and rather lumpy. Because of that, unseen forces were set in motion. Little did he know, this would not work out as he planned. Soon a great darkness covered the land and as he looked about, all his friends had been knocked-out cold! Until finally, the only one stirring was Nevus and some strange alien with a long pointy snout. "Ouch!" he thought, he'd been attacked. "Wait what is happening?" Before he knew it, this alien had swiped him with his sword a few times and carried him away. Now he found himself in a strange land, cold, hard and very small, dare I say, a sterile looking environment? He was closed away from everything that was familiar. Soon, he became bored and simply fell asleep. HUGE sounds could be heard outside his new home. The Doctor said, "Mrs. Jones, here is the mole we removed from you neck!" Mrs. Jones replied, "Oh, how ugly! What now Doctor?" The Doctor replied, "well we are shipping this off to PATH right now and I'll call you with the results. For now, keep this area clean and dry. Have a good day, Good Bye". Mrs. Jones said, "Thank you Doctor and Good Bye!". Now Nevus found himself in utter darkness being shaken all around when suddenly things became very still. "Whoa" thought Nevus, "what's with the bright lights?" as he slid from the darkness onto a cold hard surface. When all of a sudden he felt the sword again... "Ouch!". He tried to fight and zip about the tiny plate he had been placed on to no avail. Drawing his last breath knowing he was a goner, he just gave up and died. Today, they have a popular saying in Moleville, "The only good mole, is a gone mole". The End By:LynnPenCakes

151st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl called Ade. She almost got raped by her boyfriend, and as a result, began dating someone she had known for years, that she felt she could trust. He was alright, but for some reason, kept her hidden from his family until they began planning their wedding. They had a fairy tale wedding. African families tend to emphasize procreation, so it was no surprise that after two years, the pressures to have a child began increasing from his mother. Everyday, the mother-in-law would find ways to make her life miserable, to make her cry. Eventually Ade developed a thick skin, and learnt to avoid the woman as much as possible. After four years, she was introduced to another specialist hospital, and she met an elderly doctor, who inspired hope for Ade and her husband. she finally held her child in her arms, a son. However, her mother in-law merely intensified the war and did not even care whether her own son lived or died in the process.One day, Ade began to bleed terribly. She bled and bled for ten days, before her husband could get her to the hospital, where they saved her life, and demanded that she be admitted to rest. She pleaded to return to her own family for proper care. Because of that, she went home to her parents, and when they saw how she was, they got extremely angry. They continued to take care of her. Until finally, she got well again. By:daydah

152nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lazy teenager in high school who lived in the city. Everyday, he would skip doing any kind of work whatsoever. He would spend his time on video games, reading comics, watching action shows where people powered up by screaming really loud and fighting for a noble cause, but he would seldom do anything that actually benefited him or anyone around him. One day, on his way to school a girl fell from the sky and landed on him. He got up and tried to leave but the girl tackled him and brought him to the ground. Standing above them was a ninja cyborg who'd almost taken the teenager's head with his sword. The girl screamed at him in an unknown language and tugged his arm. They ran and the robot cyborg along with his similar buddies continued the hunt. While the girl dragged him through the city the teenager couldn't help but check on his watch and mutter about being late for school. They reached a warehouse. The teen was just about to depart with the girl and head off to school when the ninja cyborgs stormed the building. Their leader explained that they've set up a field that would prevent anyone from leaving the building until all the cyborgs are dead. Because of that, the teenager looked downcast. The girl was screaming what he presumed were apologies in her native tongue. But he didn't want to hear any of it. Shadow covered his eyes and his gloominess began to seep out in the form of a dark aura. The cyborgs, due to their inability to sweat started making a lot of noise as their mechanical bodies were attempting to cool them down due to their nervousness. The teenager raised his gaze to glare at them. One of the cyborgs betrayed its programming and took a step back in fear. The teenager asked them if they knew what they had done. The girl had huddled herself into the corner and was watching with trembling eyes. The teenager stated that they had made him late for school. As he spoke the dark aura continued to seep out, blending with his T-shirt and disintegrating parts of it like acid. He explained that now he would need to go all the way to the other end of town to get a doctor's note. With a scream, dark power surged from his body making the cyborgs hide their eyes from the dark glare. When they finally looked, standing before them was a white haired, muscular teenager with white hair. He screamed a primal roar as he channeled dark aura between his hands. The cyborgs tried to escape but they had fallen victim to their own trap. There was no escape. With a scream the teenager shot out a concentrated beam of energy that consumed all the cyborgs around him. Until finally, he stopped. The teenager was back to his scrawny, dark-haired form. Only without a shirt. He approached the trembling girl and helped her stand. They looked each other in the eyes. The teenager scribbled on a note. He told the girl to follow the directions and to tell the doctor that Bobby had sent her for a note. He commented on skipping school as he walked towards the hole in the wall, the mysterious girl trailing behind him. By:[]

153rd Entry -

Once upon a time there was a lone demon spawn, lying in dark, waiting. Every day, he waited for his chance; his chance to strike, his chance to live, his chance to BE. One day, tragedy struck for two parents of an ailing child in the Midwest. Their precious babe had passed in the night. Because of that, the spawn drew near. It watched the little soul float off into the light, and when the body was cold and blue, he took it for his own. The babe drew breath. His cheeks pinked, as did the parents' when he let out a shrill cry. The demon spawn lived within the child for years, going about the daily grind that was life with great joy; going to school, doing chores, being part of the local soccer team. Until finally, the day came when his parents wanted something he could not give them. They wanted him baptized and confirmed in their faith, a sure-fire cure for demonic infestation. He tried in vain to think of a good reason why not, to plead with his parents against it, but to no avail. He stood before the pool of blessed water and thought back on the great gift that had been his life. He dreaded the pain the parents would bare, completely unaware of what they had done, pain that he wouldn't be there to share. He gazed into the crystal-clear waters as the priest beckoned him in before the congregation, and as he stepped in, he prayed. By:Sorji

154th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young girl hiding in the wood from her older brothers’ teasing and taunting stumbled across the largest kitten she’d even seen. It huddled under a bramble bush near a small brook. Its matted fur and sad eyes wrenched the girl’s heart, as it sat shivering in the shadows. It gave a pathetic mew, when she drew close.

“Oh you poor thing!” The girl squatted down and slipped her hand inch by inch nearer the kitten’s head ready to snatch it back should the creature decide to nip at her. She hadn’t realized quite how large the animal was until it tipped its nose to sniff the girls extended fingertips. “Oh!” She jerked in surprise when the kitten poked its head out and nudged her hand.

“You’re huge!” She slapped her hand over her mouth in case her comment offended the bedraggled kitten. It gazed at her with sad, emerald-colored eyes.

The girl searched the overgrown brush for signs of a larger animal, but everything in the area remained undisturbed. “Where’s your momma?”


The word seemed to whisper in her mind. She sat back on her heels and shook her head. “Well, I can’t take you home. She’s afraid of cats and one your size would likely give her a fit of apoplexy.”

She pulled the last of a chunk of cheese out of her pocket and broke it into bite-sized bits. Then she cupped her hands and held them out so the kitten could eat. With care and delicacy the over-sized kitten took each piece and chewed it soft before it swallowed.

“Wow! Someone taught you manners.” She grinned. “If you’d gobbled all that down at once you’d have had a tummy ache and probably coughed it all back up.”

::I know.::

The girl muttered under her breath at the answer she thought she heard in her mind. That’s all I have right now. She stripped her old cloak off and tucked it in around the kitten. “I’ll come back tomorrow. Cook will give me some meat scraps and maybe more cheese if I tell her I’m feeding a hurt animal.”

She scooted back from the bushy area and took off a run back toward her home.

Everyday after that for a week the girl took tidbits of food out to the kitten. She purloined an old blanket and a dog brush from the kennels and took them with her. Each day the kitten warmed to her and let her get closer and closer. By third day she’d brushed all of the burrs, tangles, and mats out of the kitten’s long, silky gold fur. With regular feeding it began to look healthy again, and its eyes gleamed whenever the girl arrived. The two became the best of friends.

One day her youngest brother followed the girl into the wood. He skulked behind her and mumbled bored and angry thoughts under his breath.

She didn’t see or hear him, but the kitten did.

::Someone’s following you. HIDE!::

The words sounded loud and clear in her mind. She started and whirled around. Her brother, her least favorite brother, who always taunted her, shouted insults and threats that froze her with fear.


The shout in her mind freed her rooted feet and she darted down the twisty path way. Gasps burst from her throat as she panted and scurried barely out of her brother's reach. The large kitten surged out of its comfortable hiding place. It snarled and growled and hissed. The hulking boy pushed ahead and grabbed the edge of his sister’s flying cloak and yanked her back a shout of triumph. “Gotcha!” He sat on her held and her down while he stuffed dried leaves down the back of her gown.

Because of that the kitten put on a burst of speed and launched itself into the air. It landed on the boy’s back and sank its claws into him through his thick shirt and sweater. He reared up with a yowl and tried to toss the kitten off. The beast clung until finally the boy gave up and darted for home leaving his sister to the tender mercies of the monster that had attacked him.

The girl sat up, opened her arms wide, and the large kitten bounded into them. It purred and purred and promised, ::I’ll always watch over you!.::

Then the two walked back to her home where the kitten received a warm welcome and a new home in the barn, and the youngest brother found himself set to mucking out the stables for a week as punishment for tormenting his sister. By:Katzendragonz

155th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a very young boy. The boy was always bullied by much older boys. There was one older boy and he liked to pick up the small boy and hang him on the fence at the park by the collar of his shirt. That young boy found a book of matches on the floor after a party in his home. The adults had been smoking and there were cigarette butts and books of matches everywhere. Every day the young boy would light a match and let it fly. He watched the match burn out. One day, he went to the park and let a match fly. The straw grass caught fire and the young boy could not put that fire out. He ran home and the fire trucks came. He could see them and was frightened that the firemen would take him away. He screamed and cried when the fire chief came and talked to his mother. Because of that, his mother told his father and his father decided to take everybody away from the bullies. He loaded up a trailer and drove far away. It seemed like the other side of the world. They drove and drove and nothing was familiar anymore. Until finally, the whole family was in a new and wonderful place, all made from water. Their new home was made from sand and water, it was a castle. The home was aside a lake. There was fishing and swimming and boating too. And exploring too. Lots of exploring. The young boy loved his new home. Later in the young boy’s life the city became a park and the lake became a city. The young boy (now grown up) eventually moved back to the city/park where he enjoys many hobbies. There are no bullies anymore and he doesn’t play with matches. Through all his life he learned what responsibility means. He lives a peaceful life that he enjoys with a few close friends. By:RavenNest

156th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a man smitten by a woman. She worked at the reception in the firm he was employed. Her smile and easy grace captivated him. Every day, he walked by her, but their interaction was limited to a smile and a simple greeting. He wanted to talk to her, but could never muster up the courage; afraid she would reject him. One day, as he was driving home, he saw her broken down on the side of the road. He stopped and reversed back to her. She had a flat tire, which he easily changed. As he worked, he introduced himself and was flattered that she knew who he was. Because of that, each day he would stop and talk to her. Their friendship blossomed and he could feel a connection beginning to form. Until finally, he asked her out. His heart skipped a few beats in apprehension until she smiled and said, “I thought you’d never ask.” By:Myles Abroad

157th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a dragon in a deep dark cave.
Everyday he'd eat someone, whether honest man or knave.
One day a Princess rode by and told him not to misbehave.
Because of that, the dragon roared, swore the Princess he'd enslave.
Until finally, she slew the beast leaving just an unmarked grave. By:Ben Langhinrichs

158th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl. She was a pretty thing, no doubt. Walking into classrooms and diners, heads turned, boys in awe and girls in envy. Yet there was just one guy whose attention she just could not attract no matter how much she tried. Everyday, she would walk into the classes she had with him and the first thing her pretty grey eyes would seek out is him. The well built outline of his athletic body, the mess of chestnut brown hair that looked so cute, his matching brown eyes that would make her heart melt into steaming puddles, and that perfect, beautiful smile that made her stomach flutter. She thought she was in love. One day, walking towards her locker, she saw that he was walking hand-in-hand with another girl. Her heart stopped and her mouth felt as if she had tried to swallow cotton wool. Her legs were rooted to the ground as she watched the happy couple talk and laugh and look at each other with cheesy grins on their faces. Because of that, she changed. No longer was she a smiling, pretty girl that you pass in the hallway. No longer was she the bright, bubbly girl that was enthusiastic about everything. No longer was she the person you could go to if you needed someone to cheer you up. She became brooding and silent. No more laughing at jokes. Passing her in the hallway, you would think she had half of the world's burdens on her shoulder. Until finally, she disappeared. Some theories said that she moved away. Some said she couldn't handle everything and she ended her life. But I hope that, wherever she is, she has a better life. By:AME

159th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young girl named, Beautiful. Everyday, she would wake up alone hoping that today might be the day when everything would change for the better. After all, her name was Beautiful. One day, while getting ready for school, she noticed that her parents had not returned from another night out doing whatever it was they did. Because of that, Beautiful realized that they either had no intention of returning or perhaps something worse might have happened. Until finally, a nice lady with pretty hair knocked on the door. "Hi, Beautiful," she said with the kindest smile that Beautiful had ever seen. By:thistennesseeguy

160th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a writer who was writing a screenplay about a writer who was writing a play about an actor who was appearing in a musical that was about a play within a play in which the main character was writing a play that was the same play everyday. Everyday these several levels of writing resulted in the same play being written with the only changes coming around how, when and where the characters went about their writing and acting. One day for breakfast the writer ate a fist-full of mushrooms given to him the night before. Because of that, the writer became quite unsure as to whether there was or was not writing to be done or if the writing was only acting a part in the play of a writer who was in fact in a play being filmed at a point where a song was to be sung. Believing that was the case, the writer began to sing a song that was composed impromtu while singing which went on nearly all day, until finally the writer began to sing the dialogue of the play being written everyday, and from that was able to reverse engineer the path leading back to his writing project which by that time had lost almost an entire day. Perfect in a way, since all that ended up with the same play written everyday, in essence, being the hero who ulimately saved the day. I hope you’re getting this down. By:Christy Mahon

161st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl with flowing fiery red hair and eyes the color of jade. She was a compassionate person, giving in nature, and capable of deep love. Everyday she fought her demon, trying to break free from his grasp. He was a relentless dark soul with his grips deep in her mind. He wore her down, daily. Some days she couldn’t remember her purpose, or even her name because he chiseled away at her heart and her being. He managed to destroy the things that were beautiful within her heart. He destroyed her will to fight, she grew tired easily and resigned herself to just basic survival. A shell of what once once a vibrant woman. One day, she stumbled across a man, an unlikely character. He was rather brutish, quite rough around the edges, a bit of a beast, actually. During their first exchange, he made her cry with his harsh words and careless temperament. Because of that, she came to the conclusion that there must be something inside of her that was broken, something that made people treat her that way. She tried to walk away, but when he saw what he had done to her, he lowered his eyes and expressed regret…and excuses. They always gave “excuses”, but somehow his excuses were different. They didn’t involve her, or her putting him in a situation that solicited his boorish behavior. They talked for a while, both timid with their responses to one another, cautious. Until finally she realized, this beast… he was broken too. He was sad, defensive and scared. Perhaps, they were meant to meet, in this most unlikely way. He had something she needed and he needs something that only she could provide. Hours talking turned to days, days to months… and then they both realized the gift they both craved and could only receive from the other was unconditional love. By:Lilli

162nd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a man we called, "Old School." Everyday, he could be seen working in his garden or mowing his lawn or driving his old fossil fuel car. One day, while taking a shortcut over his property on my heliobike. I saw him laying on the ground next to a flowerbed of purple and yellow Iris's. Because of that, I landed to see if he was okay. He was breathing but would not wake up. So, I thought there was an emergency triggering the Emergency Beacon subroutine. A regulated required subroutine embedded in everyone's Streaming Media Automated Crainial Knowledge Share, SMACKS. Several emergency vehicles flew in but no one would help the old man. Until finally, he stopped breathing. The streaming news instantly fashed network-wide the click bait tagline, "Old School is Dead! The last global citizen not SMACKS enabled ..." Click here. By:drgn_kpr

163rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a magic wand. Every day, it would sit alone and unappreciated. Nobody knew of its magic and of course, it couldn’t tell anyone. It wasn’t a talking sort of magic wand. One day, a bored little girl wandered by and noticed the wand. She picked it up and began to twirl around in circles with it as little girls do. She wished she had someone to dance with. *POOF!* Another little girl appeared. Because of that, the poor wand spent the next several hours creating ponies and puppies and flowers and cakes. It was exhausting. Until finally, the little girl’s mom called that it was bath time. She tossed the wand aside (to its great relief) and promptly forgot about it. Now it sits alone and unappreciated. By:GingerlyScreams

164th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a fierce and brave dragon. Everyday,the dragon protected its kingdom. One day, someone shot at the dragon. Because of that, the dragon got very angry and waged war against its kingdom. Stealing its gold and killing the people. Until finally, someone killed the dragon, no one knows who. Nevertheless, the kingdom got its riches back and had a joyous celebration. And they all lived Happily Ever After! By:Lilly Tagloff

165th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a class pet. Everyday, the kids fed the class pet. One day, the class pet got away. Because of that, the kids cried and refused to do work. Until finally, a kid in the class found the class pet and everyone was happy. By:Lilly Tagloff

166th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a timid groundskeeper disguised as a gum chewing cartoon character but no one knew his name. Everyday,he visited new people inviting them to participate in a game of chance that nobody ever really fully knew the reasons for its inception. One day, one of the participants shouted, "Rumplestiltskin!" Because of that, all the bubble gum in the kingdom began to melt and stream toward the groundskeeper who started talking more with each chew. Until finally, he was voted to be King so he would withdraw from the people and be silent as all leaders should do whilst they govern. By:Ayesha1

167th Entry-
Once upon a time there was a child born. As time went by, the child grew into boyhood; and as he grew, his parents showered him with all forms of praise. When he accomplished the simplest of tasks, his parents, as good parents do, clapped their hands and cheered with delight; "Bravo bravo, well done! What skill!"...And the child believed it.

When the child played and told stories as children do, again, the loving parents showered him with hugs and kisses and praises; "You are such dear boy. So talented. What an imagination!."...And the child believed it. Everyday the child sought out new ways to use his skill and talents and imagination in order to amuse and delight his doting parents; and everyday, his parents gloated over him and rained down a plethora of compliments and adulations till the boy beamed with pride; "There is simply no one else in the whole wide world that has ever shone such promise as the likes of you, our blessed child."...And the child believed it.

--One day when the boy was older, it occurred to him that he was no longer a child; but a young man.

He would need to find greater ways to delight and intrigue his parents than he had once done as a small child. So the young man, set about doing something truly Great; something without precedents, something profoundly profound! So the young man did. And again, his parents could hardly contain themselves; "Genius! Sheer and utter Genius! Your Genius truly knows no bounds!"...And the young man believed it.

Because of that, the young man, fancied himself quite the intellect; and set about accomplishing the grandeur that accompanies accomplishing impossible feats. And his parents were speechless as they wept salty tears. When they finally spoke, they expressed their utter amazement.

...And the young man agreed, setting out on even bigger quests to captivate his parents.--And he did.

Until finally, He left his youth far behind him, and grew to be a man. As a man, he was no longer content with sharing his incredible victories with his parents only. Using himself as inspiration, he would set the stage by combining his deft skill, his limitless talent, his boundless imagination and colossal genius to enchant and hold the world in awe with his infinite creativity. . .And the day came. Finally the world would know that such a man, such an intellect, such a mind, was no myth. And the world saw; And the world couldn't believe it.

Never had they ever, even dared to entertain the notion that such a being actually existed. His mere presence exclaimed--I am here; I am now, look at me, see me, hear me, embrace me, love me for I am here to stay!

He had accomplished his greatest feat, yet!...The world was stupefied.

Unfortunately for the world, the man was Tommy Wiseau.

The world convened; pondering and mulling and fretting what might be done about this curious dilemma. At length, they one and all came to the unanimous conclusion; "Hey, at least he ain't Neil Breen!" By:dumb blonde

168th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a cat. Everyday, he licked himself on the windowsill overlooking the lake. One day, his human left the window open. Because of that, he leapt into the yard. Until finally, he saw a moose. By:Leif the Lucky

169th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl called Lily who was football mad. Everyday for ten years, Lily would rush home from school, change into her football stripe and pull on her footie boots. Then she would go up to the village playing field to practice with her team - Hemsby Hornets. One day Lily arrived home only to find both her football strip and boots were nowhere to be found. Lily was confused and upset. Just as Lily was wondering what to do about the situation her Father knocked on her bedroom door. Lily explained to her Father that she could not find her football kit or boots. Her Dad smiled and handed Lily a letter with a large package wrapped in brown paper. Carefully Lily opened the letter. It was from the Football Association offering her a place in the England Squad. Lily squealed with excitement and handing the letter to her Father ripped open the large package. Inside she found an England Squad strip and a fine new pair of footie boots! Lily could hardly contain her excitement, dancing around her room whilst clapping her hands. Lily's Father laughed and said "Well done Lily. You are a star!" Because of that letter Lily's whole life changed. She played for England for many years, receiving numerous accolades for her achievements within football. Until finally Lily retired from the sport that she loved so much. Following her retirement, Lily went on to manage the England Squad that won the 2019 FIFA World Cup. Lily continues to remain actively involved in promoting football for women. By:Anja Starke

170th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a box turtle. Everyday, the turtle's caregiver gave him iceberg lettuce and food pellets to eat. One day, the grocery store had a sale on mushrooms. Because of that, his caregiver brought home a treat of mushrooms. Each day a few of the delicacies were placed at the side of the turtle's food plate. He enjoyed them immensely. Until finally, the small tub of mushrooms ran empty, and the turtle found no mushroom treat on his food plate. The turtle never forgot the tasty morsels. He smiled when he thought of them and looked forward to the day they might again appear on his plate. By:Cryptic Omega

171st Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a planet in a galaxy far away from Earth. Everyday their Sun was moving further away and their planet was getting darker and colder. One day the Elders of the planet chose some people to go into a spaceship and blasted them off into space to search for another planet where they could live. Because of that they hoped the existence of their people would continue. Until finally Adam and Eve landed here on Earth and settled here and praised their heavenly Father daily for having the insight to send them away from their dying planet. By:andy

172nd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young princess, who every day defied her father and went out into his kingdom to carouse with the peasant youth. One Day, she met a girl who looked very much like her. Because of that the princess played a trick on her father, the king, and she convinced the pauper girl to exchange clothes with her and she sent the girl to the palace to pretend that she was the princess, so the real princess could stay out later and play with the boys she had met at the corner pub. The princess partied to excess, drinking and dancing until finally, the hour had rung thrice past midnight. The Princess left the tavern; her legs wobbling moving slowly as if they were now made of lead. Her hair all in disarray, her garments tattered, and her knees covered with dirt. Ashamed of her torn clothes and her state of near undress, she tried to return home to the palace only to find her secret door was now locked. She went to the front gate, but the guards would not let her enter. They called the king down at this beggar girl's bequest. But when the king arrived at the gate, and he saw the girl in the short ragged dress, and noticed her manner, and how shameless she stood, with her breasts more showing than covered. The King said "This is no, kin of mine! No, this is a cheap tavern whore! See there is my daughter," and he pointed to the smiling young maid on the balcony above. "See, there? How can this trollop compare to the truly genteel? I say off with her head." The Princess clad in her velvet nightgown leaned over the golden rail and decried from the balcony "Oh dear father, will you not show her some mercy and just send her to the dungeon instead." The King said, "But Daughter, she has pretended and impersonates you." The beaming princess said, "Oh Father if you could only imagine how sweet it is to lay in a goose feather bed and know on the morrow I shall wake without a care in the world. Oh, father why wouldn't she want to be me. Only a complete fool would give this life up for a night on the town, even with the promise of fun with some studly young farm Beau." The king turned to the beggar girl and said, "See that is the difference between you and her, She appreciates what she has, and respects the duties set upon the head that wears a crown. Perhaps she knows best, and after a few weeks chained to a flea-ridden bed, you might learn the true scope of the folly to which you have engaged." That day, the princess, both the old and the new, learned a valuable lesson. While clothes may not make a man, they do define a princess. By:Joey Oh..for the love of Irma

173rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a trio of jackals wandering through the Internet. They called themselves Huffy, Bootsie and Hortense. Every day they looked in public postings for someone to bully, target or gang up on. They liked to call it a "spirited debate", but three against one is what they liked best. One day they started something that took on a life of its own. A beautiful bovine princess, called Carioke Udders, wandered into one of their sloppy traps. Her opinion was different from their group-think. She took them at their word, that they were open to different opinions and ideas. So, she expressed her opinion, without subterfuge or guile. How unheard of! Because of that the three jackals could not hold back their vicious venom, using all the made-up facts they could think of to cite. It was a panic response, and because of that, they did something they had not done before. Their true natures were revealed for everyone to see... Until finally they exhausted all the rancor in their souls for one day and sputtered off to regroup. Three against one seemed a weak team, suddenly and they considered adding to their numbers. For a day or so, a glorious silence descended on the Kingdom. The only sound that could be heard was Carioke Udders' cowbell as she meandered on her glorious, saucy way. By:♥just oNe tHiNG♥

174th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a wild opossum who was always very cold. Every day, he would wander through the overgrown field looking for warm place to live. One day, he finally decided to leave the field when he noticed a small home, which had a square hole in the back wall. Because of that, he gathered his courage and walked hesitantly through that opening step by cautious step. Until finally, he was inside where it was warm and rolled up in a small ball to fall asleep. By:J. A. Buxton

175th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a boy who was deeply in love with a beautiful girl.
Every day he would follow her and stalk her but the girl always ignored him and be with other girls. The boy sometimes wished he was a girl, so that the girl he loved would hang out with him.
One day the boy found an ancient magical mirror from a nearby ruined house that no one lived in. He looked at the mirror and wished he was a girl instead. The mirror granted the boy’s wish and he turned to a girl, but he could only be a girl for the last four hours before sunset.
Because of that the boy was able to make friendship with the girl he loved in disguise of another girl. They would hang out and have a lot of fun, but when it was almost sunset, the boy would make silly excuses to leave the girl and go away.
Until one day when the boy was again in disguise of a girl, having friendly conversation with the girl he loved, the girl came close and then kissed him. She came out to him as gay and confessed her feelings for him. The boy, who was still in disguise of a girl felt upset, knowing that because of the magic it is not going to work out with her. So he told her the truth and revealed his true form after sunset. The girl was shocked. She asked him to change for one more day so she could see the girl she fell in love with one last time.
Finally, the boy came as a girl the next day. He met the girl he loved, they hugged and kissed for one last time before sunset and said her goodbye to him. They both cried. As the girl was walking away from him, he asked her to wait. The girl turned around and watched the boy taking out the magical mirror out of his pocket. He smashed the mirror under his foot and it broke to a thousand pieces and they waited for one more minute for sunset to happen. When it did, the boy who was still in shape of a girl did not change to his original form. They were both so happy now. The girl and the girl run towards each other and hugged and kissed each other. They lived happily ever after. By:sull191

176th Entry -
Once upon a time there was an education system in the east. Everyday, people read and recited the teachings and analects of the saint Confucious. If they did well academically they could work for the king and serve the country, and make a fortune and leave a legacy of course. One day, a primary school teacher who later became the chairman of the country decided to dump Confucious's theory, he believed the more learned people were, the more difficult it was to govern them. Because of that, he burned many old books and dismantled many Confucious Temples. Until finally, people took pride in their iliteracy and ignorance and tortured those who were well educated and threw them in prisons. By:Danfer

177th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a princess. But she wasn’t your ordinary princess at all. Where other’s valued beauty, she valued strength and prowess. Her enemies felt the sword and friends were her fellow men-at-arms. There was no time for courtly matters, no, she left that to her younger brother with the book smarts.

Everyday, she went on her patrol passing the edge of the Woods of Illusion, but despite the legends and stories of lost travelers, she went as far as she dared. All this trouble to view the magnificent tower the forest held in it’s clutches. Over time, it had decayed, leaving it a hollow and empty place, but it still called to her beckoningly, and so she came- every day.

One day, she decided that finally, she would answer the call, and then some. She was going to scale the tower. Perch upon its staggering heights in order to see the lay of the land. Maybe then she could go where someplace, hopefully a far away place, a place where challenge and glorious battle flowed like honey.

Because of that
, that dream of hers, she went to the heart of the Woods of Illusion, ignoring the skeletons jutting from the ground, and the crows that followed her in the canopy. She stood in all of the stone tower, and then without hesitation, she climbed. And climbed and climbed. The stone beneath her hands was rough, and so time went by quickly as she scaled upward.

Until finally, before she knew it herself, she reached the window near the the top. The overhang crumbled in her hands, so she had to swing herself up and over with a soft grunt. After dusting off her chainmail and tunic, she looks up. Instantly her hand goes to her sword hilt.

“My…. Prince?” The figure steps forward, revealing the visage of a beautiful woman.

“Ess,” the warrior corrected adamantly, “Princess.”

“But,” the woman frowns, and then shakes her head and smiles, ”Heh, men are overrated anyway.”

The warrior princess steps forward intrigued by her new friend's interesting disposition. Then, with little preparation, the tower princess steps forward, wrapping her arms around the woman who dared trespass into the Woods of Illusion.

“I’ll just have to give my thanks to someone more deserving then.” By:Jaye Williams

178th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a man who roamed the wastelands in search of an artifact that would change his life forever. Everyday he set out, combing the wastelands. Searching high and low. One day he looked up towards the mountains and saw a glint of metal in the noonday sun. Because of that he hiked up the mountain in search of the mysterious object. Until finally, exhausted from the effort, he managed to arrive where he had seen the metal but found nothing but a small mirror. He searched and search the area for an artifact that could change his life forever. Standing in front of the mirror it finally dawned on him. He was looking at the artifact that could change his life forever. His reflection looking back at him seemed to be telling him that only he could change his life forever. By:Rex Havic

179th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a woman who wanted to fly on a jet to a lush, sunny, tropical resort on an island even her nosy supervisor at work could not locate on any map ever drawn. Everyday, after jealously watching little birds flit joyfully around her back yard, the woman would phone an airport, then break out into a cold sweat and disconnect, because she was terrified of leaving terra firma. One day, she awoke and stretched, which was difficult due to the enormous pink, fluffy wings sprouting from her shoulder blades. Because of that, the delighted woman was able to take a flying leap from her roof and fly to an island, where she made friends and fell in love with a green and blue cockatoo. Until finally, she grew braver, flew many miles back to her workplace and made a rather large deposit of disdain upon her nosy supervisor's desk. By:Dawsongirl

180th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lost soul. Everyday he would pour out his heart and soul to the woman he loved more than life. One day she told him she fell in love with another. Because of that he tried all the harder to show her his love. Until finally he turned to ash and floated away on the East wind. By:Tim Dagenhart

181st Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a girl known as - Haunted Princess. She was known by this name because she used to have a nightmare every night. Everyday, she used to fear sleep because she knew that if she did, she would get the nightmare. Her nightmare was always the same - she used to be in a haunted and ruined castle. She used to hear voices whispering in the dark and calling her as Haunted Princess. That's how she got the name. One day, instead of a nightmare she saw a dream... She was in a grand and beautiful castle with maids and servants everywhere. And from that day, she used to see this dream every night. But still she felt incomplete in her dream. She was missing someone but had no idea who? Because of that she was lonely and very sad. Until finally, one night she saw a very beautiful dream. She was again in the beautiful castle as usual but only this time she was happy because she found her missing piece. She was standing with a very charming and handsome prince. And, that was the moment when the Prince called her "Dreamer of Dreams". And thus, they lived happily ever after. By:Haunted Princess

182nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl. Everyday, the children in her class would make fun of her because she was smart and she looked different. One day, she decided to stand up for herself, she refused to just keep ignoring them and feeling hurt because of them. Because of that, things just got worse she was called rude, told that the only thing worse than her face was her personality. Until finally, she realized the right thing to do, she had to get an adult, from that day forward she was happy no one bothered her and she was confident because she knew beauty was only skin deep. By:Ari

183rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a wolf name Windy, but Windy was an odd little wolf. Everyday, Windy would go to a tree and sit at the base of it. One day, another wolf came to see what she was doing. "What are you doing?" "Sitting." Her voice was soft and hid her emotions well. Because of that, the other wolf never found out about her fears. Until finally, there was a scream. Windy shot up and ran for her pack. There was five humans, with pointed sticks attacking her friends, her family. Her brother was shoved to the ground, the stick held against his neck. Windy let out a fierce growl and shot to the human that held her brother down. She jumped and set her canines against his neck. The man fell back, startled. "Windy, Leave him, we got to help Mom and Sammy." That set her world in sharp focus. She jumped off the man and left him alive. She decided the world needed a little more mercy. She jumped over a wolf that was hunched over, and stopped short. There was more humans. Hidden. She looked around, her eyes were illuminated a bright jay blue. She spotted her pack and locked on to them, transferring them to a distance where they were safe. After her last pack member was away and safe, she disappeared in a wisp. Windy stumbled when she landed, a sharp pain in her rib cage. She yelped and slammed her eyes shut, trying to halter the pain. Her youngest brother rushed to her side. His fur was a smooth gray and his eyes a soft, kind green. "W-wind-dy?" he was afraid. She would do anything to try to make him forget the horrors of what just happened, but she wasted to much energy, and the pain in her rib limited her movement. A weight landed on her, making her breathing ragged and hurt with every breath. She felt the force of her life draining, but the pain ceased. She just felt tired. She heard a faint cry or pain and sorrow, and then she drifted off into an eternal sleep. By:ShadoWolf

184th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a bengal cat named Caesar. He wasn't from the shallowest end of the feline gene pool, but he wasn't the brightest cat on the block, either. Everyday he would climb to the top of the stairs, sit in front of the glass door and meow in a most pitiful fashion, asking--nay, begging-- to be let in, if only for a little while. But, he never was. One day one of the children didn't close the door properly, and so Caesar had his chance at last. He explored and probed and chased to his heart's content. Because of that the parents had to replace five goldfish and one of the hamsters, and the child wasn't allowed to play with the other pets for two weeks. Until finally the father got some used fencing and enclosed the pet area. He made a door, so people could get in and out, but he also fashioned a roof, so nothing could climb in. After that, the door was left open, and all the pets were able to get to know each other a little better--from a safe distance. By:Mikey_Greybeard

185th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a wonderful, loving father named Pete. Everyday Pete would go to work and support his family the best he could. He raised five wonderful children and had 13 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. One day, he received the diagnoses of cancer, congestive heart failure, and kidney failure. Because of that, he was unable to take care of himself. His daughters who loved him with all their heart became his caretakers. They dedicated their lives to caring for their ailing father. Until finally, his body gave out. He had a stroke which paralyzed him. He went into a coma and passed away four days later. Their hearts remain broken at the deep loss they suffered. By:ConcreteAngel73

186th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a clock. Everyday, it went tick-tock. One day, it suddenly stopped. Because of that, time didn't stop. Until finally, someone replaced the battery. By:DiskartetHaraya

187th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a mother. Every day, she'd get the kids off to school, go to work until dusk only to return home to feed, do homework, bathe and "tuck-ins" with her babes. One day, she decided to let the kids play hookie from school and called in sick. Because of that, she and the kids had the most fun, imaginative play they'd shared in over a year just playing and being together. Until finally, she laid down that evening at peace, ready to get back to the routine still exhausted, but refreshed. By:Sabra

188th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl named Linda who was a superhero. Everyday, she would save someone or catch a bad guy. One day, a bad guy she had captured escaped from jail. Because of that, Linda had to try and capture him again. There was a big battle, since the bad guy had gotten stronger. Linda almost lost! Until finally, Linda overpowered the bad guy and won, putting the bad guy in a stronger jail. By:Abby Gayle

189th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a poor homeless man who lived on the streets & wore other people's cast-off clothing. Everyday, he would gather with his homeless friends at the Catholic church in the downtown area for free meals. One day, the mayor issued a decree that charities and other such institutions could no longer feed and clothe people who were below the poverty line. Because of that, the people rebelled, and started taking in homeless people, and feeding them, and clothing them, and giving them something they didn't have before, hope. Until finally, the evil mayor finally had a change of heart himself when he saw he was fighting a losing battle, and declared now that it was illegal to not help the city's destitute. By:Brad J Shaw

190th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a woman who searched for a way to end her very abusive marriage. Everyday, he tortured her with taunts, degradation, and abuse of all types, beating her down and breaking her soul until she believed she deserved nothing more. One day, after nearly 13 years of his abuse, the woman gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with emerald green eyes and a thick mop of hair. Because of that, the woman's purpose changed: she no longer sought a way out for her own sanity, but was desperate to protect her daughter from a future like her own and searched every moment for a way out. Until finally, when her daughter was two-years-old, the woman realized that her love for her daughter gave her the courage and strength to fight for and protect the child and she ended the marriage, fought for her daughter, and overcame her own fears. By:FrankieB

191st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a tired, cranky, writer. Everyday, she got up, made coffee and sat at her computer. She stared at the blank document on the screen, but no words would come. She had the dreaded 'Writer's Block'. One day, she decided she would write something even if were only a line or two. Because of that she slowly began to write again. Until finally, she laughed with joy because she had finished her novel. By:River

192nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a minstrel named Cerro. Everyday, he played his lyre, and sang his songs for whoever would. One day, Cerro couldn't play his lyre or remember his songs. Because of that, he felt like he didn't have any purpose. Until finally, another minstrel came and said, "Cerro, remember when when you played at the old grove, well I was there as a child and heard you. Now I'm a minstrel too." Cerro then remembered why he played and sang his songs. Merrily he went on his way. By:Revjaystone

193rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a wolf. The wolf was the Alpha of his pack. Everyday, the Alpha would hunt and kill for his pack. He treated them like his own cubs. Until one day, the Alpha grew old, and could no longer hunt. Because of that, his pack was forced to starve him. They hated to do it, for they loved the old wolf. However it was wolfish laws. A new Alpha was chosen, and the Alpha was starving. Until finally, the new Alpha was sick of seeing the old Alpha slowly died and welcomed him back to the pack. The wolves were all secretly happy with this arrangement. The old wolf lived happily until death. By:G.Goughnour

194th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a politician named William who told the truth. He was almost the first politician to do that, so it was quite an event. Everyday for years William stuck his fat piggish face into the public trough of corruption. One day William met a man at a bar who bragged to him about his own crimes, some even made William jealous. Not to be outdone, and after a few cocktails, William told the man of how he had made millions in illicit schemes and how he had Senators, Judges, and other public servants at his beck and call. Because of that the gentleman, an undercover FBI agent, arrested William. He was tried and convicted of 21 felonies. Until finally William ended up doing twelve to twenty years in prison for telling the truth. By:John S

195th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a boy who broke his leg playing hockey. Everyday, he did nothing, but stay in bed and watch t.v. One day, the boy's leg got better. Because of that, the cast came off his leg, however, he was unable to skate. Until finally one day, he did. By:Epiehl

196th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a dog who was shabby and always dirty. Everyday, it would run in the mud and stand at a neighborhood door, while the owners were away. One day, the man of the house opened the door and gave him a wash. Because of that, he stayed cleaner. Until finally, he no longer played in the dirt. By:Soulraider

197th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a very nice man who helped people enjoy many written works. Everyday, he gave people he meet nice words of encouragement to read, and to write and to review. One day, he was promoted to highest friendship of all. Because of that, his life was enriched to the fullest. Until finally, he became the Story Master of his own kingdom and lived happily forever. By:INDIA

198th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a mad scientist who wanted to be a stock car racer. Everyday, he went to the race track to try to qualify for the upcoming race. One day, somebody told him he looked like Dale Earnhardt. Because of that, he began to accept offers to race, never confessing his true identity. Until finally, he died in a crash on the track and in the judgement God said, Oh you think you can Intimidate ME? WELL YOU CAN GO TO HELL! By:DaddyWayne56

199th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a confused little girl by the name of Terrie Ting a Ling. Everyday, whenever she was in school and the school bells rang, all the children would laugh and chime together, "TING A LING'. One day, on her parents advice, Terrie brought several bags of candy, the kind with marshmallow and chocolate filling that everybody loved. So when the kids shouted "Ting A Ling", she gave a piece of candy to the one who forgot to shout it. Because of that, more and more kids began to hold their tongues whenever the school bells rang. Until finally, every kid opted to be quiet during each process of ringing the bells and the school awarded Terrie $100,000 for being responsible for the rehabilitation of the entire school. With the money, Terrie bought a scholarship and changed schools. The scholarship was most coveted and titled the Ting A Ling Honor scholarship. By: MiMi

200th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lonely girl named Liza. She tried to make friends, but, no one seemed to like her. Everyday, Robert teased her, saying her glasses were too thick, that she was too fat and that she was a goody two shoes because she always got good grades. One day, Liza had enough of Robert’s cruelty. Because of that, she punched him squarely in the nose at during lunchtime after he had intentionally caused her to trip and drop her tray. His nose bled profusely until finally, Liza had gotten a towel and told him to sit forward, breathe through his mouth and quit blathering like a baby. Ten years later, Liza and Robert were married. By:Kimbug

201st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a turtle. Everyday, he'd climb out the water and sunned on a stone near the shoreline. One day, a dam broke on the river nearby. Because of that, the turtle's sunning rock disappeared. Until finally, the conservation officers came by, noticed the break and called on someone to repair it. By:Mia - back on the grid

202nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a famous drummer. Everyday he practiced on his Ludwigs for hours & hours. One day somebody heard his practice and called Jimmy Fallon. Because of that he got on the JF show and got famous. Until finally he became a world famous drummer. By:SteveDan

203rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a writer who yearned to create a perfect story that everyone would love. Everyday, she sat with her fingers poised above her computer's keyboard ready to begin. One day, she realized that she'd not completed even one page of her perfect story. Because of that, she vowed to give up her dream of writing. Until finally, a very wise and accomplished writer gave her an invaluable snippet of wisdom. "You, nor I, nor anyone else will ever write the perfect story that everyone will love. Because there exists nothing that is perfect and flawless is our world. We write what we know and dream. Flawed though it may be, it's simply, beautifully, originally ours to tell. By:LyndaC

204th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a pesky gnat. Everyday, ms. gnat wanted to stretch her wings. One day, a spider spied her. Because of that, she realized she had stop just thinking about winging it and do it. Until finally, the wind blew her way, her career got off the ground and the spider spent the rest of his life just searching the web. Moral: The only way to stop being a pest is to not get caught up in the web. Go out, and try your wings. By:bobturn

205th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lonely Sasquatch, living in the backwoods counties of mountain-bound Washington. Everyday, she remembered the proud race to which she had belonged. No one knew them anymore and in fact, were a little afraid of them. One day, she found an I phone deep in the forest. She had heard of online dating and figured, there was nothing to lose. Because of that, there was a plethora of young ambitious suitors in her forest. Until finally, she had enough and had to pull the add. Love is great, but so is privacy. By:Michaelmountain:spring hope

206th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved to watch the world outside his house. Everyday he would wake up and peek through the holes in the walls of his room, lost in the beauty of nature. Born in the backdrop of a war-filled India ruled by the British, he was forbidden to go out. Yet the universe outside mesmerized him and lured him to look beyond. One day, as he became fourteen, he was allowed outside. It was raining. He looked at the trees with the awe of a child and became inspired. Because of that, he wrote his first poem on the exquisite miracles nature had to offer. His talent and dedication made him to write numerous stories, autobiographies and poems. He captured the magic of life with his words. Until finally, he became the greatest poet in India, receiving the prestigious Nobel Prize. His words still inspire souls and leave them happy and at peace! By:AnweshaS

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