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The beginning idea/bare bones of a script for a young adult series I'd like to make.

Genevieve Montclair, a 17 year old brunette girl, is in the middle of packing up most of her belongings within her room. She is clearly upset, throwing things haphazardly into the suitcase on her bed. She stops to pause and stare at the photo collage of her friends gifted her, frowning severely before continuing to pack her things messily. Her mother, Elanore Montclair, a well put together woman with wispy hair tied back, walks into the bedroom looking severe.

ELANORE (Leaning against the doorway to Genevieve's bedroom, watching her pack with arms folded and a line between her brows, seemingly trying to convince herself as well as Genevieve while she talks) Look, I know it's not the best situation, but you'll understand once you arrive there, you'll see. I know you'll make a lot of friends, that won't be a problem. And you'll have fun; experience something other than boring old high school. Isn't that what you're always complaining about? How nothing changes in this town? Well, here it is; a change just for you. Anyway, it's a good opportunity and I'm sure this'll be like summer camp for you. You won't want to come back after, just you see.
Cut to Genevieve looking disbelievingly at her mother before staring out the window pensively. Elanore's voice continues to drone on as her voice fades and the scene transitions to Genevieve getting on an airplane, staring out the window, still frowning, now with headphones on. Quick cut scenes are shown of her getting off of the plane, waiting for her luggage, and finally walking out to the family and friends section with people hugging around her she approaches a man, Eric Cassidy, late twenties, svelte with close-cropped auburn hair, waiting for her with a sign that has her name on it.


ERIC Genevieve Montclair, I take it? Eric Cassidy, a pleasure to meet you, I'll be one of your professors at the school. (He reaches his arm out to shake, which she does gingerly. His grip is stronger than she thought it'd be.)
GENEVIEVE I'm sorry but I have to ask, why is a professor picking me up? What, a chauffeur's just not in the budget for this school? Seemed pretentious enough to be. I could have taken a taxi cab. Or a shuttle bus...
ERIC I suppose we just find it makes a nice personal touch to meet with your adviser right away, which is what I am to you for the next year, by the way. You have a problem at the school or any questions and or concerns and you come straight to me about it, got it? (Genevieve nods her head) Excellent, well I suppose we should get out of here. Shall we? (He sweeps a hand towards the exit, allowing Gen to walk forward in front of him, taking her bag off her.)


Genevieve and Eric are in Eric's modest car together, Genevieve looking through the side of the window and watching the view go by, noticing as it gets more and more woodsy and less population-filled. Her hesitance and uncertainty grows palpable on her face. Finally they arrive at the academy, milling with random students exploring across the front lawn. Tall, gray, and almost castle-like, it stands quite menacingly in front of her. She hesitates after getting out of the car, taking half a step forward before pausing, turning to face Professor Cassidy.

GENEVIEVE Well, if the architecture is an intimidation tactic, consider its' job done.
ERIC I admit that the developers may have gone a bit overboard with the design, but it's old so we didn't have much choice on that. You'll find the insides more to your liking, I'm sure. (A beat) Genevieve, it's been a pleasure. I, unfortunately, have matters to attend to so I must be off. If you need anything all of my information will be handed to you on your orientation sheet. For now, just have a look around. Meet some people. Relax. Orientation starts in a few hours, you have your room key (he tosses it to her quickly) and someone will bring your bags up to your room soon. So if you don't have any questions I'll be taking my leave now.
Eric walks away after Genevieve shakes her head and waves him off.
Genevieve takes a walk around the academy, admiring the landscape before turning a corner and immediately running into a person. That person is Nikolai Kedrov, a guy her age but taller and more muscular with dark brown hair.
NIKOLAI Ah, crap, sorry about that, I wasn't watching where I was going.
GENEVIEVE No it's fine, we both weren't watching where we were going. I mean how were we to know we'd actually find other people in this sprawling manor-side garden?
NIKOLAI (Laughs) Seriously though, think the designer had a huge thing for the middle ages? This place is insane. Oh, by the way, I'm Nikolai, Nikolai Kedrov, but you can call me Nick.
GENEVIEVE Genevieve Montclair. I'm used to going by Gen or uh, (she stammers) Geney.
NIKOLAI Well, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Geney. (Smirking)
GENEVIEVE I knew it was a bad idea to tell you that the moment I said it. I'll have you know only my parents call me that name.
NIKOLAI (he begins to look around, and seems distracted suddenly) Your parents and me, now. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, but I just remembered I have something to do. I'll catch you later Geney. (He turns and walks away without hearing her goodbye)
Genevieve watches him away with a shake of her head and a confused smile on her face, continuing her walk around the castle. She finds herself in the backyard garden, absently admiring the flowers grown and perfectly tended to. Here she spots a guy, Jackson Lefroy, blond and with large shoulders, lying on a bench, sun bathing next to a girl with black hair that was dyed red towards the bottom Jolene Edmund, calmly reading next to him.


JACKSON You here to take refuge from the masses as well?
GENEVIEVE Not exactly. Just wandering around, taking it all in before classes start. Is that what you two are doing? Isn't it a little early to be embittered to your fellow classmates?
JOLENE Something like that, and it's never too early. Jolene Edmund, call me that and I'll rip your tongue out. I go by Jo and Jo only. This here lug is Jackson, just met him about ten minutes ago but we're thick as thieves, I've decided.
(She finally looks up from her book and smiles sunnily)
GENEVIEVE Genevieve Montclair. Just Gen'll do. So what did you guys do to get here? I figured I'm the only one here who didn't do anything of merit and got here 'cause her parents know a person who knows a person.
JACKSON Then you figured wrong, Gen. We previously discovered that both Jo and I are here because our parents know a person who knows a person.
GENEVIEVE Now isn't that a coincidence.
JOLENE Something tells me you don't believe that.(she raises an eyebrow)
GENEVIEVE Let's just say I've had my fair share of questions when the internet offered little to no information on this school. It cannot be that elite.
JOLENE Fair enough. I was practically carted away in handcuffs by the folks to get here so there's got to be something special going on. Maybe we're the future leaders of America in training! (she holds her head proudly) I always knew I'd be the first female president.
JACKSON (rolls his eyes) We're probably just going to be locked up and forced to study 24/7. What a nightmare.
A bell rings to cut off conversation before a voice over loudspeaker reminds them of orientation beginning in the main hall.


Genevieve and those she met, as well as many other students gather in the hall for orientation and the welcoming speech. She can see Professor Cassidy in the front with the rest of the teachers and advisers, and Nikolai is on the edge of her vision as well. An elder lady with excellent posture stands in the middle of the small platform in front of the students, slightly forward and in front of the rest of the adults on stage.

MADAME TANAGER Welcome boys and girls to our Academy of Excellence. Those of you who are here have been especially chosen as young adults who show the most potential to achieve greatness in this world. (Jo exchanges unsubtle looks with the group as she raises her eyebrows meaningfully) Your backgrounds show that you are ready to be some of the government's elite citizens, specializing in things people wouldn't have thought possible ten or twenty years previous. I know you all must have many questions, which we will indeed get to. For now though, we will be splitting you into small groups of five or six, which will be led by your assigned adviser. By now you have all had the chance to meet your adviser, so after they have all spread out accordingly, please briskly make your way towards them.
The advisers all spread out into corners of the room, and Genevieve trails dutifully after Professor Cassidy, noticing a group of six people including herself, Nikolai, and Jolene doing so as well.

NIKOLAI Well, well, well, if it isn't Geney. Told you I'd catch you later.
GENEVIEVE (sarcastically and with a monotone voice) And here you are. All of my wildest dreams have been met, thank god Nikolai has found me again, I burn, I pine, I perish.
NIKOLAI (a smile peeks out) I see the beginnings of a wonderful friendship here.
The two look at each other in silent agreement, while Jolene rolls her eyes and Eric folds his arms.
ERIC If you two are quite finished? I can see I'll have my hands full with this group, at this point I'm almost entirely sure Tanager has it out for me, the old bat.
GENEVIEVE Professor Cassidy, I'm very glad I ended up with an adviser as cool as you. At my last school I'm pretty sure I'd have been written up by now.
NIKOLAI Sucking up already and classes haven't even started? Honestly Geney, I thought I knew you.
JOLENE Oh my god you two I could honestly care less about your stupid flirting. Professor, I would love to hear about why we are actually at this school?
ERIC Thank you for asking Jolene, now-
JOLENE (interrupting) -Call me Jo.
ERIC (a line of frustration appears on his brow) Alright. Jo. This school is going to be nothing like your last school. You'll have general classes but with more...let's say, detailed and specialized things being taught that will be the main focus of your time here.
ERIC Such as, you'll have physical education but instead of sports, you can specialize in different kinds of fighting styles such as tae kwon do or jujitsu, among others.
NIKOLAI (perking up) Awesome. I'm sold. I am all in for this school. You need not say anything else to convince me otherwise.
JOLENE Well you sure are easy.
Genevieve goes to open her mouth but Jolene easily lifts a hand to Genevieve's face to block what she's about to say.

JOLENE Not a word.
Eric sighs and clears his throat obviously, gathering the attention of the group again.

ERIC Anyway, as you might have guessed by now, this is indeed a government funded program, and all of your parents are government workers who volunteered their children for the test run, so to speak, of this program. They all enlisted you into this special program to help ensure that you, their children, get the best education possible here. The classes will be intensive but nothing you all shouldn't be able to handle. If you do end up having trouble feel free to contact me, though hopefully not at any ridiculous times at night or for anything silly. (He eyes Jolene, Nikolai, and Genevieve, who in turn look affronted, amused, and pleased)
JOLENE So do we get to just choose whatever classes sound interesting to us?
ERIC Not exactly. In the next few days, there will be testing going on.
The group groans audibly as one.
ERIC I know. But the good thing is it does not require studying. It's based off of your retained knowledge and judging where you are at in your learning process as well as testing your natural strengths and weaknesses. The testing is separated into four parts: strength, mentality, intelligence, leadership skills. If you'd like to know more about what that entails, there should be packets with this information in your dormitories. Just know that generally, Strength focuses on testing exactly that, physically. weight lifting and hand to hand combat. Mentality surrounds mental strength, tests your logic skills and ability to read a situation or a person correctly. The intelligence part tests a person's IQ, math skills, hacking and coding, et cetera. Leadership tests your knowledge around strategy boards, logic skills, and ability to make decisions and handle responsibility under stress.
NIKOLAI Sounds more like we're gearing up to go to war rather than class.
GENEVIEVE No kidding. Strategy and hand to hand combat? What kind of tests are these? I'm starting to miss ye olde grammar tests.
ERIC I told you it'd be different. And it's government funded. They are training you in what they believe are the most important factors to develop. Anyway, the most important thing to take from what I'm telling you is that based on the scores on these tests you'll be split into one of four groups; The Strength, the muscle of the group, The Knowing, the intelligence quarters, The Third Eye, the psychologically advanced group, and The Power, the leaders of your generation. This is when you'll get your options to select classes, based on the group you are put into, you'll get more of those kinds of classes.
JOLENE Hmm. Maximizing production through specialization. Clever.
JOLENE (rolls her eyes) It's basic economics, Gen. By separating us into these groups, it allows them to force us into specializing in a field, that way we are set on the path for this one field and so we are the most beneficial to society. Which maximizes the production of whatever output we'll be giving to society.
ERIC It seems I have a favorite among this group already.
JOLENE It was only a matter of time.
GENEVIEVE Aw come on, no fair, just because I happened to take economics as a synonym for nap time doesn't mean I'm any less smart than Jo.
NIKOLAI (smirking) Whatever helps you sleep at night.
GENEVIEVE (huffs and folds her arms) Whatever.
ERIC More details will be sent out later about times to arrive tomorrow for testing via text message. For now you can clear out and relax your mind before tomorrow.


Jackson, Genevieve, and Jolene all sit on couches set up in what seems to be a game room. Though the games mostly involve strategy and are nothing like the arcade games you'd expect.

JACKSON So what do you guys think about all this specializing nonsense they're trying to pull?
GENEVIEVE I think it all sounds super cult-y. It's kind of freaking me out.
JOLENE I'm mostly just stressed over testing. How's a girl to study for something she knows nothing about?
JACKSON I'm pretty sure they said the point was NOT to study.
JOLENE I don't ever not study.
GENEVIEVE Well good luck with that. Because I am going to do exactly what Mr. Eric Cassidy suggested.
JACKSON Which was?
GENEVIEVE (she slouches into her seat) Absolutely nothing.
NIKOLAI (entering suddenly) A great plan that I second immediately.
They all tilt their heads towards the doorway as Nikolai makes his way to them. He looks calm and amused, but when he takes a seat next to Genevieve he doesn't relax into the couch, looking as tense and unsure as she feels, as she quickly takes notice by glancing over at him.
GENEVIEVE Good timing. I needed some back up because I'm pretty sure Jackson is about to take Jo's side on this argument.
The group continues bickering as the scene FADES OUT and FADES IN on the next morning.


The gymnasium looks like all other high school gymnasium's do, except new and shining, and full of mats, punching and reflex bags, sparring gear, weight lifting equipment, and grappling dummies. We zoom into an adult with chestnut hair tied into a low ponytail around 30 years of age, tall and clearly in shape, standing in front of a group of around 25 students with his arms crossed and a stern look on his face

COACH Alright everyone, my name is Professor Langdon but you can call me Coach because that's what I'll be to you for the next year. Your class has all been separated into groups of around 25 and given a team of trainers to test your capabilities in order to grasp your standing and properly place you into classes. Obviously, I'll be testing your strength, endurance, and reflexes. We'll start off with basic reflex and weight training today, tomorrow will be when we practice fighting, then we'll test endurance the following day. Do we have any questions?
Everyone stares at him nervously, shifting and fidgeting in their spots. Suddenly a few hands are raised.

STUDENT 1 How long is testing every day?
COACH Good question, each testing class is going to be about two to three hours, however that is because there are 25 of you I need to go through and promptly but accurately test. With that in mind, there will be a good amount of down time. I may end up splitting the class into two sections so that the first half of class will go first, and then they will be free to go while the other half comes in. This will mostly be for tomorrow's grappling and fighting techniques testing though so I'll decide after class today. For today's class let's get into groups of two or three and separate into different stations. Since there are 25 of you, please make sure I see you and advise you at each station, and please be patient.
The class begins and the camera focuses on Genevieve, Nikolai, and Jo. Genevieve gives a look at both, shrugs and pulls them towards a reflex bag.

A montage is seen on screen of them weight lifting and punching at reflex bags and punching bags while the coach comes around taking note of their technique and strength. They are then seen being taught basic fighting techniques and grappling with dummies as well as each other. Genevieve excels in this, as well as Nikolai, but Jo is not as enthusiastic. Finally they are seen endurance running on an outdoor trail, finally collapsing into the grass together as an end to the montage.


GENEVIEVE Oh my god, I think I'm going to die.
JOLENE Death would be too kind at this point. Never again will I mock my sister when she goes to run every morning before the sun even rises. Clearly I should have joined her.
NIKOLAI I feel great, I don't know what you muppets are complaining about.
GENEVIEVE (pulls out grass and throws it tiredly in his direction) Boo, go home, no one needs your enthusiasm here.
JOLENE But in all seriousness, how did your other tests go? I didn't see any of you guys in my other groups besides Jackson in the psychological examinations.
GENEVIEVE They went pretty weirdly...I'm not even sure who did good or bad? Like, in the leadership class we were using strategy boards, which I thought didn't exist outside of war films, and they didn't tell me whether my strategy was right or super off course.
NIKOLAI God I know, it's killing me. I feel like I'm secretly a big failure in everything and they just don't have the guts to tell me. Were you guys super freaked out by the psychological tests? Because I felt like they were testing me for super powers. Sorry guys, I cannot literally read yours or anyone else's minds.
JOLENE Well, some of it made sense to me, and Jackson looked totally at ease and in his element. A lot of it was gut feeling for me, like you just took what you thought you understood from the situation given and went with it.
GENEVIEVE Clearly you are more suited for that section then we are, I was mostly lost. I bet you aced the intelligence testing.
JOLENE Probably. I figured it'd be the likeliest option for me.
NIKOLAI With that analytical mind? I see you nowhere else. Did you know how to hack those programs? I can barely handle social media, let alone that.
JOLENE Yeah, I mean once you understand the gist of any formulaic compound it's not that hard. Still, it was pretty tough towards the end.
GENEVIEVE (She stares at her uncomprehendingly) Jo, you're going to secretly take over the world one day, I swear it. (a beat before she changes topics dramatically) Nick, what group do you see yourself in?
NIKOLAI Probably strength. I just know I didn't fit into intelligence or psych, and I wouldn't have a clue how to lead anybody. What about you?
GENEVIEVE Same, really. Though I did understand some stuff from each group, the physicality of The Strength is so much more clear and real to me than anything else could be.
JOLENE Great, I've managed to befriend the meat heads.
Both Genevieve and Nikolai sputter indignantly at her, insulted.
(she throws grass at Jo's face)
JOLENE (she laughs while swiping at the grass) I'm kidding, I'm kidding, don't kill me with your bulging biceps.
They all laugh together as the scene fades.


All students are gathered here as Madame Tanager once again stands at the front of the group with a pile of papers within her grasp. There is a pedestal that she walks over to and places them on, placing her reading glasses on the edge of her nose before she begins to speak.

MADAME TANAGER Now, I'm sure the past few days have been both physically, mentally, and emotionally draining, so we'll try to keep this short and sweet so you can enjoy your first weekend here at the Academy without having to worry over this. I will be reading from a list firstly your full name, and then which room in the academy you shall be headed to in order to receive your group orientation. There your new supervisors will coordinate your classes with you. As always if you have an issue, I shall be in my office, feel free to make an appointment. Now without further ado, let us begin.
Madame Tanager begins reading off names, fading into the background as Genevieve, Jackson, and Jolene begin to whisper to each other.

JACKSON Man this is gonna take forever.
JOLENE (shushes him) I'm coming up soon and there really aren't that many people in our class, don't be so impatient.
GENEVIEVE Hey guys where's Nick?
JACKSON (looks around) Oh, there he is. He's with that group of people I always see him hanging with when he's not with us.
Camera zooms to where Nikolai is chatting quietly with a group of two girls and three other boys, all of them looking serious.

GENEVIEVE Wait, what, he has other friends? No, but really, when did this even happen? I haven't even had time to sleep let alone make more friends.
JOLENE Can you guys please hold off I just need to-
MADAME TANAGER Jolene Edmund, room 121.
JOLENE Never mind, continue.
JACKSON Look, Nick and I are acquaintances, but you're really the one who connects him to Jo and I. He only comes around when you're with us. Which, I mean, is most of the time anyway, since no one else can handle you.
GENEVIEVE (shoves him lightly) Right back at you dude. And that's weird, I never even really noticed that.
JOLENE That's because you're too busy staring dreamily into each other's eyes whenever he's around.
GENEVIEVE (scoffs) Please, like you're one to t- (Jo pinches her)
MADAME TANAGER Jackson Lefroy, room 135
GENEVIEVE Also I do not stare dreamily at anything. I am a fierce independent woman in need of no man.
JOLENE But if you were in need, Nikolai would be your first choice.
GENEVIEVE I can't help it, I have a type.
JACKSON (rolling his eyes) What? A guy who has an affinity for brute force and leather?
GENEVIEVE (laughs) Yeah, something like that. But anyway, it's not like I'm gonna do anything about it.
(She looks up suddenly at the call of her name)
MADAME TANAGER Genevieve Montclair, room 163.
JOLENE And why aren't you?
GENEVIEVE (shrugs) I'm really not looking for a thing right now. And I think we work well as friends.
JACKSON We'll see how long that lasts.
GENEVIEVE I love the faith you have in me.

MADAME TANAGER Now that I have called all of your names, please proceed in an orderly fashion to your assigned class rooms.
GENEVIEVE I'll see you guys later, I guess.
They all wave to each other and head their separate ways. The camera follows Genevieve down a hallway and into her room where Coach is waiting for her with a few other students and two other professors, a man and a woman that she has yet to meet.

COACH As you have probably guessed by how the testing went or by seeing us here, you have all been put into The Strength. Welcome, I'm sure we'll be having lots of fun together. These two are my right hand men-
The woman clears her throat.
COACH -and women. You know what I mean Stace. We will be your main professors throughout your experience here at the Academy, though depending on the scores you got in the other sections you might be "minoring" so to speak, in something else. We'll go over that with you individually, just know you got the highest score in this section. If you have a problem with that feel free to make an appointment to further discuss the matter. Now, we'll begin discussing the classes you can choose from and what might be preferred for each of you.
Cut to next scene


Genevieve walks into the game room searchingly before her eyes land on Jo and Jackson sitting on the same couch as before. She walks towards them and takes a seat on the chair next to their couch.
GENEVIEVE This is going to be our spot isn't it?
JOLENE Yup. So. The Strength?
GENEVIEVE Yep. and with a minor in The Power, which surprised me.
JACKSON Guess you had good evasive maneuvers after all?
GENEVIEVE Guess so. What about you, Jackson? I already know Jo is in The Knowing.
JACKSON To the surprise of no one. Yeah I'm actually in The Third Eye group. Once again part of the least popular group at school. This is the summary of my high school life.
JOLENE Oh come on, Third Eye is so cool, and I'm minoring in that so we might even have some classes together.
GENEVIEVE Yeah dude, for all we know you'll probably be the coolest. I mean, you guys can basically psychoanalyze someone and read their minds until they give you all their secrets. You're going to be the mental version of a ninja.
NIKOLAI (his voice picks up from behind them) That sounds amazing. That would make a great film. Very artsy. Mental ninjas.
GENEVIEVE Speaking of ninjas, do you just lurk in every corner waiting for your perfect entrance?
NIKOLAI I'm just that good. On to what really matters; I'm in The Power with a minor in The Strength, shockingly enough.
JOLENE Lord, someone wants to put you in charge of things?
GENEVIEVE They've made a terrible mistake, all is lost now.
They all laugh as Nikolai looks insulted.
NIKOLAI I'll have you know they said my strategy and logic skills were impeccable, thank you very much.
(He folds his arms and huffs)
JACKSON Aw look, he's offended.
NIKOLAI You guys are a bunch of jerks you know that?
GENEVIEVE Welcome to friendship. If your feelings aren't being secretly hurt at every turn, you're not doing it right.
(she makes a wide gesture with her hands)
JOLENE I worry for what friends you had back in your hometown.
GENEVIEVE Maybe that's why everyone always said they were busy Saturday nights.
(she pretends to ponder this)
They all laugh as Jolene gets up and stretches, yawning.
JOLENE Well, ladies and gents, I bid you adieu. We have classes pretty early tomorrow so I'm gonna hit the hay.
JACKSON Yeah you're right, let me walk you to your room milady?
JOLENE Well, if you insist.
He holds out his arm which Jolene takes hold of as they walk out, calling their goodnights as they leave.
NIKOLAI Are they-?
GENEVIEVE Honestly who knows? They've been attached since the moment they met so I wouldn't be surprised, but like also it feels vaguely incestous.
Genevieve looks around and notices the game room is mostly empty. The clock reads midnight.
GENEVIEVE Ah, it is actually kind of late, I should probably go too.
NIKOLAI Yeah, same. But uh, before you go, can I talk to you about something?
GENEVIEVE (shrugs) Sure, what's up?
NIKOLAI So. uh, have you noticed anything strange about this place?
GENEVIEVE (immediately looks serious) A lot of things. What, specifically are you talking about?
NIKOLAI I've met a few people over the past few days who are pretty damn suspicious of this place, and they've basically confirmed what I've been thinking. One of them is a really talented hacker, and they've been looking through the files for this place since before we got here. Apparently there's a lot more going on than what they've told us.
GENEVIEVE What do you mean?
NIKOLAI (gesturing wildly with his hands) The way they've separated us all into different groups, specializing on certain things, you don't think that's weird?
GENEVIEVE Of course it's weird, but I mean it's not that much more weird than any college prep school.
NIKOLAI Well, this hacker, she told me that in the files it states that there's this experimental serum they had created, right? It was supposed to make any person, or soldier, basically acquire super human abilities. It basically quickens cell reproduction and strengthens everything in a person; cognitively, physically, and mentally. The perfect soldier. However the first experiments didn't go right. They decided to take a less than ethical approach at that. We're the result of that last experiment. Experiment nineteen.
GENEVIEVE When did they-?
NIKOLAI We were only kids when they implanted it. And according to files we should be growing into most of it when we reach physical maturity. Or, to them, when we turn eighteen.
GENEVIEVE So that's why we're here. They want to see if there's any development once we peak. They're probably watching us right now.
NIKOLAI They are. But there's no mics on the cameras here. We've checked.
GENEVIEVE So that's what your little group has been up to? Spying on the government? You're as dumb as you are brave.
NIKOLAI (grins shamelessly) I'll most certainly take that as a compliment, Geney.
GENEVIEVE So what are you guys planning on doing with this information? Also do you know what will be done with us after we turn eighteen? Or after the school year for that matter?
NIKOLAI That's what's worrying us. The file was redacted towards the end on what they're planning on doing. They just say that they need to further study us and how we react to it once we turn. The group and I have decided to keep an eye out. The first of us to turn eighteen, the first to get the shot, Jamie Bells, turns eighteen at the end of this month. If anything happens to him, or he goes missing, we're planning subterfuge.
GENEVIEVE Why tell me all of this?
NIKOLAI I need people I can trust, and I don't really know you but I feel like you're a straight shooter. I want you to join us if we do leave, loyalty is going to be important if we plan to run. We don't have plans for getting a lot of people out, but I want you with us. I don't think this place is going to be safe for long once we all start turning 18 Geney, and I also don't trust the government with super soldiers at their command.
GENEVIEVE Yeah but we haven't even begun to learn anything, if we leave before the year is up, there's a chance we wouldn't even make it without help, who knows what we'd be expecting.
NIKOLAI That's why we'll have each other. Plus, you think that security will be this lax once we all start turning? We need to get the jump on them before they know we know.
GENEVIEVE (sighs then shakes her head) Yeah, that makes sense. Strategically.
NIKOLAI Just strategically?
GENEVIEVE Logic remains unclear.
NIKOLAI Well, the tests did say the logic button is a bit broken in my brain. But are you in anyway?
GENEVIEVE I...I don't know Nick. Give me some time to think about it, yeah? It's kind of a lot to process.
NIKOLAI Yeah, I get that. I'll walk you back your room okay?

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