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The wind carries a lost love's call
The Distant Song

She calls to me, my love so fair
Her whisper knits within my heart
Hearkens each fiber woven true
My love, her essence, life did part

“Be still my love,” stirs on the winds
“No longer will this chasm lie
Stretched out before eternity
And fills the wanting of our eye"

The winds soon cry then rendered still
And with their calm my ears do grieve
My love, her voice, her lovely song
Do vanish as my thoughts bereave

In turn, my call falls silently
Amidst the longing in my soul
As doubts abound find ill repair
I pray, my God, to easy this toll

Illusions, do they well consume,
And bound me to an endless dream?
Or does the Devil, my love's song breathe,
To laugh upon a heartless scheme?

For countless nights, the winds draw near
Enchant me with my fair love's song
Laments my heart by cursed embrace
Hence, I bid them to be gone

The last I hear my true love's call,
Which rests upon my dying breath
A prayer I cry unto my Lord -
My spirit take, upon my death

My love, I know, is near to you
Of this my heart can rest in peace
Eternity is well abound
The moment that my life does cease

Once the chasm, stretched far and wide -
A span of pain and mystery
No longer will this curtain lie
To dim the light we long to see

Line Count: 36

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