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More on Kide and Syrin
"What can we do with these things? I'm not used to using other types of magic besides water manipulation" Syrin admits this hesitantly. She worries that she might be useless and this is a fear that has followed her throughout her life so far, but that comes later.
"To be honest I'm really not sure myself. I haven't really done a whole lot of magic, however I have a good feeling about this Syrin. Don't know why, but I feel as if there is something binding us together. Whatever we are going to do will just give that bond a physical presence. I have an idea but I really have no idea if it will work or not. Do you trust me?"
Hesitantly, Syrin said the only answer that came to her young mind, "Yes I trust you completely Kide. Although I have to say, this is the fastest I have ever been able to trust someone before. It kind of scares me." Her innocent now gold-green eyes looked straight into his very soul. This girl, Kide realized, has never been corrupted by the outside world. He may not know if there were times that someone has tried, however he was aware that she was shielded, whether it was by her own conscious doing or that of someone else, perhaps even just an involuntary thing from deep in her subconscious. He also realized that this girl who was almost a young woman had a great latent power sleeping inside of her. Even so, there was nothing more that he would want from life if he could just protect her.
"The same goes for me, there are very few people I find that I trust, but with you I have no fear or worry except never being able to meet with you again. That would be the worst possible thing that I can think of happening." As he says this Kide reached over and cupped Syrins face in his palm, slowly and carefully leaning toward her as if he would frighten her away with a sudden movement. Syrins wide eyes watch his face as it slowly inches towards her, and for no reason she can fathom relaxes utterly as his soft dark pink lips touch her lighter more delicate looking ones.After a few bliss filled seconds Kide pulled away. For him that had been the first time that he ever kissed someone. The thoughts running through his head were of perfect joy that had a touch of longing to them. He didn't want Syrin to leave and never be able to see her again. That would be the worst thing he could think of happening just then. The girl looked over at the boy and it was plain to see that she shared those feelings, even though as Kide glanced over at the girl and caught her eye, a slow blush was creeping over her face.
"What is wrong?" Kide didn't know what might cause the blush on her face, but secretly he thought that it just made her more beautiful.
"I have never done that before. No one has ever even hinted about wanting to kiss me before." Slightly confused and just a little embarrassed Syrin turned her gaze from Kide's eyes. "It just feels as if there is a storm inside. A heavy storm, and yet…." Syrin trailed off hesitantly.
"And yet what?" Kide asked this from his own confused and now apprehensive brain. He felt as if he needed to hear the rest of her answer or his heart just may burst. As he was only fifteen Kide didn't know much about the ways of love. He only knew what he had heard around his village, which to be fair wasn't much. He had no other way of really having it explained to him either. Kide had no parents to explain things to him. They died in a very mysterious death several years ago...
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