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Blessings happen as Angelic first responders take over to comfort those in need!
Somewhere someone is saying a prayer for help, somewhere someone is praying for Divine Guidance to lead them and somewhere else someone is praying for all those in need.

Perhaps there are no accidental encounters in life. Perhaps every person we encounter is a miraculous unfolding of "angelic first responders" unknowingly responding to "911 prayer requests".

Perhaps Heavenly souls direct us, connect us and cause necessary paths to cross. Those in need of wisdom with those who may unknowingly possess bits of wisdom. Like miraculously answered prayers that calm fears and provide hope and peace during difficult storms in life.

Perhaps it has nothing to do with any level of human intelligence only the willingness to allow our feet to follow and our heart and minds to be open to transmitting angelic messaging.

Yesterday upon completing my daily lunchtime visit I tell my sweet friend "I must go now but I will be back to see you on Monday". "I won't be here on Monday" she tells me. "You won't? Where will you be?" I ask. "I will be with the angels" she tells me.

As a hospice support worker I know that the changes she speaks of are always a looming possibility for many of my patients. It is at this point that my angels in heaven take over and speak for me. I somehow am able to very calmly tell her beautiful stories of my grandson who also traveled this transitional road from earth to heaven and the beautiful messages and signs of hope and strength he shares with me of a Love that is so strong that it can so easily and continuously transcend the distance between Heaven and Earth. Her eyes open with an attention that unquestionabley asks for more. "Angel first responders" take over and speak with an eloquence and confidence we humans don't possess.

Overhearing our conversation a facility aid kindly stops what she is doing and enters into the conversation. I am able to tell her memories of how my grandson loved taking care of the newborn baby that blessed the neighbors family a few months before his departure. How he very quickly earned the title as the "baby whisperer". How whenever he would hear the baby cry "Give me the baby, guys" he would say. His ability to calm the baby from the hospital bed that had been brought into the home to provide comfort for him was nothing short of amazing.

Even though we attempt to plan our futures, life has a way of dealing us unpredictable surprises. It is within these tragic painful events that we are exposed to an UN-measurable level of education that a person would never choose to experience, but the beauty and depth of faith it can leave us with is life changing. We can gather strength from deep sorrow and an ability to recognize and empathize with others who are experiencing similar difficulties, and when our loved ones in Heaven feel the connection of spirit they intervene and quietly and humbly take over and speak through us with a confidence otherwise unknown to us.

2 Corinthians 1:4 He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.

We are all teachers as well as students. Divine guidance leads us to those who have the wisdom that we need. The most profound messages often reach us when we least expect them.

Even when we may not be intentionally attempting to teach others, our actions and responses often share lessons much greater then words are capable of. Possibly through an angelic blessing being sent to a another soul requesting a message of wisdom.

Thank you Lord for the continued conversation! and for the beautiful army of "Angelic First Responders" answering the emergency prayer requests!

With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela

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