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A Unicorn's DIscovery
The Grey Unicorn

Anabel liked languishing in the open field. She liked the way the lush blue green grass massaged her ping fluffy stomach as she rolled around in it. She liked it on days like today, when the wind brushed the full cotton candy main that started at the top of her head, and continued all the way down to her tail. Most of all she liked the sound the wind would make as it wound its way through the dark leafy leaves of the dark forest.
That was enough reason for her to come out here to the meadow on the edge of the forest. Today there was another reason. She laid there, waiting. She waited throughout the day, even as the sun started it slow decent, and the forest shadows began its invasion of the open field.
She waited and began to worry that maybe this was not the day. Then she saw him emerge.
He was not like anyone she had ever seen before. Nothing like the unicorns in her village. Instead of pink soft hide with a cotton candy main, his was hide was dark grey, like the forest. His main was black topped by a black shiny horn sticking strait out of his head.
The first time she was not sure she really saw him. She had reached the crescent when a strong wind made her turn her head. He was so far away. she could not be sure what she was looking at. A week later she saw him again. He was closer and she was able to get a better look. But it was quick. He darted back into the forest. She was sure he was watching her as she lay in her favorite spot. Waiting until she left. This time she was not leaving. She would wait, and wait. it was worth it.
It wasn’t his muscular lean build that she found fascinating. He gave her a defiant look as she laughed out loud, thinking how Marianne would gush over them. Nor was it the shiny black hide, with the unusual white circular lines that flowed through it. What she couldn’t get over was his defiant attitude. He was standing there looking away from her, making believe he did not even notice that she was there. Arrogant, defiant. She just stared.
“What are you looking at” he asked, without even bothering to face her. Maryanne didn’t answer.
“I asked you a question”
“Do you always get an answer”, Marybelle responded. “Besides what’s with the attitude?”
“No attitude, I just don’t care for unicorns. Especially the soft pink kind”.
‘I’ll repeat. What’s with the attitude. You don’t have to be rude”
“Says the unicorn who can’t stop staring at the freak. Your just like the rest of them. Well at least you’re not throwing things. Next time bring your friends. I am sure that will give you more courage.”
Maryanne smiled. “I don’t throw things, I am fine on my own. Your still rude”.
“Oh so your one of those do gooders. You need a project. Bring me back into your world. Let me tell you something, your world is not so special. I have everything I want her in the forest. “
“What! What do you mean what?
“What is so special about your forest that you insist on living alone”
“Let’s get something straight. I don’t insist on nothing. I just do what I want, when I want, and how I want.”
“And your forest. What is so special about it.”
He turned, for the first time, and faced her. For a long while he just stood there and stared back at her, his nostrils flaring. For her part Maryanne just kept her position. Smiling back at him. Waiting.
“Why are you still laying on the grass, staring at me? Why were you waiting there all that time”?
“I wanted to find out who was spying me all those weeks”, she responded.
“Spying you! I was not Spying on you! I don’t need to spy on anyone.”
“Yes you were”, Maryanne gently responded. At first it was just a feeling, I would look as I ran around the meadow, but could not see anyone. I figured it was only my imagination. Then about a week ago I turned around and saw a dark figure emerge from the forest. I always heard sounds from the forest, birds, the wind against the leaves. Some of the noises always seemed strange, wondrous. But I never imagined a four-legged being could be in there. Maybe an intelligent one.”
“Maybe an intelligent one, he repeated as he lifted his head. “Typical pink arrogance.”
“Guilty”, she agreed. “Now tell me about your forest. Why do you think it is so special?
“You would not understand.”
“I am not leaving until you tell me. “
He stood there and stared at her. Nostrils flaring. Feet stomping. Maryanne laid there, her legs folded underneath her, in the lush, cool grass. She shook her head, shaking her head smiling at his act.
“I’m not going anywhere, stop being silly and tell me.”
He stopped, tucked his front and back legs underneath him and looked at her.
“The short version. When I am in the forest, laying on to of green moss next to a ipid tree, a beautiful butterfly may land on my snout. We would silently communicate. There is no hurt, no judgement. There is just the butterfly, the sounds and smells of the forest, and me. That is what makes it special. “
“Show me”, she asked.
He was looking at her, trying to think of a response, when a loud, frightened noise emerged from the depths of the forest.
“Not now. It is not safe” he said. He then turned and ran into the into the woods behind him.
Maryanne watched as he quickly disappeared between the thick wooden trees.
“I hope you come back” she said out loud to herself. I will.

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