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Still more about she
I met a brown haired dream, with eyes as black as coal. We drank and we dined and we laughed and told jokes. We explored in exotic locations and the sounds of her passions brought wall pounding from neighbors and warnings from desk jockeys. She was smart and she was naughty but she was not you.

I kissed a black haired lady, with red satin sheets. She was warm and soft and we talked for hours. We found out-of-the-way tables that served savory dishes and we made things together and we figured and we planned. The finest of cigars were shared back and forth and we paired them with whiskey and brandy and such. She was fine and she was classy but she was not you.

I found a fawn haired woman, with a great big heart. She cooked and she cleaned and she worked on my truck. We camped and we fished and we shared kids and dreamed. She surprised me with rodeos and took me to fairs and almost bought me a chicken. If I had a need she filled it and if I had a desire she made it happen. She was giving and she was loyal but she was not you.

I had a golden haired girl, with music in her soul. She danced and she moved and she bubbled with life. We held hands and we kissed and we sang beach songs with Buffet and rock songs with Mellencamp. Her lips were inviting and her eyes searched my soul. We drank the smoothest of tequila at hole-in-the-wall bars and broke records in hotels and made out in the elevators at work. She was hot and she was passionate but she was not you.

I once held the hand of a red haired fantasy with the power to capture my heart. It knew her before I did and opened wide up and she made it light up and fly. She filled it clear full and opened up places and caused feelings that I didn't know existed. And now she is gone so it pouts and it screams and it absolutely refuses to let anyone else in because it found what it wanted and anyone else simply won't do. She is brilliantly magical. And she is out of this world breath-taking. And you already know... that she is you.
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