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Chapter 2 of Lady Jayne

Lady Jayne chapter2

She was lounging on the new black leather loveseat, facing the door as I came in. Long Raven colored hair, freely descending over a white tee shirt. She was beautiful, and like always I wondered how I can be so lucky.

"Torn suit slacks on a first interview. New Fad" Her eyes opened wide, showing off her green eyes, as she said this. She usually did not wear makeup, and today was no different. And then there was her famous smirk, as she lay there silently waiting for my response.

"Slacks happened later, Interview went well. Story after shower, with wine and a kiss."

I have to wait for my kiss!"

"Next time kiss first, quip later", I answered while darted past her attempted grab.

The shower was nice, warm, and longer than I expected. I kept thinking about the homeless lady and trying to figure out why I stayed with her, following her. Not that I am heartless. It just was not what usually do. Give to charity, sure. 5k charity run, sure. Get involved. Not me. Except today. I Just could not get that out of my head. I could not even imagine what Zoe is going to say after I tell her, or even how to tell her.

She had changed seats by the time I came out of the shower and dressed.

"Aww. I like you in ripped pants. Makes you look sexy, in a needy sort of way. I like you needy"

She had moved over to the large leather couch perpendicular to the love seat she was seating on before. She was no longer wearing shorts, a glass of red wine in her left hand. On the white, opaque table, sat another glass of red wine.

"With all the red wine we drink, do you still think it was a good idea to buy white plush carpet," I asked.

"Oh no you don't. No distractions. Well, almost no distractions. Ripped pants, homeless lady, interview, story, now."

I had to smile. I love her. Especially her determination, and ability to take control, when she wants to.

"Can I get my wine first?" I didn't wait for her answer. Picking up my glass of wine, I sat on the love seat and lifted my glass to her. "Cheers, and by the way you look very distracting."

She lifted her glass and tilted it toward mine. "Cheers, now start telling".

And I did. First, I told her why I thought the interview went well. It was a good position, for a lawyer with my background and skill set. Challenging. The pay was substantial.

"Blah, blah, blah. Get to the interesting stuff already. Bookkeeping is boring.

We both chuckled. She was right of course. I was still trying to process it all. I refilled our glasses and started telling.

"What are you laughing at!". I had finished telling her the story. Without smiling, she carefully placed her glass on the table, sat up straight, looked directly at me, and then started to laugh uncontrollably.

"Stop laughing", I said. It is not that funny.

"You're right. Your story is not that funny, but I cannot get that picture out of my head, That very funny picture". She put her glass down again and continued to laugh."

"What picture"

"The picture of your father, the great Charles Dewitt, the third, esquire. Senior partner of Dewitt, Smith, and Powell. I keep seeing him across the street watching his wayward son, following this homeless woman for two blocks, and helping her pick up garbage."

I had already started to laugh along with her before she finished her description. Luckily, I was able to put my glass down without spilling any of the red wine. This carpet was going to be a problem. The two of us were still laughing when my cell interrupted.

I looked at the name and managed to quickly compose myself.

"Mr. Berkley, uh hello. I wasn't expecting a call so soon. I would be happy to meet with your partner. What day? Would Tuesday morning do? Wonderful. I am looking forward to it too."

Zoe sat upright on the couch. Her glass safely secured on the table. Her lips clenched close.

"Next Tuesday, huh. Sounds like a busy day"

"It was his suggestion. I am just going to the interview, then coming home. Hopefully, I will greet you at the door when you come home after work and we will go out for a big celebration."

"uh huh, she said, with a straight face before she started laughing loudly again. Interview, then you date. Huh. Maybe I should be getting jealous.

I continued to defend myself and said I was only going on an interview on Tuesday. She continued to laugh, but louder. I reached the couch and jumped on her before she could escape. It was going to be a very nice evening I thought.

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