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Things that put me in the Christmas Spirit
My Christmas Spirit

The ornaments that I hang upon my tree today
Hold much wonderment of the season for me
With each bauble unwrapped from newspapers aged
My heart sings of memories pleasant and cherished
The wooden apple carved once out of love
Now worn and smooth, I polish to reignite the shine
A treasured family heirloom, it offers connection to my past
There are the ornaments of my childhood passed down
Plastic creations of the 50's and 60's represent simpler times
Classic and refined trimmings spawned from another era
As I unpeel the paper around the blue silver bell, so shiny
A dainty bell once warmed by the hand's of my mother
Allows me to touch the heavens if only for a moment
There are the traditional ornaments from the birth of each child
Or the numerical countdown of their birthdays given by well-wishers
I drape them upon the twigs of fir in graceful display
Tenderly revisiting the infancy of each child, that is no longer
The ornaments crafted by my kids are much the worse for wear
An eyesore for some, bear a place of honor upon my tree
As I picture again, the love and pride with which they were presented
My tree holds no resemblance to the magazine pageantry
My tree is a regal arrangement of the true Christmas Spirit
Adorned and blessed with a legacy of family life

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