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poem on my younger life
I'm trying my hardest I don't want to grow up to become a failure
but when everybody's counting on you all you feel is pressure
all the stress you gain at home starts to show up in your work
youre rebeling you dont know it cause deep inside it hurts
everyday its something new something bad something sad
my faith was like a mountain now its like a grain of sand
take my hand Lord dont leave me all alone
Im an angel im in hell and i just want to go home
everything great that you gave me you took it away
they say just live for tomorrow and dont worry about today
but i cant because i know that tomorrow ill starve
and life is going to deal me another fucked up card
but i learned how to play the cards i was dealt
put the haters to the left and look out for family and self
smile at evil and let God deal with that
but im not saying be stupid somebody bust you bust back
i cant concetrate on school because my fridge is empty
cant concetrate on work because the block is tipping
and even though what i do is wrong i do it with good intetions
but when i do wrong its world wide and the good goes unmentioned
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