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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2144984
The morning after.
My eyes open to torure you again, you are leaving.
Standing over me, gazing down at your accomplishment, your eyes plead permission and pause.
Kissing my lips slowly and unsurely.
Soft desperation and longing power through your hand rising to caress my cheek.
I've found you again, why must we be so lost?
Be strong for me, as I have been strong for you.
Push past the white noise to where I await your arrival.
Your mouth meets mine again, the night before flashes before my eyes.
All this encapsulated in a wavering kiss, oceans of doubt washed away into nothing.
The way your prescence dominates me when we're alone, suddenly,
It feels impersonal.
Did you want her then like you want me now?
Look my dear, we can both be selfish now.
I'm asking you to see me, if nothing else equates to your capabilities.
You both cause and defect numbness, reflecting off everything you have done.
In a permenant state of emotion, you have felt what I have felt deeper than anyone, perhaps including me.
My face riots in your brain, reminding you of your mistakes.
You think it is your body I yearn for deep down, forgiveness in the form of offering.
To you, I am scorned, however we have both been wrong.
I'm pleading now, pulling you in, eroding any space between us.
Praying you can stay, even if I can't keep you.
We could move a mountain if we wanted,
Reign supreme over the past and start again.
The bedroom, a kingdom of solitude.
Imbalance eats away at me, we can be us again.
Feeling each other's emotions, intimate and relentless.
I'm so sorry my love, for I have been so blind to you.
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