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Favorite Author Chapter Template and Three Part Character Development Mode
Lesson 1  -  Favorite Author Chapter Template and Three Part Character Development Model - January 18.
Assignment 1  -  Favorite Author Chapter Template and Three Part Character Developmental Model

Historical fiction is my favorite genre, hence any author doing historical fiction gets the favorite spot.  This time around it is Kathleen Tessaro and the book is The Perfume Collector.  The reader knows the secret long before the CC, but Tessaro is a strip tease artist with the way she reveals the clues that allow the CC to get it.  It is quite wonderful.  The whole thing deals with figuring out how come Grace Maudley Munroe came to inherit the vast fortune of Eva d’Orsey.

                  Components for chapter:  Hotel Hermitage, Monte Carlo 1932, 43 pages 
                   Backstory: This chapter picks up with three characters converging in Monte Carlo.  The backstory for Andre Valmont is that he is trying to build a perfume empire, but lacks the finesse and social skills to do so on his own.  The backstory for Eva d’Orsey and Lambert (a/k/a Lamb) are traveling together.  They both know each other’s secret and are tied together by that secret.  We can guess at her secret, but Lambert’s secret is a whopper that takes the reader by complete surprise. --20%

           Character Development: This is the chapter that reveals the most depth of each character. For Andre, it shows the pain and sadness behind his arrogance and snobbishness.  For Eva, it shows that she only hates two people in the whole world, and Kim Waverly, a b-rate actress is one of them.  For Lamb, it shows how alcohol screws up one’s life so completely.  He has a nonsensical befuddled character development of loyalty to a friend, confusion at doing something that will lead to another’s death – yet doing it anyway, and then his self-punishment for his act because he loathes himself for what he has done.  From previous chapters we have learned that Eva met Kim Waverly five years previous and is the one that sold Eva to a German for a movie career.  We never got her name in the early chapters, just that she grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota and went into life as a cortisone because it was the fastest way to life as a movie star as she could take.  30%

           Scene Setting:  Hotel Hermitage is one of the poshest hotels in Monte Carlo.  We are escorted through a series of what the hotel rooms and common areas of the hotel would have been like, a flavor of the clientele that frequented the Hotel, and some of the culture that existed at that time.  14%

            Exposition that moves the story:  This is the chapter where relationships are forged and ended.  Andre arrives in Monte Carlo to start a business, but no business acumen to do so.  Meeting and reacquainting with Eva gives his business the legs it needs for his future success.  Eva gets her revenge on one of her arch enemies.  Lamb gets the peace he has been seeking for years.  10%

           Dialogue that moves the story forward:  “Mademoiselle, every day you ask me the forecast.  Every day you want it to rain.  Why?”
“Because … I long for the roll of thunder, the darkening sky, the sudden eruption of a cold refreshing shower.”

[Valmont] “Did you by any chance smell it [the handkerchief], Mademoiselle?”
[Eva] “Rain!”
V:  Actually, summer rain on a warm pavement.  But who’s arguing?”
E:  You made it rain…

Race Car Driver:  How is it an old man like you ended up with the most beautiful girl in Monte Carlo?
Lambert:  I’ll tell you what.  I’ll do you a deal.  You can have her for a small fee.
R:  A fee?  Are you mad?
L:  No, I’m perfectly serious.  Ten thousand pounds and she’s yours.
R:          That’s no small fee.
L:          She’s worth it.
R:          How can you sell another person?
L:  If you sell the lead, you get the dog for free.

Eva:  You promised!
Lambert:          I never said I was willing to go that far.  Never!
E:          She likes you.  It will be easy
L:  And what about me?  What if I don’t like her?
E:  Do I have to remind you how far I’ve gone for you?  How much I sacrificed?  Don’t tell me you can’t remember!
L:  Dorsey, don’t.
E:  There are only two people I hate in this world.  And she’s one of them!”

10 %

            Foreshadowing:  “You owe me.”  All through the novel, this theme runs vapid.  Every time you could not figure out why people acted the way they did, that phrase would be lurking in the background, both spoken and unspoken.  The fun part is finding out who owed who what.  2%

            Flashbacks:  The chapter starts with a flashback.  Andre is checking into the hotel and happens to overhear the conversation about rain between the concierge and Eva.  He was close enough to smell her and it brought back memories of a young hotel maid in New York. (Eva worked as a maid in a hotel where Andre and his mentor stayed while touring the perfume world five years earlier.) 2%

           Internal Dialogue:  The only internal dialogue I could detect was Andre berating himself for not knowing how to approach the elite clientele at this hotel so that he could get backing for his business. His self-denigrating banter is persistent throughout this chapter.  2%

           Subtext:  When it is revealed how Charles Lamb a/k/a Lambert died, Kim Waverly realizes her fate and soon loses everything.  She can no longer live in Monte Carlo, her career is in ruins and she ends up back on a dairy farm in a remote part of Minnesota.  Eva realizes revenge is sweet.  With Lamb’s death, she got her freedom papers and access to the thing she wanted most.  10%

Take the Three Part Character Development Model and read the three vignettes from Pandora's POV, then rewrite them from Kindred's POV

Kindred Vignette 1:  Character Introduction
In the time before then, there lived a young Prince named Kindred.  He came up to his father’s broad shoulders and had a lean solid frame.  He could hold his own in a sword fight, but he would easily be bested in hand to hand combat.  He could out distance any man in the kingdom in a foot race.  His limbs were by far the part of his anatomy that he was most proud of.  Many would look upon his dark main, dark eyes, and square jaw and think him quite handsome.  He shaved the beard away just enough to leave deep sideburns.  He felt no need to cover his features with ugly facial hair.  Many thought Kindred to be quite handsome.  Kindred gazed upon his countenance and knew himself to be a prisoner of his wardrobe.  In Prince apparel, he could be suave and debonair.  In less formal dress, he would be acknowledged, but not sought after.  If he let his beard grow scruffy, he could be downright overlooked.
He dwelt with his family in the fortress of Bodiam. He grew up in the ways of royalty, knowing how to preside over the court, how to handle the affairs of the realm, how to speak properly, and how to escape the confines of the castle walls when his posh prison closed in.

In the younger days, the groundskeeper, Geoffrey, would take the boy to hand to teach him the courses of becoming a young man of honor and integrity.  Geoffrey did not mind taking the boy fishing or the ways of a grower because he was richly compensated for his efforts.  Geoffrey did not marry and had not produced an heir.  He looked upon Kindred as his heir and the receiver of all his knows and fails.

Because of Geoffrey, Kindred, when time came nigh, learned how to gain access to the fresh air of the vast open fields away from the cloying closeness of the castle keep.  This was where he met the young lasses who were his latest fancy.  Because they did not have a care as to his stature or bearing, they only wanted to spend time in the company of the male species.  Since he was better than most and had all of his teeth, he had the undaunting attention of many of the young ladies of the kingdom.

The early explorations outside the castle gates led him to the haunts of Magda the Kingdom’s seer.  She is the one that taught him how to approach the young ladies in the kingdom, who was “safe” and who was not.  Her instruction kept him out of harm’s way many times.  She had many a copper coin from his trove, and all of them had her mark upon them.  He knew not why she had to bite each piece, only that had to put her scent and her mark on them.

And now on the eve of his Coming of Age Quest, he sought Magda.  No one could call Magda attractive, but she had the presence to keep his attention for hours.  He rolled the coin between his fingers, staring at the door.  Two taps and a fist, and the door opened slowly.  “I’ve been expecting you, Kindred.  Come.”  He closed the heavy wood door behind him and took his usual seat at the table.  His father had commanded him to seek out the Magical Kingdom without making his presence known.  It could be an adventure or it could be incredibly stupid.

The copper coin hit the table and bounced to land almost upright then wobble to spin to flat before the woman with the patch on her left eye took possession of it.

“Your payment.  Tell me what I need to know.”

Kindred let Magda stare at him through her good eye. She made no secret that she admired his youth and masculine form.  Only his need for her oracle readings kept him seated and anticipating and putting up with her barely disguised lust for him.  There were tales that in bygone days, Magda was quite the beauty, and that it was only the enchantment that  left her scarred and ravaged.  Looking at her unkempt appearance, he could not fathom such a statement.  Her hair consisted of long gray strands of wire-like tendrils.  Her skin was mottled and the patch over her eye was the final touch to what he knew was the most revolting sight he would ever see.

Kindred felt the stench of rancid meat tickle the inside of his nostrils.  He tossed his thick dark mane and challenged her with his almost black eyes.  “Magda, I need to know.”  He was not over tall, but he carried himself with the grace and dignity he had been taught since he could pull himself up to walk upright. He flexed his muscle and slammed his fist on the table, then let it shiver to a stop.  Sometimes taking a commanding approach quelled the bobs and weaves as he stemmed the rising of his gorge.

He watched Magda fingered the coin, then bring it to her mouth near the pustule on the right side.  He managed not to vomit, though it was difficult.  “That was not necessary.”

“It’s insurance.  It has my mark and no one will take it from me until the mark is removed.” 

He inhaled deeply while she rasped out her laughter.  If he did not need the seer’s prophesy, he would have bolted outside to make use of the bushes, to relieve the churning going on inside his stomach.  “Out with it, woman!”

“I can’t.  Your future has three possible paths.  I am not allowed to choose your path.”

Kindred dropped his eyes, refusing to let her see that he was misting over.  He recalled the first time he sought prophetic guidance from Magda.  He was at that mystic age between child and man.  She could answer easy questions about winning games of chance, but she was woefully inadequate when it came to guiding his life choices.  Yet, he continued to seek her out.  He knew she was stringing him along only giving enough to keep him coming back.  Even today’s mysterious answer was better than nothing.  He now knew to wait for three options to present before choosing.  But he had to know more, “Magda, where is the enchanted kingdom and how will I know it when I see it?”

She froze momentarily letting the horrid memory flit across her face.  She almost looked somewhat less ugly in these moments.  "Your father wishes you to leave your golden vestment behind and don the garments of a peasant.  You must go inside the hedgerow to be in the bespelled land of The Magical Kingdom. It is not visible to the naked eye, but if you are in the company of an inhabitant, you will have the knowing.  There are ways to know the chosen one, but it is something you will have to surmise on your own.  You will be challenged three times, if you choose unwisely … well, let’s just say I came toe to toe with an inhabitant at one point and chose unwisely."

Vignette 2 - LCE

Geoffrey understood Kindred’s commands and agreed to be his second for the  Coming of Age quest.  Kindred listened to Father’s incessant demands to move faster and make up his mind on the date and time.  Kindred would never tell.  They did not need to know.  When Geoffrey signal the all clear, Kindred ordered the foresight mare to be brought up for his use.  It was a calculated risk to take a psychic horse, but he had to know when he was close to the enchanted kingdom. 

“Be there a reason why the foal is going along for this run?”

The stable hand scratched his head, spitting between blackened teeth in the direction of the barn cat.  “The filly tain’t going nowhere without her wee one.”

Kindred held his breath against the foulness emanating when the stable hand talked.  “Fine.”  He needed to be on his way before Father figured out that today was the day and now was the time for the quest to begin.

Once clear of the Bodiam grounds, Kindred gave the mount her head.  She was at full gallop, ears down, planting each foot with confidence into the turf.  She obviously knew this land quite well and wanted to teach her foal how to own the turf.  Just as fast, she came to a dead halt, refusing to move, ears twitching, nostrils flaring.  Kindred could not coax her to move from this spot.  He inhaled deeply, “Fastima’s mother, you cranky old hag.”  As soon as he uttered the curse, the mare reared back unseating Kindred.  She nipped his shoulder and backed away.  The fear in her eyes would not be overcome.  He tried to get near her, but she and the foal took off leaving Kindred shaking his fist and cursing the fates for his bad luck.

“Who needs you anyway?!  I can find my way to the Magical Kingdom!  I don’t need you.”  Kindred ran his hands through his hair, backing ginger steps as he spun in circles.  His vibrato hushed, “I can find my way on my own.  I don’t need a crazy old horse.”  But Kindred really did need the nag.  She was the only surviving cavalry mount that had seen combat and is rumored to have “vanished” for a long time.  He was warned to take care of her because he would need her to tell him the boundaries and get him inside the enchanted kingdom, but now he was on his own.
He was paying attention long enough to ascertain her fear of the hedgerow near the river, and started navigating the animal path with a long loping trot.  He could hear the water crashing and smell the heaviness of the mists captured in the air.  He came to a halt at the rocky edge, admiring the eddies and tugs where the calm water met the surging water from underneath the surface.  Ah, that’s where Geoffrey secreted his transportation and supplies.

That’s when he heard a beast howl and a pack chasing after a fleet footed young girl, long red hair streaming behind.  Heart racing, cheering her on, “Run!  Faster!  The boat!”  As if on cue, she answered his urgings and got the boat out and away from shore.  “Look out!”  One of the beasts braved the deep water to tip over the boat.  “Beautiful!”  She nailed the beast with a solid punch to his snout.  Fists pumping the air, “Yes!  You did it!”

What was she doing now?  She seemed totally unaware of the waterfall and her proximity to it.  Kindred hoisted himself atop the boulder, frantically waving his hands.  He soon realized this was a mistake.  It only served to draw the attention of the beasts and did nothing to get her to move away from the falls.  “Fastima’s mother!”  He jumped off the rock and ran towards the river’s edge. Though he was by far the fastest runner in the kingdom, the pack closed in on him in hot pursuit.  He needed an escape, but options were limited.  This must be one of the challenges Magda spoke of.  With little thought he ran and jumped, arms windmilling and legs pumping, as far as his momentum would carry and landed feet first in the river. 

He was a strong swimmer, but even he had trouble breaking free of the undercurrents.  With lungs ready to burst, he managed to break the surface of the water just in time to see his life was not spared at all.  The cry of terror that split the air came from him.  He tried to control the fall, but felt his limbs being whipped around like a rag doll, pirouetting in space only to lance into the waters below.

He could barely move, but he knew he had survived going over the falls like a cannonball.  He was disappointed.  He heard others tell of seeing life changing events when they were near death.  He had none of that.  He just remembered using every ounce of strength to not land on his head.  And now his body ached all over, and wished for the sweet darkness of the void where there was no sound and no smells, no anything to indicate life.  That’s when he felt a prod on his back.  It was the only thing that pierced his already overly sensitive nerve endings, to get him to try again and not just float facedown into oblivion. Spitting and coughing, he flopped into the bottom of the boat.  He was sure he was in the afterlife, though he did not know what he had done to deserve such a rich reward.  This was the red-headed goddess that had captured his attention at the river’s bluff.  The lovely creature who had gone over the falls first.  The afterlife would be quite lovely if this creature were to accompany him into eros.

Vignette 3:  Kindred’s POV after LCE

Kindred barely got his head over the side as he retched, gasping, coughing and spitting up water. Each gasp, allowed Kindred to replace the water in his lungs with fresh clean air.  He noted that she was managing to maneuver the boat toward a small beach of an inlet that formed a backwater behind the falls. The sheltered cove blocked the wind and the sun warmed a grave mixture of small stones and sand. He wanted to help her with her wet skirt, but he was too weak to help.  He was content to watch her struggle to tug the boat onto the bank. He let her help him ashore. He could only make three steps up the little bank before dropping to his knees. She must be used to being the center of attention.  He openly admired the way her  soggy garments clung to her body. He remembered to thank his Creator for sparing his life and hoped that his soggy garments revealed his musculature to her pleasure.

After a time, Kindred cleared his lungs. When he glanced up, his jaw dropped open. A long pause stretched between them.

"Sorry about your boat." She shuffled her feet as a look of guilt came over her face. "The wolves made me do it."

"Don't apologize.  I'd have done the same thing."  He smirked at the lame attempt to apologize.  She clearly was not sorry about anything.  She was used to commanding the room, as was he.  She must be someone of highest breeding.

He enjoyed watching her chest rise and fall as she looked around. "I suppose that things could have gone worse?"

Shaking his head, "I thought we were both goners."

"Do you know where we are?"

"Not exactly." He scanned the area out across the rushing river. "I've never gone this far down stream before. Everyone hereabout knows the Great Falls border an Enchanted Forest, and a ruler who doesn't take kindly to strangers."

"Fancy that." The Princess twisted at her soggy dress and squeezed water out through her fingers. "What's your name?"

He hesitated, then revealed. "Kindred."

No reaction.  She did not recognize him and had not heard of him.  This could be a good thing.  Kindred queried, "And yours?"

"My Lady!" She replied with a condescending arrogance. "Once you win my trust, I might allow you to address me informally, if no one else is present." With that she looked away.

"Well . . ." Kindred was delighted that his disguise held.  He quickly wiped the smirk from his face. "You certainly have the dress and demeanor of a highborn."

"See you don't forget it." She stared full on into his face.  Still no sign of recognition or intimidation. "And you?"

Kindred cast about grabbing one idea then another, finally settling on, "My father's a grower."

"Farming's honest work."

He dropped his head ever so slightly to hide his grin.  Nice did not come easy to her.  Her haughty attitude came through in everything.  She must be one of the challenges Magda spoke of. "Indeed it is. Would that I was back there this very instant, plowing the fields and slopping the hogs." He dragged his long fingers through his wet hair to the side.

"Well, Kindred, you're a farmer no more." She looked down her pretty little nose at him. "You serve me now, and Fate has written you a different destiny."

Understanding came slowly, as his grin was replaced with a sign of irritation, '''Tis true You saved my life..." Kindred focused, his elbows resting upon his knees

"I did, didn't I?" Puzzlement floating across her face. "This isn't the way it's supposed to happen."


She enlightened him, "You do know a knight is supposed to save his lady?  And I wound up saving you. That's rather backwards, don't you think?"

Shrugging, "You'll have to ask a Knight."

"It was a rhetorical question," she shot back.


"Duh... Call me MY LADY! Henceforth you shall address me properly."

Kindred smirked.  "You're quite a sight in that soggy dress, MY LADY." He continued to admire the womanly curves revealed by her clinging attire.

"And further you need to stop that obscene gawking.  It's rude for anyone to so openly display his . . .Desire."

He had to look away, he could feel the heat rise into his cheeks, "Forgive me."

"Forgive me what?" She emphasized the "What."

"Forgive me, MY LADY." He blurted it out, it rankled on his ego to be treated like a bottom feeder.

"You're forgiven... Just see it doesn't happen again,”  She had the audacity to point her finger at him, "...And don't forget that you owe me."

"Yes, My Lady." A note of playfulness crept into his voice. A new conquest was in the offing. 

But that would have to wait.  She was shivering and the wind was picking up bringing a chill in the air. He got up and strode to the boat. He popped open a small hatch. Inside the water-tight compartment he found a small assortment of essentials. He took out a bundle of dry clothing, trousers, a shirt, sandals, and half a bar of soap, tossing them at her feet.

"Put these on. You make me cold just watching you. When you get changed, perhaps you'd be so good as to gather some firewood. I'll see if there's some fish to be had." He stepped off and then paused, glancing back over his shoulder, and a mock bow of servitude, "By your leave, of course, My Lady."

Kindred pulled the net from the boat and propped himself on a limb that overhung the water on the waterfall side.  Kindred was thankful that Geoffrey, the groundskeeper, had taught him how to fish and how to prepare his catch afterwards.  His mother was not so thrilled about Kindred spending time with the help, but the alternative of entertaining a small boy was less appealing.  An hour later Kindred ambled into the campsite carrying a stringer of three nice trout.

"I did my part, for all the good it does. We've no fire, or do you intend eating them raw?" she gestured towards his catch.

"Peasants are trained to perform many low tasks. . . My Lady.  Fire making is one of them." He still could not look her in the eye, although he did notice that the peasant garb was very appealing on her. 

Kindred took a moment to recall his teachings from Geoffrey.  He found a rock with the proper indentation, put some dried grass in the center, then set to work using a starting bow to kindle the small flame.  In short order he'd spitted the fish over a small camp fire.  He exaggerated every move so that she would have full view of his masculinity.  He’d have to remember to thank Geoffrey for getting the boat set up with supplies and clothing.  So far the lass had not questioned the good fortune that everything they needed was in the boat.  She had more than two coins to rub together, no doubt, she would soon figure out that there are no accidents.  But for now, they would just enjoy the fish and assuage their hunger. My Lady looked as if she was surprised that the bread was fresh, yet she seemed to enjoy the simple meal.

Twilight settled. The music of croaking frogs resonated in the air. A southern breeze warmed their skin and teased through their hair. He made no pretense of turning away.  He openly watched her as she pulled the girding lace from her blouse, and take a piece of metal from her ruined garments and wrap it around her tunic before tossing the dress aside. 

He held her gaze for quite some time before she tendered a question. "... And what do you suppose the morrow bodes?"

He looked her in the eye. "Are you asking what we need to do, My Lady?"

She waved her hand in a wide arc. "This is a situation suited to a man's knowledge.  So, yes, some advice would not be deemed inappropriate."

Stroking his jaw and feigning to contemplate their dire straits, "We cannot go back.  We're hemmed in by the forest and we can't row up those falls. It seems down the river is our best course, MY LADY."  The mocking tone was not lost upon her.

"My assessment as well." She determined. "Your manners are improving. I'll sleep in the boat. You can fend for yourself."

His grin was the only acknowledgement she received.  Her words fell false by the look of fear and apprehension in her eyes.  He rose, extending his hand to her.  He modulated his voice to be charming and gentle, "We'll be safe here 'til morning... My Lady. Beyond that, we'll simply have to go with the flow."

With that, he guided her to the boat where he had arranged some blankets into a bed of sorts.  Her eyes grew into saucers as she realized the intent, “You can’t be serious.”

“Your honor is safe … My Lady.  Now come thee here and pretend this is your idea.”

“Whyever for?”  She prevaricated pulling her hand away.

The sounds of the forest were pressing in.  It would be a long night if he had to stay awake the entire time.  “Two bodies will stay warm in this chilled air.  Alone, you may catch your death of cold.  Besides, the best protection from these wild animals is to push off from shore.  I promise not to do anything to harm you.  Come.  Quickly.”  Large sun-browned fingers enclosed her small tentative fingers.  He scanned the forest one more time as he pushed off.  The musk smells were heavy in the air.  They would not approach the water … he was pretty sure. 

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