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First vignette in third person subjective multiple.
Jen’s eyes remained closed in a vain attempt to sleep. She knew it was not time to get up because her husband’s phone alarm had not sounded. The navy-blue light blocking curtains on the windows closest to their bed kept the room in darkness. Dim predawn light seeped between the horizontal slats of the blind on the window across from the closed bedroom door. Her attempt to return to sleep was thwarted by the inevitable invasion of melodic chimes indicating it was time to get up. She curled into a ball and groaned a wordless protest.

She felt her husband, Matt, shift beside her. His warm arms drew her near. She uncurled and stretched into his embrace. She smiled and chuckled as the whiskers of his beard tickled her neck. He trailed light kisses over her cheek.

“Good morning my beautiful,” he whispered in her ear.

“Mmm Morning,” she mumbled as her head turned to meet his lips. She let out a bereaved sigh as he released me and slid from our bed.

The sound of the ambient fan gave way to the melodic but not harmonious meows of their two cats. Matt opened the door and two chatty tabbies joined her on the bed. They were careful to keep her between them as they made their way up to her hands for their morning pets. Their small bodies vibrated with pleasure as she ran her fingers through their soft fur. Once Matt was dressed and leaving the room, they abandoned her to the company of her guide dog, who followed her around in an attempt to accelerate the arrival of breakfast.

. . .

Matt made his way through the living room to the kitchen. He flipped on the one-cup coffee maker and retrieved two ceramic mugs from the cabinet above it. After he started his coffee, he prepared Jen’s tea. He smiled in anticipation as he carried the steeping tea back to the bedroom.

Jen emerged from the master bathroom as he crossed to the dresser and set the mug down. She wore nothing but a smile. A good indication that she was pleased with what the scale had to say.

“Morning tea for you.” He moved slowly back toward the bedroom door as she crossed toward the closet.

“Thank you.” She slid her arms around his waist and pressed against him. He returned her embrace and gave her butt a playful squeeze. She returned his squeeze and gave him a swat.

“What was that for?”

“About a second.” She giggled and stepped back out of his arms.

“Why did you swat my butt?”

“You’re distracting me from getting ready for work.” She moved toward their closet.

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