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An entry to asignment from Dave. perspective discussion
 PERSONA DAVE'S CAFE + tittle 6/3/18.  (13+)
An entry to asignment from Dave. perspective discussion
#2147699 by Mary Ann MCPhedran

Miss Senwick was her name
And poetry was her teaching game
Robert Burns and his poetry fame.
She was no spring chick
but she was quick
When her student's poetry was lame
With her red pen eddit.and to give her credit
She knew how to draw the cane.
'My niece is smarter than you.'
She declaired, 'And much younger too.'
And her poetry lessons was my fear
Time passed into years.
And by chance she I had a chat
'what do you do? Employed are you at .?'
' I'm a coil winder In an eletonic factory new.'
And too my surprise in conversation replied
'My niece is signing on a the Brew.'

(Authors note brew scotish for unemployment office)

Add this to this weeks prompt 6/3/18.

YOU could say this poem is a change from my view of poetry, no way would you ever have had me involved with poetry. I can only actually remember the words to one poem and liked, and it's Innisfree. I hated poetry and miss Senwick, and the day she told me her beloved niece was on unemployment benefit. I had sweet revenge. Miss Senwick had the cheek to give me her address to send her a form for the factory which meant I had to ask them to employ her, No chance I just ignored her request. I'm sorry I don't know any changes that the great poets made and can give you one major change in my interest of Robert burns is, I quite like him now

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