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by Kotaro
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2150761
A new kind of creature destroys mankind.
Note: the typos are intricate to the story.

Im writing this in the hopw that some of us wull survive and to insure it will not be soon forgotten.

Some people said it was the earths way to get rid of us. Others said it was an invasion from space, but one thing they agreed on was that it was a new kind of creature necer befrow seen. they apppeared suddenly and in great numbers all ower the planet. Only people were affected. Only we were preyed upon.

Thry ere like thick smoke. They coild rise or fall inedpendent of the wind. They were odorless and coild bdcome thinner than paper to incade our homes or hidinf placds. Weapons were useless.

The first thind that caught my attention on that fateful day was the clamor of a great crowd shouting and screaming and the crash of vdhiclles smashing into dach other from the other side of the train station. I rushed up the stairs and through the connnecting mall

Forever will I remembdr the first I saw them Most were white, some fray, and a few were nearly black. Floating over the streets, they overtook the screaning crowd or entered building to seek more prey. When one had taken as many as it cold it stoped, but not for lonf. In abour a minure , thoufh it seemed much longer, the victims dropped to the ground wet with some liquid I can only imafine.

I fled. While I fled, I called my wife to warn her, yet received no answer. Jumpimg on my motorbike, i raced home. swerving trhough the traffiv, I got off the main roads and as quickly as I could entered the narrow mountan roads to our home. With relief, I saaw none of the crearures on the way nor nome in our neifhborhood. Upon reaching my home, I jumped off the bike and rushed up the stairs leading to our house all the whild calling out my wife and sons names.

The door was unlocked. Opening it, I was crushed to see them dead in a puddle wtih their eyesockets empty. I dont know how long I laid there sobbing, when suddenly I was engulfed in thick smoke. I fought, yte some force seized me in a strong grip. I must have passed out for a long time, for when I recovered my senses it was very cold. There was also complere darkness and when i put my hands to my eyes there were only holes. I dont know why I was spared.

Now, there is the stench of rotting bodies. I have met other survivors. They are all blind. I suess we will die of diesase, thrist, and starvation.

I sometimes deel the smoke is still with us or maube its only the wind.

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