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by K8
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Having fun making my first writers website, with all the bells and whistles.
I'm starting to create my first writer's website through godaddy. So far I am very pleased with how it looks. Personalizing it for the feel of 'me' is easier then I thought it would.

Has anyone used this? Or what other site do you like to use?

Building a website from scratch on an uncomplicated simple website should be a fun experience. Yes and no. I mean it is fun sure, but also stressful because you know what you want to do to make the page look stunning but you haven't figured that out yet. First the domain name! Before I even typed it out, I sat down with a pen and paper to consider each of the greatest ones I could use. Then typing that into Google searching, praying another one just like it wouldn't pop up. Yes! I was successful! I found one that I liked and worked perfectly well with myself and my book. Using his name I can have almost anything I like or need to have on my website. What name did I decide on? KatherineAnn. This is me, this is who I am. I will self publish all my books under this name. So the first book will have to be changed, which isn't a big deal. There a domain name, paid for and ready to go. Then going over the website attempting to find them I like, something that is me with nature and birds and things I find important to myself. This was a bit harder than I expected since there were so many to choose from. Then adding the pictures I wanted to. Finding one I like was simple. Now I have decided to use each picture as part of my blog. Some will be prolonged and some will be lacking or connected to others. Also, presuming if I simply add a blog or should I add more, do I use this website to promote myself and connect to Facebook. Honestly I don't care much for Facebook and will only use it as a platform for my writing. I will not sell off of there or keep a calendar update that will all be on my website. The idea of having a home online makes me happy, and I like being known for my writing and my creative ideas. Being connected to other writers by the internet is important. But also in person too. Having this website, I can also sell more than merely my books. I have so many ideas! Selling journals and cooling pens and paper, mugs. Almost anything I use during my writing time or what I used to help me write and be productive. Sharing is caring, they say. Also, I would like to add a spot for information on local places I have gone to write and create new characters. Adding a spot for the podcast would be an intriguing idea. Still thinking of what to add to that as well, also YouTube channels and videos that relate to writing and reading. Many friends of mine I know that have a website and are writers interviewing other writers. So this idea is overplayed. I would like to do interviews but I haven't decided on who or what yet. Most of my website will be dedicated to nature, trees, birds, life, our world, personal care and other things like this. My mind is always bustling with ideas that I can't keep up with. Of course writing it down, jotting down notes is the best idea for me. Nature ideas? Growing up in the country, my childish experiences with trees and nature, the fun and not so much fun. Birds have always fascinated me. The freedom they have to fly and flutters from branch to branch. Their songs are lovely and color pretty. There are many types of birds in Alberta. This id likes to add as well, bird watching and link to different pages on Facebook that I am part of. Books are my love alone, with writing of course. But reading books is where it all started from. Peter Pan! This was my favorite book, which kept my imagination soring to new hits. Sometimes as a curious child this was not good.

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