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by fyn
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My mom's perfume -- 38 lines

Estee Lauder

Youth Dew
in the blue bottle;
not the clear one--it smells
Scenting it
wafting through the air--
kids knew my Mom was there.
'Booperfoom' -
their name. For always
it conjures her and wraps us in love.

Had the last remaining half-inch
after my mom passed away;
kept it, would
a bit--always made me feel better.

Department store searching for wedding dress,
perfume counter stop to waft mom close;
have her be a part of the day.

When her Cubbies won
I knew Mom was watching from her
skybox seat. Let the dog out--
returned to a house drenched in the scent
of her perfume. Eyes-watering strong.
I went to where that bottle was kept,
top shelf in the bathroom--
but it wasn't there. Hadn't fallen.

Mom celebrated. And let me know it!
She was every bit as much there
as if she'd been seated
on the couch.

Youth Dew keeps her
ever-near. Year to year.

Now grown-up daughter came
to visit; sniffed.
'Love your perfume, Mom.
When ever, where ever
I smell White Diamonds,
I always think of you.'

Mom would like that.

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