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All politics can be comic. They become so serious that if you don’t laugh, you cry
The Donald is a wicked old Trump
Tells the GOP just how high to jump
With a great deal of flair
He discovered his hair
In a Rust Belt abandoned old dump

Obama, on the twentieth of Jan
Had the folks in his hand, to a man
What I want to know
Is where did it go
The idea that “YES WE CAN”

Dubya took us all into War
In Iraq, Afghanistan and much more
There is plenty to say
Of that fateful day
When bin Laden shook us all to the core

Bill Clinton and his Erotic Cigar
And the most stupid intern, by far
I won’t mention the mess
Of the stain on the dress
His Denial just proved him a LI-AR

George H W B got it wrong
In Kuwait, it wouldn’t take long
To settle the score
Of a half won war
But a yellow streak was seen on his tongue

Ronnie Reagan was acting a part
Of a Great Leader, right from the start
In a homespun kind of a way
He knocked the Curtain down in a day
And it all came straight from his heart

Jimmy Carter down in Georgia was NUTS
In his Budget there weren’t any cuts
The best bit I see
I’m sure you’ll agree
The man showed he had plenty of guts

Jerry Ford had a Vice Presidential wish
To fill a Presidential niche
The college football star
Found his wife in a bar
Where Betty drank away like a fish

Tricky Dicky, the Watergate man
Never really had a good plan
He sent in the Hoods
Stealing secret goods
Impeachment sent him way down the Pan

Lyndon Baines Johnson, Lady Bird’s Boy
To be President one day would be joy
With JFK in his way
Monkey Business in play
The Dallas debacle was his wicked ploy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, it must be said
The Bay of Pigs left the man with no Cred
J Edgar Hoover, The Mob and a gun
Made sure the deed it was done
With the CIA they blew off his head
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