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Where I come from,crows are considered as bad omen.I don't agree to that but I wrote this
Oh, lonely crow in the shades, the naked eyes cannot see
Like the devil with no voice, the voice of the voiceless
The grim reaper in the shadows, stalking it's prey
Nightmares becomes reality, once the prey fall victim

The lonely crow in the shadow, fear is the only friend
The lonely crow is the evil, his reputation larger than life
Stained by the color black, hunting in the darkness
The devil's favourite is rewarded, by the fear it represents

The fearless hunter hunts daily, taking the soul of many
Man-kind knows no salvation, I shall change that on my own way
The devil's favourite shall not stop, till there is nothing left to take
The evil shall rise as the heroes, crumbles down once again

Every soul is priceless, and there is so many
Every soul shall be hunted, no mercy for any
I will live for as long as I could, being the devil's favourite
Lonely crow, grim reaper, they call me
The moment they see me

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