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A girl practising magic, a Fairy Queen a land where magic is feared - means death for them
Magic Dust

Chapter One

Isabella finished her chores with time to spare; she ran up the stairs to her small room closing the door she stood breathless for a moment. Looking around the seemingly empty room, she waited expectantly. A flying figure no larger than a small bat suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Philasendria you know what tomorrow is, don’t you,” Isabella said excitedly.

"Of course Isabella," Philasendria began. The fairy’s voice chimed like musical notes as she came to rest on the desk folding her transparent wings. “You must be careful not too get excited and accidentally use your magic. You still haven’t got full control over it,” Philasendria warned.

“Yes, yes... I will be careful,” Isabella answered, petulantly her excitement dampened by Philasendria's words. The fairy was always lecturing her to be careful not to be seen using magic. Isabella was well aware that anyone found using magic would be imprisoned at best or burned at the stake, and any magical creature caught killed on sight. She knew the risks, what she didn’t need right now was another lecture from Philasendria to be careful. “Can you at least stop reminding me for once of the dangers of using magic?” She slumped into the chair beside the desk, propping her head up by resting her chin on her hand. She gave the fairy a look that portrayed how frustrated she felt. “It is my sixteenth birthday and coming of age day celebration tomorrow can you at least be happy for me,” she said sighing.

Philasendria, fairy queen and last of the fairies regarded the red-headed girl thoughtfully. She had matured since she first met her ten years ago. Philasendria still harboured guilt and responsibility for having awakened the dormant magic within Isabella. Feeling alone and desperate for companionship, she watched the little girl play for several days staying close to her without revealing herself. One day she followed her into woods. She felt concern for the girl as she started to climb a tree. Isabella was always adventurous and fearless. Having reached high in the tree, she suddenly lost her footing and couldn’t hold on falling out of the tree. The fall would be fatal the fairy realised, and she acted using her fairy dust to catch and lower Isabella to the ground gently and in doing so revealed herself to the Isabella for the first time.

“I’m sorry, Isabella, don’t mind me. I worry too much,” the fairy paused a moment. “Have fun tomorrow but be a little careful that's all I ask,” Philasendria said.

“I will, Philasendria,” Isabella said, jumping up from the chair she danced around the room as the fairy flew around her in circles.

A door opened downstairs, the fairy vanished. “Isabella did you finish all your chores?” a voice called from below.

“Yes, Uncle,” Isabella answered as she heard footsteps on the stairs. The door opened, and Isabella’s uncle entered carrying a box he put it down on her bed.

“For tomorrow, open it,” he said, smiling.

Isabella excitedly went to her bed opening the box she jumped with delight inside the box lay the most beautiful blue silken dress she had ever seen trimmed in lace with long sleeves and wide frilly cuff-links.

“Oh, uncle it’s gorgeous it must have cost a lot thank you so much,” she picked the dress up and held it to her admiring it smiling in delight, she twirling around then putting it back in the box hugged her uncle warmly.

Albert Hegin patted Isabella on the back affectionately as she hugged him a sad smile momentarily crossing his face. He wished her parents could’ve been here to see this day. Albert raised Isabella as best he could since her parents were taken for practising forbidden magic. Her father hanged and her mother imprisoned Isabella was only two at the time. He didn’t know to this day if her mother lived. He tried many times since her imprisonment to visit her but always got turned down. Not able to tell the truth about her parents. He gave Isabella the explanation when old enough that they became lost on their way home during a severe winter storm and never found.

“I now get some rest, Isabella, there is no need for any chores tomorrow enjoy your day off.”

“Thank you again, uncle Hegin,” Isabella nodded, smiling.

“You’re welcome child,” Albert said as he left closing the door.

Isabella opened her eyes to see Philasendria perched at the bottom of her bed. She smiled, observing the fairy for a minute admiring her long golden locks of hair. The fairy’s wings ever-changing colour as she watched.

“You’re awake,” Isabella,” the fairy said in her musical voice, noticing Isabella watching her.

“Good morning Philasendria,” Isabella answered stifling a yawn. She stretched getting out of bed she went to the table picking up her hairbrush. Isabella began combing out her short-cropped red hair. The fairy buzzed around her teasingly; Isabella stabbed a finger at the fairy. An electric bolt emitted from her finger striking the fairy and sending her spinning out of control.

“Ha! Take that you mischievous sprite,” Isabella retorted with satisfaction.

“Ouch! Be careful Isabella, remember what I said yesterday,” Philasendria said, recovering from the spin.

“Spoilsport,” Isabella sighed. “I will don't worry Philasendria,” she concluded, smiling reflectively.

Isabella dressed excitedly and went downstairs her uncle already laid the table. As Isabella sat and ate.

“Don't eat so fast, Isabella,” her uncle said smiling. “What do you plan to do until this evening?” He asked as Isabella finished eating.

“Oh, I’ll have a walk into the village first and buy some things for later,” she paused. “Then maybe go to the woods,” she concluded

“Just be careful if you go to the woods,” her uncle began. “No climbing trees,” he finished pointing an accusing finger at Isabella.

Isabella smiled sweetly wrapping her arms around her uncle. “I promise no climbing trees,” she stated as her uncle shook his head and smiled back fondly.

Chapter Two

Isabella returned home later washed and changed into the dress her uncle bought her. Admiring herself in the glass, she twirled around smiling with delight. Philasendria appeared beside her flying around the girl admiring the dress.

“The dress is lovely Isabella, and expensive,” Philasendria began. “He must have saved up to buy it. Your uncle cares for you a great deal doesn't he,” she concluded thoughtfully.

“Yes, besides yourself, uncle Hegin is all the family I have left,” Isabella said with a catch in her voice.

“You consider me family?” the fairy asked a little startled by the girl ’s sudden emotional declaration. This was a new side to Isabella she had never seen before. “She is finally growing up,” Philasendria reflected.

“I do Philasendria even though you scold me often about my magic, and I get frustrated and cross with you,” she paused, looking at the fairy. “I know you have my best interests at heart you are always caring and looking out for me,” Isabella concluded with heartfelt emotion. Philasendria stopped motionless in mid-air, staring at the girl.

“I’m honoured you consider me part of your family,” Philasendria. Best you go to the gathering now your uncle will be waiting,” Philasendria said after a long pause charged with emotion.

A bonfire burned in the village centre; all the villagers gathered to watch the young girls and boys of the same age line-up and choose dance partners. Two boys, in particular, pursued Isabella both competing for attention. She took turns dancing with both of them her uncle stood a little back talking with some of the villagers occasionally glancing over his shoulder discreetly to see if Isabella was okay. One of the boys offered her a mug of mead. Refusing at first Isabella tried to back away, but the boy persisted.

“All right I’ll try a little,” Isabella gave in trying to defuse the situation. The mead felt pleasantly warming as she drank, making her light-headed. The boy began fawning over her and touching her. Isabella pushed him off several times anger rising within her in spite of feeling detached with the effects of the drink.

“Hey, leave her alone you shouldn’t have given her mead she not used to liquor,” the other boy intervened. The two began to argue finally coming to blows.

Philasendria watched apprehensively from the nearby trees as sparks from the fire, instead of going straight up began to flow towards Isabella some surrounding her in a halo. Half in a daze Isabella directed the sparks towards the two boys.

“Stop it,” she shouted, raising a hand. The sparks impacted around the boys like tiny explosions knocking them off their feet, they laid unconscious on the ground.

Her uncle turned around just in time to see what happened, quickly looking around to see if anybody else witnessed it. He ran towards Isabella, grabbing by the hand dragged her away from the scene. “You must leave at once,” he said as they got back to the house

“Wha...What are you talking about, uncle?” I Haven’t done anything wrong.” Isabella felt stunned, unable to take in what was happening around her
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