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Verse about the passing of time and the changes that come with it
Time Passes

When I think of my life
and the days flowing past
they run like a river
that's moving too fast

Moments become memories
in the blink of an eye
to disperse like a vapor
and we ask ourselves why

Are there things in this world
that will never change
just the smallest of things
remaining the same

We fear what is coming
and regret what has passed
our hands grasping for something
to hold onto that lasts

To release what we can't change
and change what we can
is the enigma of ages
that's always plagued man

The solution is easy
though not easy to hear
it's to live in the present
and push past the fear

This instant, this second,
this moment in time
is the only sure thing
I can truly call mine

So let's live in the present
not future or past
and treasure these moments
that goes by so fast

If we embrace all the beauty
of time till its end
we will find not an enemy
yet maybe a friend

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