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Everything has an ending.
Summer Jordon couldn't help but feel bummed as the end of August neared; she and her boyfriend of two years had graduated the previous June from their very popular High School, and absent their part-time jobs, immediate and extended family obligations, they had been almost inseparable. Nick was scheduled to enter the Military on a deferred enlistment program in September, and time was quickly running out.

For the previous two years, and particularly the summer, it was an endless schedule of beach parties, surfing, skiing and boating in the 21 foot Watercraft owned by Nick's father; countless miles and road trips in Nick's muscled mustang, school activities, chillin' at their respective homes and the homes of their friends. The two teens shared a unique popularity by virtue of being the suppliers of almost all the alcohol (most often beer) or weed for the countless parties with their numerous teenage friends. Summer especially enjoyed horseback riding with Nick, made possible by his part-time employment as a stable hand with a local Polo Club. He had access to the standard bred horses his employer owned for their weekend Polo Games, and he taught Summer, who had never been on a horse, how to ride.

Knowing time was short, Summer was determined to make this a, "blowout summer" for the both of them, with no idea what lay in store after Nick's departure. Not a big fan of 'Swing Music,' Summer nevertheless loved listening to Frank Sinatra's song, "Summer Wind." She especially enjoyed listening while in Nick's Mustang, parked on the beach as she nestled closely next to him, his arm gently draped over her shoulders.

And to wonder, Summer's only worry for the last two years was waking up with a thunderous hangover ...

Enjoy the attached video song, "Summer Wind"


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