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Exploring a world unlocked by sleep
My eyelids grow heavy;
The day has been long.
My soul groweth weary,
And mournful, my song.

My thoughts are now drifting
As my eyes start to close,
And sights other-worldly
Dart hence, to and fro.

Like fireflies that linger
In dusk's even glow,
Images flicker
As consciousness goes.

In fair fields I wander,
With fairies I fly;
Worlds of such wonder
Lie under my eyes.

What dreams may then follow
In blissful repose:
All cares are forgotten,
All silenced are woes.

But soon with the dawn's
Eastern glow I must rise,
Departing my slumber's
Fair journeys of night.

Yet day's own enchantment
Unseen will abound
Til evening falls softly
Again on the ground.

My eyes will then close,
My mind again drift
Away to my magical world,
Slumber's faery gift.
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