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Respect the feelings of your students, Be polite,loving and friendly with your students.

If you are a teacher
Just close
Your eyes and remember your school days .Watch yourself and your teachers.you would find two kinds of teachers there.I won't tell you.you tell me.Don't misunderstand me.l am not talking about good or bad teachers because bad itself doesn't apply to any teacher.A teacher can't be bad.But a teacher can be more wonderful than others.
It depends only on a teacher what he actually wants to be.l dont think that a teacher doesn't want to be a wonderful teacher.If anyone really wants to become one of the most fantastic teacher I have some suggestions.l know l can't teach the teachers because teachers are perfect creatures.They have knowledge, skills,ideas,innovations,and understanding too.But speaking honestly sometimes l really miss that politeness and soft nature a teacher is expected to have.Why don't we behave properly to our students.l know strict teachers have their ways but to be strict all the time is not fair.A child needs some love,care and friendliness too.We have qualified the paper of child pedagogy and Educational psychology.But few of us r applying it.l would really like to appreciate government school teachers who are really attached to their students instead of odd circumstances and low facilities..But some private teachers are really rude because they want to show their superiority to their students,staff members and parents too. They are considered good and faithful teacher to their principal.But that so called super teachers often forget that their students would never like them.When they remember you or meet you.They won't respect you.This will make you more desperate than you r now.A teacher is to be in his student's heart.They will never forget u or never forgive u.I still remember my favourite teachers and some worse experience are there also.So don't forget every child is an apple of his parent's eye.Dont crush him.Let him bloom everywhere.Punish him,scold him , but never try to break his heart.Just make him forget your scoldings.Love him.Laugh with him.Be friend with him.And you will get his blessings and a place in one of their awesome pages of life.Just try to look your lovely child's face in their face and You will feel that warmth in your student too.Don't forget they will treat others as they are being treated.I am not preaching here.I just wrote what I felt or I should say suffered.I have an innocent baby too.
If we can't control our anger and frustration we are not for this field.

Rekha Bhati
D/o Nathoo Singh Bhati
Lecturer in English
Govt. Girls sr sec school jhaak
Ajmer (Rajasthan)
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