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Meg - She's a Chiweenie and she's Beautiful

September 22, 2018

Mom took me outside again, she does this constantly. I love going outside, don't get me wrong, I just hate the rain. The rain soaks my four little paws and my belly and so when I finally come in I'm sopping wet. sometimes she puts this thing on me that she calls a coat and it does keep me more dry but it itches and itches and itches so bad. So when she takes me out in the rain I jut stand there to show her that I will not go "pee pee".
I chased the cat today and got in trouble. I don't think mom understands that the cat wants to be chased. If she catches me doing the chasing she yells and says "Bad Girl Meg!" I don't think she knows it's a game, I wouldn't really eat Barney - he's the same size as me!
I also tricked mom into taking me on a walk when the rain was letting up. I barked at a woman talking on the phone. I barked at a squirrel 50 yards away from us. I barked at the neighbor dog who was running around. I barked at a cat who may or may not have been stuck in a tree. I barked at an old empty dead bush. I think mom was proud of me on our walk.
I stole some treats earlier. Mom was doing something she calls "baking" and she went to wash her hands and there were dog biscuits just laying on the table. I don't know why she didn't just hand them over, they were so obviously for me. I jumped up real quick and took one. It tasted different than my normal treats but it was still good. I took a few more to teach mom a lesson, but I don't think she knows that I took them. She says I'm too little to have climber up there so she blames the cat. I'm okay with that.
It was a fun day but mom kept saying she was tired to we went to bed early. She got alll nestled in her bed and I dove under the sheets. She laughed and told me I was a good puppy. We cuddled for a long time until she fell asleep, I stood guard for awhile but then I dozed off too. It was a good day. I love my mom.

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