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...a dream about an assignment
         I was working in a department store, a cross between K-Mart and TJ Maxx. I asked, "What is my assignment?" The answer was, "Cleaning." I sighed.

         Needing to go to the third floor, I began looking for the stairs or an elevator---not an easy task---but eventually I found them.

         Once there, I was given a dry mop with no water---no liquid cleaning detergent whatsoever. So, I began trying to clean a dirty, debris-ridden floor without a means to actually accomplish anything---like moving dirt from one place to another. Finally, I began using whatever liquid was available, perhaps spilled on the floor from a drinking cup, to try and make headway. It was daunting and fruitless.


         Initially, I had no clue what lesson was to be learned from this dream.

         Then, I thought maybe it was my actual work environment.

         Today, I believe this is an actual assignment, which when attempted alone (without God) is fruitless. But with His divine help---when I ask for His help---I can do anything for He supplies ALL my needs according to His riches in Glory. (See Philippians 4:19.)
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