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It is my daily thinking.I am thinking these things…
Autumn is a suitable season for philosophy.

Human's mortality is ruled by other people.

For example, people die because their blood vessel is blocked by fat.

This is caused by his or her habit to eat fatty food. However, who made him or her like such unhealthy food?

It is a restaurant or media which forced his or her to dash poison, then, consequently led his or her death.

In other words, society provides not only bless but also a curse, and these factor works us sometimes good but sometimes bad.

As log as we live in society, only we could do is to select or choice.

Then selecting and choosing leads people to far away. In other words, our live is made by only choices.

Even if how someone seems unique, it is a result of their decision to mimic some example.

No one could make original thing. We are just an imitation of people in the past.

No matter how we feel we could think of genuine idea, it is a combination of memories.

Usually, Woman wear skirts, man has short hair, they may say that they do so just because they like it, however, they just doing so

because someone provide such selections for them.

Who is "someone"? that is such a parents or teacher or friends, in a sense, those who are imitating past.

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