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Chapter 1: The Creation of the Doll.
The once was a doll maker. He made dolls. After his most recent doll was complete, he died of a heart attack. The doll looked human now...Well, almost. Her hair was in long black twin braids. She had red eyes. And Pale white skin, it was so white it was unhuman like. She got up and went to the kitchen. She had no clue how she knew how to get there, she just... Knew. She found two butcher knives on a table. She picked them up and took them. She found a black bag and put the knives in it. She stepped out the door into the forest. " I am alive, I have a life. But I do believe I need." She told herself. She thought, and thought, and thought. She had an Idea. " How about Dollie?" She said. "Dollie, that sounds good actually. After all I'm a doll.?" Dollie told herself. She walked, Unknowing where she was going. Then she saw a girl with blonde hair. It was in a extremely messy ponytail. Dollie stared. There was another girl and she looked up at Dollie. This girl and a hair color that reminded Dollie of a mix of light and hot pink. " Who are you?" Girl 2 asked Dollie. "I'm Dollie." Dollie responded. " Well then Dollie, why don't you come with us." Girl 2 said. The girl with messy hair spoke up. "Yea! we have a extra room after all!" Dollie walked towards them.


these will sometimes come in long or short chapters just so you know..

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