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by Meg
Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2173697
A flash fiction horror story.
                                                                            By Meghan Hirst

        Taxidermy. It had to be taxidermy, I thought irritably as I mechanically patted down my messy hair while staring in the mirror. Unfortunately, I got stuck with this eccentric chick for a roommate. Her name’s Sarah. She doesn’t talk much, but when she does, it’s always about the latest animal that she’s working with or that she finished: “You’re able to reanimate something that died! Isn’t that great, Kyle?? Today I finished a bobcat!” I had to grin and pretend I didn’t believe she had a few screws loose. I had made the grim discovery that she had placed the dead thing right next to the TV. It stared at me with those freaky unseeing slitted eyes while I sat on the couch, frozen eternally with one paw swiping the air.
        I picked up my toothbrush, intending to use it before bed. I have three finals to take tomorrow. Another reason why I’m so irritated. I nearly jumped out of my skin and dropped my toothbrush on the dirty bathroom floor (I had been meaning to clean it eventually) when I heard an abrupt loud scraping sound against the door. I was totally flabbergasted. That emotion quickly turned into panic as I realized that I’d have to confront my attacker if he broke down the door. All I could do was wait without making a peep. I had freakin’ left my phone in my room. Good going, man, I chided myself as I shifted my body into a fighting position. That black belt I got in karate may come in handy. I didn’t hear the alarming noise again and nothing happened. I just decided to brace myself and open the door. I had another scare when I saw the “reanimated” corpse of the thing right there, looking as creepy as ever. I made a disgusted sound and shouted: “Very funny!” to Sarah, whom I figured was hiding in the shadows, giggling at her sick prank.
         Then I realized Sarah was with a study group in her friend’s dorm.
        I was alone…

                                                                                THE END
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