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Having survived a ship wreck, our protagonist must survive on the island.
It’s been several days since I crashed onto this island. I was the only one to survive from the ship. And with how long it’s been, I don’t think that rescue will find me any time soon. In light of this, I decided to start acting like I’m going to be here for the long-run.

I finished building a better shelter earlier today, and found a spring of water not to far into the island on my second day. I also manage to find some useful items such as tools, first-aid kits, and such from the wreckage.

I also found this journal there. By writing in it once and a while, I hope that I can keep my sanity (and avoid talking with balls). This was the only one I found, so I must use it sparingly. Maybe every other day. Who knows, maybe it’ll be read from some day and there will be a movie made about me.

I started making weapons to hunt for wildlife. I’ve only seen small ones, and I hope there isn’t any big creatures yet. I’ve also made a fishing rod from a stick, and some line that I also found from the ship.

There’s a jungle on this island, it’s the center of the island. You know, beach on the outside edge and a huge jungle in the middle. Typical island that you would see on TV show.

There’s a lot of berry bushes in there. I’ve been careful to make sure they were safe, seems like the ones on the outer edge of the jungle are. There’s also a lot of the little creature that live in that area; I can’t walk too far without scarring at least ten of them.

But I feel like that there’s something else in there, something unnatural to the island. I heard on the ship that the crew was carrying some animal, don’t know what it is though. Maybe it also survived the wreck, and escaped into the jungle.

I don’t know, but there’s something out there. I can sense something evil lurking out there.

I just don’t want to have any run it with it. That’s why I don’t want to walk too far into the jungle. I fear that if I go to far into it I won’t come back, or that I won’t come out sain.

I need to make actual weapons to defend myself. Maybe that’s just paranoia and superstition. But I just can’t shake that feeling.

It’s dreadful, yet sensual. The feeling is trying to pull me in, but I don’t want to. Maybe I’ll go exploring the jungle tomorrow, so I can calm myself and see that it’s not as bad as I think it is.
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