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by Monty
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A white season so pretty and so cold. A poem published in my last Poetry Book.

Winter in the northland,
Is a wonder to behold
With it, come the snows
And also the bitter cold
But seems to bring a peace,
To all the things that grow
As they sleep away the season,
Underneath the snow

The daylight hours are shorter,
And longer is the night
Our world appears as a maiden fair,
Dressed in the purest white
Looking out the window,
There is beauty there to see
As the sun slowly melts the snow,
Icicles ornament the tree

Soon the day is over,
And the cold grows harsher still
Shadows descend on the valley,
As daylight climbs the hill
Far upon the mountaintop,
A wolf howls at the moon
Listen very closely,
‘Tis but a winter tune

Soon the spring will come,
The snow and cold will disappear
All the country will smell fresh,
Winter cleaned another year
The flowers again will flourish,
All will still be here
Until the maid dressed up in white,
Once more will appear

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