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A curse has been plaguing Salem since the 1800's but is the curse real or a legend?
1838 Salem, Massachusetts

It has been over a hundred years since the Salem witch trials, and a young woman named Clara Young was being accused of using magic. The town just began evolving over the past few years; electing their first mayor, forming their first law enforcement, and building their town hall.

Not long after their town was hit with a dreadful drought that left everyone dying of thirst. The crime rate rose and the population rate decreased. Hospitals were over crowded and the only form of water left was from an old well in the woods behind the Young's cabin.

Clara did not live in town she lived with her uncle who unfortunately succumbed to dehydration, and she inherited his cabin. You would think having access to the well they would survive the drought, however the Young's would make daily trips 5 miles into town with barrels of water for the sick in hospitals, and the children in schools. That was the type of people they were.

One day a couple of travelers in search of some help came across the well. No one knew where the Young's were getting the water from. They witnessed Clara kneeling down in front of the well. They watched as she raised her arms into the air, and began to mutter some words. They were too far away to hear, but could only imagine that she was most likely chanting to the devil. They were over washed with fear as they watched her continuing her praise to the dark lord. One of the travelers stepped on a branch and it broke sending a loud echo through out the woods. The sound broke her concentration, and she turned her head right in their direction. When they realized she saw them they got scared, and ran away.

On their way back to town one of the travelers didn't make it, and the other one on the brink of death crawled into town trying to stay alive long enough to warn the people of Salem what he witnessed. He crawled slowly into the town square leaving a trail of blood. His stomach, and knees were all scratched up, and ripped open from rubbing his body on the ground. The bell ringer in the church sees the traveler, and quickly begins ringing the bell to alert the town. The towns people flooded out of their homes, and businesses beginning to crowd around the traveler. The mayor along with a small group of men considered to be Salem's law enforcement team pushed their way through the crowd.

The men shouted at the people "back up, back up" they repeated trying to give them space.

The mayor knelt down "do you have a message for me traveler" he asked?

He was so weak he could barely speak, and the mayor had to press his ear closer to his mouth. You can see the concerned look on the mayor's face. He stood up and looked around.

"Mayor Collins" the chief shouted.
He ignored him, and took another gander around at all the towns people.

"It seems we have a witch in our midst" he said.

All the towns people gasped in terror.
"Now, now don't worry" the mayor said to comfort the town.
"We will ban together, and remove this bitch from our beloved town" his speech continued.
"And I promise you our precious water shall flow again" he reassured them.

The towns people began to cheer as the traveler was still lying on the ground dying. The mayor began to walk away while the chief followed him "mayor" he shouted.
He stopped, and turned towards him "yes, constable" he answered.

"What are we going to do with the traveler? Shall I get him some water, sir or..." the mayor interrupts him by shaking his head.

"No. Get rid of the body" he demanded.
"Sir" the chief said surprised.
"We don't have the time nor the resources" he explained.
"But sir, all do respect" Mayor Collins interrupts him again.
"Do what I ask constable, and when your done meet me in my office".
The mayor utters underneath his breath "we have us a witch to hunt"

The chief agreed, and he rushed off to help his team. A murder of crows cawed loudly scaring Mayor Collins. He looks up, and they are lined up on the roof of his office. The crows are taking turns cawing, he bends down to pick up a rock throwing it to scare them off. They all scatter abruptly flying over his head, and mayor Collins ducks in cover. He looked around to see if anyone saw the crows trying to attack him, and catches a glimpse as the lawmen dragged the travelers dead body out of the town square.

Mayor Collins shakes his head "witches" he said in disgust.
He spits and walks into his office.

October, 29th 2018
Salem, Massachusetts

A bus pulled into town, and a young man walks off with a school bag on his back. He sauntered into the town square. The church clock strikes noon, and the bell chimes. He stands in the square looking around feeling nostalgic, and he notices that the fire department was rebuilt from a fire they had ironically a few years ago. Walking by the fire department was a young woman wearing a necklace that reflected light from the sun into his eyes. When he got a good look at her he seen her smiling laughing with her friends, and the sun light radiated her beauty. He was instantly in awe of her. He was about to walk up to her but someone drew his attention.

“Yo, Julian” a guy threw his arm around him.
“You actually came home this year” he said surprised.
Julian looked back for the girl but she disappeared.
“Donovan” he said turning around to give him a hand shake.
“Yeah, I mean I wasn’t going to” Julian said.
Donovan drags him along “cool, perfect timing I was just on my way to Auggie’s house”.

Julian, and Donovan begin walking up Auggie’s drive way when his teenage sister walks out of the house arguing with her brother. She ignores him, and walks past the guys flirting with them. A boy sitting in a black thunder bird starts honking the horn in a jealous rage. Julian raises his eyebrows in confusion, and looks at Donovan. He shrugs his shoulders, and the car peals off leaving a cloud of smoke in their wake. They are coughing waving the smoke away.

“What the hell was that about” Donovan asked?
Auggie shakes his head in disapproval “just my sister cutting school to be a little slut. Come on in” he says enthusiastic.
Julian, and Donovan follow Auggie into the basement which is his bedroom, and they sit down on the couch.
“So, your finally home, huh”?
Julian nods his head awkwardly.
“Funny cause you haven’t been home in three years. So, what’s the deal with that”?
“Auggie” Donovan shouted.
Julian gets up “look I should go. See my mom you know”.
Donovan gets up after him “Jules” he called out before Julian left out the back door.
“Look, we’re going out on Halloween, and I want you to come with us”.
Julian is hesitant “I don’t know. I don’t think Auggie would want me to”.
Donovan tries to convince him “bro, forget Auggie. You know him, he’ll come around”.
Julian reluctantly agreed, and gave Donovan a hand shake before he left.

Donovan walked back over to Auggie flipping through the TV channels, and he smacks the remote out of his hand.
“August, what’s your problem” he asked?
He gets mad “what kind of friend just leaves, and act like his friends don’t exists”?
Donovan made a serious face at Auggie “you know why” he said.
He plopped down next to him on the couch.
“Plus he’s actually doing something with his life, unlike us who just stayed in this wack ass town” he added.
Auggie felt offended, and he stood up “this town is not wack alright. It’s cursed. It is the town of Clara Young” he defended.
He picked the remote up, and sat back down.
“You still believe that old horror story. Magic doesn’t exists. Okay, and this town ain’t cursed” he tried to rationalize with him.
Auggie was still flipping through channels, and creepily a program about Clara Young popped on the TV.
Auggie nodded “yes it is, and I’m going to prove it”.
Donovan shakes his head in disbelief.

Julian finally made it home, and he stands out front hesitant to walk in. He takes a deep breath, and quietly walks in. He does not see anyone so, he shouts “Hola” as he closes the door behind him.
“Is anyone home” he shouts again?
A loud screech came from up stairs, and a huge smile came across his face when he sees a woman running down the steps.
“Mi hijo” she yelled grabbing Julian covering him with hugs and kisses.
“Ma, stop” he said.
“Oh, I’m sorry you’re a grown man now” she said.
She gets a hold of herself, and they go into the family room. He puts his bag down, and they sit on the couch. There was an awkward silence at first then his mother broke the silence.
“So, what made you come home finally”?
He shrugged his shoulders.
“I just thought it was time, you know”.
“Si” she agreed lovingly as they both began to get a little choked up.
Before the moment got too sad Julian changed the subject.
“So, where's my little brother” he asked?
His mother became enthusiastic “Oh Dios mio, Manny is going to be so excited your home”.
Then she began to panic “what time is it”?
Julian takes out his cell phone from his pocket “it’s almost three”.
She jumps up “I have to go get Manny from school” she hurried into the kitchen to grab her purse off the counter.
Julian follows her to the front door “I’ll be right back, mi amor”.
She points at him “don’t go no where” she said.
She kissed his cheek and rushed out the house.

Julian laughs shaking his head. It felt great to be back he thought as he smiled walking back into the living room to get his bag. When he bent over he noticed a picture on the end table of him as a little kid wearing a fireman hat standing next to an older man. His expression from a smile quickly changed to a frown.

1838 Salem, Massachusetts

The chief walks into the Mayor’s office, and Mayor Collins was rustling through papers on his desk. Mayor Collins grabs a folded piece of paper, and opens it up slamming it on his desk. He points out an area on a map.
“I suspected the Young’s were up to no good in that cabin”.
The chief stands up for the Young’s.
“Sir, you can’t really believe they are responsible. They were the ones bringing us water to survive." Mayor Collins points at him “exactly! Where were they getting the water from? It’s the perfect cover”. Mayor Collins was running around his office like a mad man collecting supplies.
“Gather your team constable, and arm up we leave at dusk.”
The chief stays longer trying to convince him not to move forward, but Mayor Collins was adamant. He got mad, and yanked his hat off his desk. He walked out placing his hat back on his head.
“Chief” a young man yelled running up to him.
“We secured the body, sir”.
He shook his head “good” he said.
“So, what is the plan, sir” he asked?
The chief exhaled reluctantly “go fetch the others, and rustle up some torches, and weapons. Meet up in front of the Mayor’s office before dark" he said.

The kid a newcomer to the team nodded in agreement ,and the chief watched him excitedly run off. He shook his head still not in favor of this idea. There was still a crow perched on the roof of the Mayor’s office it squawked drawling his attention. It didn’t startle him ,but when he cocked his head to the side to get a better view of the crow it appeared like it was mimicking him. He raised an eye brow questionably as he turned his head to the other side, and the crow followed. An eerie feeling crept down his spine as he walked away. When he met his team they were assembled around a fire drinking, and hollering.

“Are you serious right now” he yelled.
Mayor Collins walks out of his office “relax constable they are just celebrating the capture of the witch”. The chief looks at him perplexed “we haven’t captured anyone yet”.
“But we will” the mayor reassured him.
“What makes you so sure” the chief left slip out?
Mayor Collins felt challenged “why, constable James, you have information behind your claims”?
He shook his head “just a feeling” he answered.
Collins looks at him suspicious, and turns to the group to give them an encouraging speech.
“Alright men” he screamed, and everyone quieted down to listen.
“This woman is a dangerous. Don’t let her appearance fool you. We stick together, and we move quickly but, quietly. She won’t stand a chance with our sneak attack”.
The men cheered in a drunk stupor.
“Let’s go get this witch” the mayor said lighting his torch from the burning bonfire.
Everyone continues to scream as they light their torches. Chief James shakes his head, and they begin walking the five miles to the Young’s cabin.

In the mean time Clara was pacing back, and forth in worriment when the same crow from in town landed on her window sill. The crow carried on making different cawing, and squawking sounds. Clara walked over to it; she appeared to be communicating with the crow. She grabbed a satchel, and began to pack up some important things. The crow cawed again, and she looked out the window. She could see the light from their torches approaching. She didn’t have anymore time, and the men were quickly advancing toward the cabin quietly with chief James leading them. The chief hears a noise, and signals his men to stop. James looks around, and spots Clara darting out of the bushes on the run.
Mayor Collins yells “what are you waiting for constable”? And he runs after her. None of his men waited for his signal, and they charged behind the mayor.
“Wait” he shouted.
When he realized no one was listening he turned running the opposite way dropping his torch. It was so dark he couldn’t really see running into something knocking him off his feet. When he looked up he stared right into Clara Young’s eyes, but he was frozen in shock, and hesitated to grab her. When she heard the commotion of the men getting closer she gets up to continue running when the young deputy tackles her to the ground. The men surround her.
“Tie her up” the mayor demands.
Another deputy pulls out a rope, and they hog tie her to a piece of wood. Chief James finally stands up, and walks over watching them in disbelief as they treat her like an animal.
“Where the hell were you constable” the mayor shouts?
James feels sick as he witnesses tears run down her cheeks, and they walk her into town like a pig that is ready to be roasted.

October 30th 2018
Salem, Massachusetts

The next morning Julian wakes up to the smell of breakfast. He walks downstairs to his mother, and his little brother Manny eating at the table. He walks over, and pours himself a cup of coffee. “Buenos dias” she said.
“Good morning” he answered back.
He threw his hand up in the air “Manny” he yelled!
Giving his brother a high five before sitting down. He was about to eat a piece of bacon when Manny asked “can we go to the park later”?
Julian felt bad “I’m sorry buddy I got plans with the guys later”.
Manny looked upset “but I promise to take you trick r treating tomorrow”.
A big smile spread across Manny’s face, and Julian smiled back finally taking a bite of the bacon. After breakfast Julian got ready to meet up with Donovan, and Auggie in town. Before he made his way out the door his mother called him over.
“Julian, you know we have to hablar”.
“Ma please no. Not right now por favor” he pleaded.
She gave in quickly “okay, go have fun” she said.
He was relieved, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He hurried out the door before she changed her mind.

He was meeting up with the guys at a brunch spot called the cauldron, and when he got there he crept behind them.
“If this town isn’t cursed then why does something happen every year on the day she cursed the town” Auggie said still trying to convince Donovan.
“Come on it’s Halloween weird shit always happens around this time of the year” he defended.
Julian screamed in their ears scaring them, and he laughed as he sat down at the table.
“You jumped so high” he said.
“Yeah, well I’m glad you can make it” Auggie said bitterly. Donovan just gives him a handshake.
“So, what were you just talking about” Julian asked?
“Nothing” Auggie was quick to answer not wanting to include him into their conversation. Julian just laughs shaking his head.
“The Clara Young curse” Donovan answered?
Julian seems uninterested “do you believe in it” Donovan asked?
“The curse? Hell no” he answered.
Auggie turned to Donovan “look, you moved here when you were thirteen I can understand why you don’t believe”.
Auggie turned to Julian “but you. You were born here. How don’t you believe?" Julian shrugged.
"With that kid getting hit by that semi truck while trick r treating that one year. Or when that old man almost got crushed by the bell when it fell from the church tower. Or even when the fire house bur-".
Before he finished his sentence Donovan kicked his chair to shut him up. They look over at Julian an his expression went from natural to dreary. It was awkward until the waitress walked up.
“Can I get you something” she asked?
Julian looks up, and it is the girl he seen when he got off the bus yesterday. He looked at her name tag that read


He still hasn’t answered her.
“Hello” she said waving her hand in front of his face.
Julian stuttered “ah,h-h hi” he finally got out.
“Hi. What can I get you ” she asked again?
Auggie answered jokingly “your number”.
Donovan couldn’t hold in his laugh. She put her note pad in her apron pocket, and rolled her eyes as she walked away. Julian sucked his teeth at his friends, and he walked over to her tapping her on the shoulder.
“Look, I’m so sorry about them. They're a bunch of idiots".
She was flattered he came up to apologize. She smirked accepting his apology.
“So, are you visiting, or something” she asked?
“What makes you think that”?
“I seen you get off the bus yesterday” she answered?
He smiles “you seen me huh” he joked?
She blushed and looked away.
“No. I lived here my whole life. I’m just back from school for the holiday” he told her.
“For Halloween” she said confused. “What you still go out trick r treating” she said making fun of him.
He laughed off her insult “okay, okay. You have jokes. So, what are you doing…” he was trying to ask her out when he was cut off by his friends.
“Come on Jules” Auggie said pushing Julian out the door.
Donovan tossed a tip on the table, and Mabel mouthed thank you to him as he walked by. Julian pushes Auggie off of him.
“Yo, what’s your problem” he shouts?
“Oh, please, like she was really going to go out with you, and even if she did it’s not like you would actually stick around long enough to date her” he argued.
Julian was tired of his attitude, and pushed him again harder than the last time. Auggie matched Julian's anger, and got in his face.
Donovan jumped in the middle “come on. Stop. You two been friends for ever” he said.
“Whatever” Julian screamed as he stormed off.
“Bye” Auggie shouts. “See you in another three years”.

1838 Salem, Massachusetts

The next morning the chief was awaken by the young deputy.
“Sir, come quick” hollered excitedly.
They both rushed into town where the towns people were crowded around Clara Young locked in a cage in the middle of town square in a frenzy. They are throwing food at her, spitting on her, and banging on the cage. James, and the kid met up with the rest of the team. Mayor Collins walked over nonchalantly. “what is the problem” he asked?
“The town is in an uproar” the kid said.
Collins shrugged his shoulders.
“As they should be” he answered sauntering off.
Chief James grabbed the Mayor forcefully.
“I don’t really care if you believe that this girl is a witch this town needs order” he demanded.
Mayor Collins, and Chief James had a stare off for a long period.
“Okay, constable. You, and your men make way”.
James gives his men the signal, and they began pushing their way to the front commencing the crowd to take a step back. Collins initiated a speech:

“My fellow townspeople please calm down. Yes, we caught the hellion, and she will be punished for her atrocity. Late this afternoon we will hold a hearing in the square. You are free to witness the sentencing, but as of now I would appreciate it if you would proceed about your day as normal. Thank you”.

The crowd quieted down, and gradually dispersed from the square. Collins walked up to James.
“Fetch me the Judge” he demanded.
He was about to walk off when Collins grabbed his arm.
“And,. if you ever talk to me like that again constable I will toss you in the cage with her”.
James yanks his arm away, and proceeded to the court house. The kid over heard their conversation, and he followed the chief.
“I will accompany you” he said.
James agreed, and ordered the other deputies to guard the cage. When they reached the court house they sat down with the Judge.
“What can I do for you gentlemen” he asked?
James clears his throat.
“We need to arrange a sentencing in town square” he answered.
The Judge looks puzzled.
“ We can not have it in the court house? We need room for the whole town” James explained.
“Gosh, what is important enough for the entire town to attend”?
The kid was quick to answer.
“You did not notice that filthy witch locked up in a cage in the middle of the square”.
The Judge seemed apprehensive, and looked to James for a more clarified answer.
“Mayor Collins put a search team together to capture the Young girl due to the lack of water we have been experiencing”.
The judge’s eyes widen in amazement.
“Boy, he really is making a spectacle out of this” he joked.
“Yeah” James agreed as they both laughed.
The young deputy did not understand what was funny about this situation.
“Okay, I will see what I can do” the Judge said.
Chief James nodded “thank you” he expressed.

On the way out of the court house the kid was growing suspicious of the Chief’s actions.
“You think she is innocent don’t you” he asked?
James stops in his tracks, and turns to look at him.
“What are you insinuating”?
“I saw you last night” he answered.
James seems puzzled.
“If I have to question who’s side your on again; I will bring it up to Mayor Collins, Chief” he said boldly. Chief James watched the young deputy walk away with a mortified look on his face. He thought back to last night. He was tossing, and turning not being able to get Clara off his mind. He gets up putting on his shoes, and walked into town. As he approached the square he whispers.
She was afraid.
“I’m not going to hurt you” he pleaded.
He put his arms through the bars to hand her a cup of hot tea, and a blanket. She was hesitant to take it at first, but she was freezing cold. He gave her a slight smile as she covered herself up.

October 30th 2018
Salem, Massachusetts

Julian walks into the house slamming the door behind him. His mother was in the middle of cleaning the house.
“Mi hijo” she shouts switching off the vacuum. “Que paso” she asked?
Trying to collect his thoughts he frankly responds
“Nada" he said at first. "Auggie is being a pendejo”.
She gets upset “aye, language”.
He turns red in embarrassment “sorry, ma” he says apologetic.
She sits down on the couch.
“Come amor” she pats the cushion next to her.
Julian sits down.
“Escuchame. It’s not your fault” she said.
When he heard those words he broke down in tears, and his mother pulled him close into her arms to comfort him.
“You don’t have to hide your pain. He wouldn’t want you to live like this”.
He sits up, and wiped his eyes Julian shakes his head.
“Yeah, your right”.
In an instant she stood up.
“Okay, mi hijo I need to finish cleaning. Can you go pick up your brother”?
She quickly turned the vacuum back on, and continued to clean. Julian was at a loss how his mother went straight back to cleaning after an emotional moment. He went towards the door, and his mother screams at him before he left.
“ And clean up your room. Your home one day, and it’s a mess”.
When she hears the front door close she couldn’t hold back her own tears any more. She turned off the vacuum again, and sat back down on the couch to cry.

On his walk to pick Manny up from school he faced down the whole way, and notice something sparkle on the edge of some grass. He bent down to pick it up, and it was a silver pendant necklace in the shape of a pentagram. He heard the school bell ring drawing his attention away from the pendant. He hurried across the street to meet Manny before he walked out the doors. He spotted his brother, and he got really excited running up to him to give him a hug.
“I thought you were going to be with your friends” he asked?
“Nah, I’d rather be with you”.
Manny smiled, and looked down “hey, what’s that” he asked?
“Nothing. How about we go to the park for a little bit before going home”?
Manny nods his head. Julian shoves the pendant necklace into his pocket, and he takes Manny’s hand before walking across the street.
“So, are you excited about trick r treating tomorrow” Julian asked?

1838 Salem, Massachusetts

“Attention, Attention”.
Mayor Collins shouted, and the towns people began forming a crowd.
The Judge, the Mayor, and the Law enforcement team were sitting at this poorly carved wood table next to the cage in town square.
“Gather around. We will begin soon” Collins continued to shout.
Moments later the Judge stood up.
"People of Salem, we are here today to discuss Ms. Young’s motives. Is she a witch? Or, is she an innocent girl”?
He walks over to the cage.
“Ms. Young. Do you know what you are being accused of” he asked?
She ignores his question, and one of the deputies gets up, and burns her with a lit torch.
“Ah” she screams in pain, and James stands up in defense of her.
“Settle down” the Judge says.
“Ms. Young. The more you cooperate the better it will be for you. So I repeat. Do you understand what you are being accused of”?
She spits in his face.
“That’s it”.
Mayor Collins gets angry storming up to the cage shaking it profusely.
“Are you a witch” he asked? “Speak you bitch” he continues to rage.
“Lift this curse off the town. Lift it”.
She still says nothing. Mayor Collins gives a head nod to the deputy, and he burns her again, but longer this time. She’s laying on the bottom of the cage squirming in pain.
“Enough” Chief James screams.
They stop and the Judge admits
“I have no choice. Since you neither agreed nor denied our claims. Clara Young if our water is not replenished by October 31st I sentence you to death by hanging.”
Sounds of chatter came from the crowd. Mayor Collins was angry because he did not get what he wanted.
“Take her away, and lock her up in the barn. I’m tired of looking at her” he said.
Everyone, but law enforcement left the square, and the deputies grabbed her out of the cage handling her aggressively.
“It is not necessary to handle her like that” James mentions.
She was in such pain she could barely stand, and keeled over on to the ground. The kid walked over. “Why? Do you actually feel bad for this abomination” he asked as he spit on her.
James was enraged, and is tired of this kid challenging his authority.
“Hey” he yelled gripping him up by his collar.
“Go help the other deputies clean up the square. I’ll take care of the witch” he said tossing him around combative.
He walked away cowardly rubbing his neck. James helped Clara up, and walks her over to the barn. He sits her down on a stack of hay.
“Why are you being so nice to me” she asked?
He lets out a sigh as he tied her up in the stables.
“I don’t know” he admitted.
He brushes the hair out of her face, and looked into her eyes “there is something about you”.
The crow flew into the barn cawing.
“This damn bird” he said as he was about to stomp on it.
“No, don’t” she cried.
He stopped upon her request.
“I promise I’m not doing this” she said.
He walks over to her “I know. I know” he said comforting her.
“I was actually trying to make it rain” she admitted.
James looked at her perplexed, and the crow kept cawing drawing his attention away from her. Clara closed her eyes, and she began to levitate herself. He turned noticing what she was doing, and he fell backwards. He watched as she sat herself back down, and she opened her eyes. He was in shock with his mouth wide open.
“I swear I am not evil” she pleaded.
The crow cawed again.
“He is coming” she said.
Suddenly the barn door swung open, and the crow flew away.
“Constable, is she secure”.
James was still in shock he couldn’t speak.
“Constable James” he asked again?
He stood up “y-y-yes sir. She’s secure”.
He turns around “okay, let’s go we have work to do.
James begins to follow him, and Clara reaches out, and grabs his arm.
“I’ll be back” he said.
She didn’t let go “I promise” he said.
She loosened her grip in hopes that he will return.

October 31st 2018
Salem, Massachusetts (Halloween)

The next day Julian was laying in his bed all day contemplating about his life staring at the pendant necklace he found yesterday. His cell phone rings, and it is Donovan calling again. He ignores his phone call, and a text message comes in right after

Yo, you still coming out with us tonight?

He reads the message, and puts his phone down without responding back. It is now three o’ clock in the afternoon by now, and Manny just got home from school. He runs right upstairs into Julian’s room, and jumps onto his bed in excitement. Their mother followed him in,
“Okay, I’m off to work. Gracias, mi hijo for taking Manny out tonight. I felt so bad I wasn’t going to able to.”
Julian nods his head while wrestling around with Manny.
“No hay problema” he said.
“There is money down stairs for pizza, and remember not too much candy tonight”.
She was talking, but they were too busy horsing around they weren’t listening to her.
“Adios. Have fun” she screams as she left.
Julian stops clowning around.
“Alright, I know ma didn’t get you a costume. So, what do you want to be” he asked?
Manny stops, and thinks for a minute.
“A ghost” he answered.
“Un fantasma” Julian shakes his head no “be more creative than that”.
Manny takes another minute “a witch”.
Julian laughs “Manny, you’re a boy. No witch”.
He gets up “come on” he said. “Let’s go to the store we will figure something out".

After an hour in the store they walk out and Manny wearing an Aladdin costume, and Julian is holding a genie mask. Julian starts sulking.
“Do I really have to put this on”?
Manny nods his head.
"Yes. I’m Aladdin, and I need my genie” he said.
Julian gives Manny the puppy dog face, and he does not fall for that he crosses his arms angrily. Julian agrees, but hesitantly puts on the mask. It already began to get dark so they started trick r treating. After a couple of hours walking around the neighborhood Julian removes his genie mask.
“Manny I can’t wear this any more. It’s too hot in here”.
He gets a little disappointed, but understands. Mabel happens to spot him, and walks up to him with her friends.
“Wow. So, you really are trick r treating” she joked.
He gets a little embarrassed.
“I’m just taking my little brother around” he nervously laughs. “Manny say hi”.
Manny walks up to her, and asks “are you my princess Jasmine”?
Mabel, and her friends laugh.
“Okay, that’s enough” Julian said as he pulled Manny behind him.
“So, I don’t think we have been properly introduced” he said.
“I believe your right” she agreed.
“I’m Julian” he said.
She smiled.
“Hi Julian. I’m Mabel”.
They shook hands to finalize their introduction when a shock between them broke their hands apart.
“Ow” she shouted.
He apologized “sorry, I must of built up electricity from wearing this mask”.
She laughed nervously, and her friends pulled her away talking about how weird that just was. He smacked his head ashamed feeling like he blew his chance. Manny tried to make him feel better.
“I don’t know why your so upset. She’s my Jasmine. Your just the genie” he said holding up a piece of candy for him. Julian laughed took the candy, and went home. They ordered pizza, and fell asleep watching a scary movie until their mother came home from work around 11 o’ clock. She woke Julian up. “Hey, you can go out with your friends now if you still want to”.
He shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t know” he said as he was walking up the stairs.
When he walked into his room he checked his phone, and there was two missed calls, and a few text messages from Donovan. He felt guilty because he came home to go out with the guys tonight.

Alright, I will meet you in town square in 20 minutes

He text him back.

1838 Salem, Massachusetts

After months of being tortured Clara never broke her silence. She never admitted, or denied being a witch, and Salem was still in a dry spell. Chief James frequently visited Clara in the stables, and as their relationship began to blossom he worked continuously on proving that Clara was not the cause of the town’s dilemma. He had no such luck, and time was winding down. It was officially October 31st, and her execution was getting close.

He tried to convince the Mayor, or the Judge to lift the charges brought on her. However, they refuse. He becomes deranged, and stormed out of the Town Hall. When the sun went down he snuck into the barn. Clara is laying in the corner arranged in the fetal position holding her stomach in discomfort. He walked over, and helped her sit up. When he sat down next to her he gave her a kiss on the lips preceding to comfort her.
“I do not know how much longer I can take this” she tells him.
He lets out a stressful sigh.
“Did you figure a way out of my sentencing” she asked?
He was afraid to disappoint her, but he shook his head no. She laid her head down on his lap.
“It’s almost time” she added.
He grabbed his head in frustration knowing that she will be hung in a few hours.

He stayed with her rustling his fingers through her hair until she fell asleep. When he left the barn the young deputy spotted him. He shook his head in disappointment, and he walked into town hall. There was a knock on the door.
“Sir, there is something you should know” he told the Mayor.
"Come in" he said shutting the door behind him.
James was almost home when the crow came flying over his head cawing erratically. Chief James was trying to swat the bird away when he got the strangest feeling, and he ran back to the barn. When he made it back the crow was already in the barn cawing at Clara.
“They know about us” she translated.
He darts over unchaining her from the stables. He helped her get up, and he threw a shawl over her. As they were in the process of making their escape James could hear the dogs.
“Come on I know your in pain, but we have to move”.
He begins pulling her into the woods, but she stopped him.
“No, we have to go back to my uncle’s cabin” she said grabbing her side.
“We do not have the time” he argued.
He continues to run further into the woods, but something stops him from taking another step, and he starts to levitate into the air. Beyond his control while floating in the air his body slowly turns towards her. “We go back to the cabin” she demanded.
She has this look on her face, and he agrees. She let’s him go slowly putting him down. He pulled a knife out of his back pocket, and cut his hand to mark a route that’s in the opposite direction with his blood. James heard the dogs getting closer, and he grabbed Clara’s hand running off to the cabin. Hopefully the dogs follow his scent opposite way so, they can have a head start.

Clara, and James make it to the cabin. They stumble in tired, and out of breath. They look around. The place was trashed from the deputies searching for any evidence of witch craft. She starts to panic throwing things around looking for something.
“What is so important enough to risk our lives for Clara” he asked?
He watched as she scrounged around hectically.
“Here” she said holding up an object.
“A pendant” he exclaimed!
“We risked our lives for a necklace” he repeated in disbelief.
“It is not just a pendant. It is a pentagram. It is a symbol of my power” she explained.
The crow flew into the window cawing ominously.
“They are close” she said.
James than heard barking, and loud chatter in the distance.
“It really creeps me out when you do that” he mentioned.
He grabs her hand, and they start to make an escape when she stopped immediately in pain. She begins groaning holding her stomach again. He can see the light from their torches approaching around the bend.
“We have to leave now” he alarms her.
“I can not. It is time” she informs him.
He becomes agitated as he helps her to the bed. She positions herself while he rips the shawl off of her exposing her belly. She screams in agony again
“It is coming” she cried.

Collins and the deputies were about to storm the cabin any minute now, and she wailed beginning to push. After a couple more intense pushes the sound of perpetual crying filled the room. James swaddled their baby with Clara’s shawl rocking the baby back, and forth trying to stop the crying.
“Let me see” she asked breathless?
The sound of the dogs were clearer, and Chief James hurried the baby over to Clara.
“Let our power live on” she said clipping the pentagram pendant on the cloth wrapped around the baby. The light from the mob filled the room, and Clara gives the baby a kiss on the head.
“Hide her” she demanded to James.
He looked around frazzled, and rambunctious bangs on the door daunted him. He opened the closet door, and hid her in the corner behind a broom. He shut the closet door in time as Mayor Collins charged into the cabin.
“Constable, I am ashamed I choose you to lead our town. Your under arrest”.
The deputies try grabbing James, but he fights back trying to save Clara who is unfit to run. The kid rips her out of the bed while it took two more men to take James down. They march their prisoners into town square, and the residents of Salem crowded around. Collins grips up James, and kicks his feet out from under him. The young deputy ties his hands behind his back, and tosses him down across a hunk of wood splattered with dried blood. The judge approaches.
“Chief James you do not deserve a fair trial. You are guilty of treason, and you will suffer the consequences. I sentence you to death”.
Mayor Collins wields an axe with an unnerving smile.
“Any last words” he asked?
“Yeah, it’s Chief not constable you asshole” James retorted.
Collins lifted up the axe as high as he can go, and James screams out:
“I LOVE YOU, CLARA” before the Mayor swung the axe decapitating James.
His head rolls across the ground toward Clara’s direction.
“NO” she wept.
Collins could not tolerate this any more, and he snatched Clara up by her hair dragging her up to the gallows where he tied a rope roughly around her neck. He steps down.
“Is there something you would like to do now. Break a curse or something” he said.
She agrees, and she closed her eyes waving her arms in the air chanting in Latin.
“I curse death upon your beloved town every year in the wake of my demise” she disclosed followed by laughter.
During her speech people in the crowd began feeling little droplets of water. The sound of the bewildered town did not over power Mayor Collins feeling taunted by Clara’s laughter, and he signaled the deputy. The deputy pulled the lever, and Clara fell through the hatch. Her body dangled, and she tugged at the noose which made it tighter around her neck eventually leading her to pass out. A thundering clap shook the town scaring the residents of Salem, and the rain preceded in a down pour.

October 31st 2018
Salem, Massachusetts (Halloween)

Julian walks up to the guys while Auggie was talking to Donovan “we are literally standing exactly where she was hung”.
“Shut up” Donovan said.
“What’s up” Julian asks?
Auggie shakes his head “this is why we were standing here? Why is he here”?
Donovan elbows him.
“Whatever. Let’s go to the bar” Auggie added before storming off.
Julian sighs.
“Come on Jules” Donovan said as he nudged him along.
The whole walk to the bar Auggie was walking ahead not paying attention, and he bumped into a girl. “Watch it” she addressed Auggie with an attitude.
He was already annoyed “you walked into me bitch” he exclaimed.
Her friends heard what he said, and they all turned around cursing him out. When Donovan, and Julian heard the commotion they ran over to help defuse the situation. Julian quickly realized it was Mabel, and her friends that was arguing with Auggie. When Mabel noticed Julian they all calmed down.
“Hey” she said to him.
“I’m sorry about him” Julian apologized to the girls.
“What” Auggie shouted but everyone ignored him.
“He isn’t having the best night” Julian continued to explain.
“I can talk for myself” Auggie added, but no one seemed to be paying him any attention.
Julian began making fun of him.
“He’s waiting for something to happen because of the curse” he joked with air quotes.
The girl Auggie walked into seemed interested giving Auggie another look. The longer Julian was talking, and joking around he was becoming more annoyed by him.
“Can we go, please” he asked, but everyone seemed immersed in their conversation, and he snapped pushing Julian really hard.
Every one was confused by what was happening.
“What is your problem August” Julian yelled?
“Your my problem, man. How can you come back to town, and act like you didn’t abandon no one? Like you didn't hurt anyone when you left. Me, your mom!! What about Manny, huh? Do you know how much that little boy missed you”?
Auggie pushed Julian again, and Donovan grabbed Auggie “stop” he shouted.
He shook him off, and continued to approach Julian. He kind of nervously laughed.
“Auggie, you better stop pushing me” he said warning him.
“How? How could you”?
He pushed him again repeating himself again until Julian finally broke down.
“Cause my damn tio died, bro. When the fire house burnt down it destroyed the only father figure I ever had. I couldn’t be here” he said mournfully.
Auggie’s temper fizzled down.
“Why, couldn’t you just talk to me. Jules, we were like brothers. We have been friends since kindergarten. Your tio was my tio too. Don’t you understand that”.
Julian wiped tears from his eyes “I’m sorry” he admitted, and took off.
Mabel had an incredible urge to follow him, and she left her friends with Auggie and Donovan. She followed Julian into the bar, and over heard him ordering a beer. She placed her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. He ordered another drink for her, and he grabbed their drinks, and walked over to an empty table. They sat, and talked for like an hour.
“I’m sorry that happened to you” she said.
“Yeah, me too” he responded taking a sip of his beer.
She can tell he was done talking about it, and she changed the subject.
“So, you guys were trying to prove the Clara Young curse, huh” she asked?
He smiled.
“Please, don’t tell me you believe in all that bruja voodoo too” he asked?
She shrugged her shoulders.
“I don’t know. What’s really the difference from believing in witches than believing in god. It's all considered to be magic at the end of the day”.
He laughs, but thought she made a great point. Mabel looked around, and realized they have been there for a while, and had no idea where their friends were. She checked the time on her phone, and it was almost midnight.
She touched Julian’s hand “maybe we should go find our friends” he agreed.
“They couldn’t have gone far, right” she asked?
She turned to Julian “where do you think they went”?
He shrugged.
“I mean they could’ve gone where the Young’s cabin was located back in the 1800’s”.
“Okay, what is it now”?
He thinks about it “I believe that is now the public library”.
She takes his hand “okay, let’s go”.

When they arrive at the library it was all dark except for one room had a light on. They tried the front door, and to their surprise it was open. They both turned on the flash lights on their phones, and preceded to walk cautiously down the hallways. Julian under the influence quietly yells
“Donovan. Auggie”, and Mabel shushes him.
They continue to creep down the dark hallway of the library to the room with the light on. As they slowly begin to walk in an elderly woman appeared in the door way. All three of them jumped in terror.
“My word children you almost gave me a heart attack. What are you even doing in here after hours” she asked?
Julian looks relieved “oh, Ms. Greta it’s just you”.
The librarian said “well, come in, and take a seat” she said.
They both sat down, and Ms. Greta hands them a cup of coffee.
“So, what can I do for you Jules” she asked sitting across from them?
“I was looking for Auggie. He’s on another Clara Young investigation” she laughed.
“Oh, boy, you boys will never let that go will ya”?
“Do you believe” Mabel asked?
She gave a puzzling look at Mabel, and she got up walking over to a case of books grabbing one. She opened to a page.
“well, dear I haven’t, but you may have just changed my mind”.
She looks confused.
“How’s that” she asked?
“Well, it was rumored that Clara Young had given birth before she died, but that was never confirmed”. “So, what does that have to do with me” she added?
“Let’s just say there is a striking resemblance”.
Mabel looked at Julian, and she laughed “I’m sorry” she said.
“I don’t know if you noticed but my skin is a little bit darker than hers, so I doubt I’m a related to a white witch from the 17th century” she joked.
”I think your here to break the curse" the librarian said as she hands her the book showing a picture of Clara.
Mabel was flipping through the pages, and she stopped at a picture of the pentagram pendant. Julian grabs the book away from her astonished.
“So, hypothetically if all this magico bull is true. How is she suppose to stop it” he asked?
“True love” she answered.
“How do you figure” Mabel asked?
Ms. Greta continued “according to legend she cursed the town because they murdered the man she loved in front of her. Since the curse began with the break up of two lovers would only make sense to end the curse by two lovers coming together”.
Mabel looked at her like she was a crazy old lady, and a police siren went off drawing their attention. They rushed back into town where a crowd was formed in the square. Julian asked a man what happened.
“A few people died in the auto shop. They were trapped inhaling too much carbon monoxide fumes”. Mabel spotted their friends walking away from the crowd, and she takes Julian’s hand pulling him.
“Guys, where have you been? You will never believe what this lady tried to convince me”.
They didn’t respond. Julian, and Mabel looked at each other confused. Julian went to touch August’s shoulder.
“Auggie, come on. We’re sorry we left you” he said as his arm went right through him.
He looked petrified as he looked at his hand in disbelief. Mabel gasped for air, and suddenly she was back at the bar.
“Are you okay” Julian asked?
Her hand was touching his. She looks around panicking, and reflective light shines in her eyes. She notices the pendant.
“Is that my necklace” she said pulling back his jacket exposing the pentagram.
She checked her phone, and it was before midnight again. She began to put the pieces together.
“We have to go” she screamed as she pushed him out of the bar. Julian is completely confused, but he goes along.
“What is happening”?
She looks baffled “you don’t remember” she asked?
“Remember what”?
She stops and looks at him.
“It was just me then”.
“Just you what”?
“I think I might of had a premonition” she answered?
“Que” he responded?
“I think I might be a descendant of Clara Young, okay. We have to find our friends before they die”.
Julian is a skeptic, and he was not a big believer in witch craft, but he had a strange sense to trust her. He couldn’t explain it, but there was something about her.
“We have to get to the auto shop”.
“The one Donovan works at” he stated.
They ran through the square over to the garage they looked in, and seen a car running, but there was no one in the garage, and it was locked. They ran around the side to the office, and seen their friends clowning around in the office. They hysterically bang on the door.
“What, you want my boss to know we're in here” Donovan said.
“You guys are inhaling car fumes” Mabel said.
“What? That’s impossible” Donovan said in disbelief.
“You don’t believe us. Open the garage door” Julian said.
He gives him a doubtful look, but he grabs the keys to prove them wrong. Everyone followed Donovan to the garage. When he lifted up the door a car in the garage was revving up spewing out smoke from the muffler, but no one was in the car.
Auggie shouted “I told you the curse was real”.
The time they should of died passed, and they witnessed the car shut itself off. In disbelief Donovan shut the garage door slowly.
“I’m going to go put the keys back. You guys wait for me” he said cowardly.
Auggie was dancing around happily knowing that he was right all these years.
When Donovan came back he asked “how did you know”?
Julian, and Mabel looked at each other “that’s a story for another day” she said.
“Well, on that note I’m going home” Donovan said.
They all said their goodbyes, and the guys both left with the girls.
"Be careful" she shouted.

Now they were alone, and feeling awkward. Julian rubbed his neck feeling the chain of the necklace. He took it off, and placed it around her neck.
“I guess this belongs to you bruja” he said.
She smiled, and he looked at the time.
“It’s midnight so”?
She cut him off.
“What did you say”?
She thought about how to break the curse.
“It’s midnight. I should…” she cuts him off again by giving him a kiss.
He wasn’t expecting it, but he wrapped his arms around her waist, and leaned into her. When she pulled away an electric shock sparked their lips, and a strange heavy energy was lifted from the air, and the town seemed lighter.
She smiled at him "I guess that means your in love with me" she joked.
He became nervous "What? No. What? I never said that".
Mabel began to walk away “call me tomorrow” she said.
He smiled nodding his head. He was wrapped up in the the moment that it took him to realize that he couldn't call her.
“I never got your phone number” he screamed.

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